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    KYM that is AWESOME. Congrats… I get to nurse RJ 3 days every weekend (I am off Friday’s) and I love not having to pump those days. However, we are finally letting him go for his FIRST overnight.. With my mom of course, so I will be pumping all night Friday night. He has started going to bed between 8-9pm and sleeps till 6:30 the next morning… I wish I could make myself wake up and pump in between but I am a slave to my pump at work and I hate it already because it is depressing the little bit I get so I avoid it as much as possible. Good job again I wish I could get that kind of result, but I am still lucky to get 1-2 oz (which has dropped from the 3-3 1/2 I was getting combined) combined from both breast each pumping session.



    hi, i may sound silly, but wc brand of cow’s milk do you actually mix your lo’s cereal with? sorry, first time mum here, thanks!



    kelly-hubby is probably right. Lack of hydration really affects my supply. On days I push the H2O my supply is way higher. Just go with whatever feels right to you!



    Bri – Sorry to hear about your son! We were in the hospital a couple of months ago too. My husband went with the ambulance and I met up later. He was inconsolable when he got there but once I arrived and was able to breastfeed him he got sooooooo much more calm. It was one of the times I was so incredibly thankful I stuck with breastfeeding. To be able to provide the baby comfort at a time when they are so incredibly stressed. Not to mention the fact there wasnt much time to plan ahead and bring food, and we know how hospital room waits are! Anyway that happened at 6 1/2 months and it was the motivating factor I needed to keep going. We are at almost 11 months now and I am still loving it. Although I only nurse once a day and pump the rest of the time. He doesnt really have the patience anymore to nurse he’d rather take a bottle and be on the go now that he moves around. He was sick the other day though and nursed constantly so even though hes a big boy, he still needs the comfort only mommy can give occassionally!!



    my son is almost 2 months old now and when he is nursing he sometimes stops and gasps for air like he was not brething! and when he sleeps he breaths really loud….what could this be?!



    You guys are crackin’ me up about fitting your boobs into shirts 🙂 I am finally back down to a DD/DDD and I am so happy. I was busting out of a G cup. I too gained 70 lbs with my first baby, 45 with my second. Have lost 70 lbs since 2nd child was born and I’m so excited to be clearing out my closet too. Happy bf everybody 🙂



    NMurphy it also helps to sort of massage it out during the warm shower and with the compress. You can also do it while your nursing or pumping. It’ll be tender but it helps the milk move along.



    Julz- YOU CAN DO IT! I relactated from never having breastfed my son. I suggest trying to get him to latch or if he wont, pumping every 2-3 hours for about 30 mins. Take fenugreek and eat fermented oatmeal. You mix one cup of oatmeal (old fashioned oats) with one cup of water and let it sit on the counter for 8-12 hours then you can warm it and eat. It really just tastes like regular oatmeal just a little chewier. Within a month I was producing about 12 oz a day and now my son has all but one bottle of breast milk a day. I just cant seem to get him to that point. I would also suggest drinking atleast a gallon of water a day to make sure that you are well hydrated. I also took reglan for about 3 weeks but I would only use that as a last resort as it can cause some serious side effects like depression and health problems for some women. PM me if you want any more info as to what I did.



    hi.. sometimes i cant produce enough milk (im pumping) .. like, ill only be able to pump 2 ounces when she usually drinks about 3 – 3.5 .. i waswondering if it would be okay to add a small amount of water to it. or would it be better if i supplimented with a small amount of formla, after she drinks what i give her, if shes still hungry…
    help mee! I cant stand not being able to give her what she needs, all the time!



    Jody04 : I have suffered from mastitis…and you should feed the baby from both the sides…my Dr gave me some medicine for the infection and I use a pump on the affected area…but it is imp to continue nursing from both side..



    expecting-2b-patient- You might find that if you do actually get LO to stay asleep when you put him in his crib that he might start waking less often. When i used to sleep near my baby she would wake a lot more often than if she was in her room.


    Hey Redlipstick, I pumped for 3 an 1/2 mths, 20 min every 3 hours. My twins were small. My little girl is nursing now, but little boy is getting breastmilk in a bottle. You mite try giving her your pumped milk in a bottle for now. If you pump it takes about 5 minutes for the milk to start flowing and pump for at least 20min. Thats how I built up my supply.



    kebler98 – Thanks, we just had his one month appointment yesterday. YAY for breastmilk! My little elephant is 13lb 3oz and 23 3/4 in! He’s in the 97+%! Isn’t that crazy! He’s doing wonderful. Started rolling two weeks ago and has awesome head control! Another active little boy like his brother. Speaking of which…is waking from his nap. Ugh!



    I have a question…I stopped BF my daughter 4 months ago (she is 6 months now), and the other night I started producing colostrum…I’m assuming that I’m pregnant (I got a VERY faint positive). Assuming that I am pregnant, is this normal to be producing this early (haven’t had AF since getting Implanon removed on June 13)? And, would it be possible to go back to BF my daughter if I am pregnant?


    Hello ladies, I hope all is well with you and your LO’s. I have a question, I am buying a medela freestyle pump 2nd hand and I need to know what replacements do I need to get. TIA

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