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    I have just been noticing it since we started her on the bottle, could it be that she is adjusting to the bottle and therefore not taking as much in??



    Bri – I really should do that with my old clothes but I just cant give up hope yet!! I lost all my pregnancy weight within the first couple of months, but everything is so shifted and the boobs… oh the boobs. I have like 8 button up work shirts I am dying to get back into but I dont want to bust the buttons and I am nowhere close to fitting in them again. I should just clear em out. I rotate about 8 shirts in my wardrobe because its all I fit comfortably in and I dont want to buy new clothes yet. My husband would be thrilled if I cleared out some clothes haha.



    Weird… thought I posted something a while ago and saw it and everything – anyway for the milkblister, here is the info kellymom gave:
    I usually end up with a clogged duct because of these, so I am sure that they could keep your LO from getting enough hindmilk — hope you feel better soon!



    oh and public i just bf where ever i am most of the time. however, i’m more shy in front of people i know instead of don’t know. not sure why. i guess i figure i’ll never see a stranger again so if he/she gets a little flash who cares, shouldn’t have been staring.



    phatbaby– they do outgrow it – or at least mine did. My LO was so attached to me the first 4 months and wouldn’t even take a bottle… now at 8 months, she is not even nursing that much anymore because she is so distracted by the world around her…even in a quiet dark room she eats for a minute and then has to sit up and look all around and grab things. I always said I would let her lead the way, but I am so missing those long days of nursing – never thought I would say that!



    Jody04 Really important you continue to feed on the effected side. You poor poor thing. I hope it clears quickly and you get back to feeling on form soon. Get a second opinion if your still unsure. My friend has had mastitis 3 times and was always advised to continue feeding on both sides as well as being prescribed antibiotics and taking pain killers. I really feel for you.



    As for Reglan, I could not take it without side effects, but had great success with Domperidone (Motilium) when nothing else worked to help my supply. I know it isn’t for everyone, but it did wonders for me, and can be ordered online. I used it from when my son was five months until he was a year. Now my supply seems just fine for what he wants (he is 14 months) without any help. Good luck!


    I have nt tried anything yet, I am just afraid I wont be able to keep up. I will try anything. Thank you so much!!



    I need some help, my baby eats for about 10-15 mints and thn sleeps I can seem to keep him up to have a good feeding. I have also noticed that if I give him formula he poops and stays up and sleep s longer. I had to give him formula because the doctor said he had lost too much weight from birth about 2 pounds, can someone help me?



    Hi everyone! I breastfeed and also formula feed and my little guy is 7 months now! Happy to have made it this far!! He was premie born about 5 weeks early weighing in at 5.14 and 17 in. He turned 7 months on the 18th is now weighing in at 17 lbs and 27 in. My big boy now! I have question for you all… anyone who can help! I think I have a clogged pore or duct or whatever they are called. I can see it on my nipple and it is getting so painful!! What can I do?



    Soonto be: your nipples will take some adjusting to breastfeeding, they’ll be sore for a good while, on and off depending on how long they nurse for. you can try some Lanolin nipple cream, hot showers, or pump and give a bottle to give yourself a break. But I found the more I nursed, the tougher my nipples became and the soreness went away quicker. On demand is the way to go when nursing, it helps with your supply, I know it’s a lot, but it’s what your baby needs. My baby nurses for comfort at times as well…but when you go back to work, maybe try to give your LO a pacifier to soothe or a blanky, something to replace the nursing. Good luck and great job!



    My first son sure nursed a lot when we got home from work. Actually he was sleeping through the night until I started work. The very same week I started back to work he started waking up. That was at exactly 3 months and he didn’t sleep through again until he was over a year old. I’d take extra nursing sessions to getting up up to six times during the night!! Around 7months he was up on average 6 times. That really sucked big time.



    And, to add to Lawsons Mom’s question, which pump did you use?



    also he pinches and scratches, the little monster leaves me with red marks all over my chest and arms after eating. he doesnt bite anymore thank god, but man oh man i love nursing him because we bond but lately its like not so much fun anymore



    babynight – I am a working mom so I pump as close to my los schedule as possible. I try to pump every 3 hours. That works best for me due to her schedule, my breaks and by then I am feeling quite ummmm full! seub – I co-slept until 3 mos partly becuz I was nervous about my hubby and I both sleeping in the bed with lo. So baby was in and hubby was out! However, I figured lo is going to leave my bed on her own soon, at the most in 18 years. I’ll still be stuck with dh so he better get back in my bed soon. LOL.

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