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    shirls – That’s funny! Great idea. Although Amica is now advertising! Better then Nestle. Yuck!



    I am from Illinois! everyone seems bored today! I have been napping. not getting much sleep at night.
    aciassej-> at your babies age, she wont wake for much except eating. I noticed my baby starting to stay awake more, I believe when she was 2 weeks to 3 weeks old.
    If feeding makes her happy then that sounds good to me.



    Jessica-I am going for 6 weeks so I think he will have plenty of time to adjust. I will have to buy a boppy pillow, good suggestion. I will bring my pump I just didn’t want to have to bring it with me on roller



    I finally feel like a human being again! Quinn slept from 11:30 to 6am…hooray!


    As far as stage 1 and 2 foods… I know some women have 6 mo. olds already getting stage 2. So I was going to ask Aly’s pedi next Thurs at her 6mo appt. If anyone has any insight on this pls share! 🙂 So far Alyssa has gotten apples, carrots, pears, peaches, bananas and brown rice cereal with BM. We’re going to be adding sweet potatoes and avocado sometime this week too. And I have to consider another veggie to introduce as well.


    Its 9.40pm, think I’ll go to bed I am exhausted. Been a none meat eater for 20 years, Robbie and James eat meat and so will Ollie. Sucks sometimes having to prepare two meals. Made two lasagnas today. Last night was two lots of fajitas. I eat fish tomorrow night is an easy night as making fish cakes. Bit off topic this post but just ranting I guess. Still in shock Ollie has sat unaided at 11 weeks, James was about 21 weeks when he sat unaided. Anyways hope everyone and lo’s are well.


    Lilmam- I agree with Mere. We have talked about it and the other are great. I have noticed I do use the flips more because I can just can use the same cover. I use the FB at night so I don’t have to get up and change him.



    Emilees- That is scary! Atleast you knew what to do. I am going to have to keep an eye out for things like that soon. My daughter is 4 1/2 and she has lots of little things and is into everything. My son already puts everything in his mouth he’s just not mobile yet except for rolling.



    Bri- aw! That is no fun at all. =[ You’re still beautiful, though! But i do know how you feel and i’m sorry. Too bad it ruined your night, he was trying to be nice HAHA. Guess he didn’t get the result he was going for.



    Sheesh ladies. I forgot to tell you to hault all conversation while I was on vacation over the weekend. I came back to fifteen pages… plus you kept adding to it all day long! LOL. Zoey’s dad is going to be bitter the next time he asks me to go somewhere with him and I tell him I can’t because I’ll have too much catching up to do in IAP. It took all of my non-baby time today! Haha. I won’t even bother trying to put my two cents in on any of the conversation since it didn’t really seem like anyone had any unanswered questions. It’s nice to be back though!! I noticed Zoey’s ear was draining a lot of wax over the weekend so I had her doc squeeze her in today and he said that she was in the very early stages of an ear infection and wrote her for Amoxicilin … here’s to hoping she doesn’t get thrush!!!


    morning! Have a good sleep everyone!



    LOL at Shiz!! feed that lil girl!! I honeslty dont remember getting any dirty looks when i nursed my son in public… if i didnt i didnt notice…



    I have the same situation with my LO who is nearly 4 months. She’s not increasing the length between feedings at night yet. I feed her every 2 or 3 hours during the day. She goes to bed around 10pm and sleeps until 1 or 1:30. After that she is normally up every 2 hours until 6am. I bring her into bed with me then and get another 2 or 3 hours of sleep out of her (though I can only nap in this time because she is constantly pulling off the boob then rooting to find it again immediately, over and over and over). I can’t even remember what it was like to sleep for 4 or 5 hours straight! She seems to be a really light sleeper too. I usually nurse her to sleep in the evening, but getting her into the bassinet without waking her up is next to impossible. I lover her to pieces, but I sure wish sleeping was easier.



    laura its tellin me im not part of n e groups but i did get the confirmation. Mommy of 2 ask ur dr for nystatin and an antibacterial thats what worked for my bby. And my bbys dr said that when they are tiny their bms are unpredictable. It may happen every day or every 3 days. Breast milk is tolerable to majority of bbys. Ur bby just has to pass gas i guess. And its better for her to pass it than have colics.



    Hey Ladies…PLEASE HELP!!! My DD is 9 months old and we are BF’ing. About a week ago I started experiencing a stabbing pain in one of my breasts after nursing, and now that nipple is very sore,and the pain is there after every feeding, but just on one side. So, I am wondering if I could have thrush on just one breast? Any help would be appreciated. Also, I see that Nystatin seems to be what Drs prescribe. Do I put that on my breast and if so, is it safe for DD?

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