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    Is it true you shouldnt shake breastmilk?? I have to pump at work and my milk separates and some of it sticks to the bottles!! The only way I can get it off is by shaking it! Am I destroying my liquid gold?



    Hey. How long can u have. Your. Breastmilk. Out of the fridge? Like if u go out on a day. Trip , how. Long can it. B sitting. In. Your [email protected]



    Well, I am now wondering when I will start my period again. My DD turned 7months on the 15th of July. I just started feeding her baby food at 5-6 months. Now she eats 2 jars a day. I am praying I am not pregnant. A couple of weeks ago I thought for sure AF was coming b/c I was cramping really bad but it never showed. I am not on any BC now. I go to the OB this Monday and plan on getting the shot then. Bad thing is BC and AF gives me worse migraines so I am not sure what will happen with that. Anyone with advice on my AF coming or BC would be great! Sorry so long but I haven’t wrote in a long while. So, sorry I forgot to say I am breastfeeding and still feeding 2-3 times during the night.



    Baby and breast are the perfect feeding team!



    Congrats Bri and Happy birthday to Kekoa!!! Thanks for all your good advive 🙂



    I understand the pain of pumping… I have been back to work for 6 weeks and have been pumping. I am actually quitting my job, this is my last week. If I didn’t know I was soon going to be with my son all the time I don’t know I could keep up the pumping schedule. Good for you for doing it for 9 months!!



    I have a question, I remember reading about someone with a smiliar problem a few weeks ago…but really dont want to go back through all the old posts to find it… So on the weekend I went out (drinking) for the first since being pregnant. My son is 9 weeks old and is strictly breastfed. Needless to say my breast were SO engorged when I got home. I tried to pump, but was kind of falling asleep so I did maybe 4 oz in total and got about 4 oz in the morning. We had left my son with his grandparents at about 8pm the night before and he came back at almost 10am, so I had not fed him in about 16 hrs from the breast.
    So Yesterday I noticed my right like almost completely ‘deflated’ like there was NOTHING in it. And my left was a little bit better. I dont think hes starving by ay means, but last night he was up a little more frequesntly to eat like sometimes less than ever 2 hrs, when before we left he was going 3, 4 and even 5 hrs. So my question is…shou;d I give him a bottle of formula before bed to fill him up a little more, and to give my boobs a chance to fill up, or will not feeding him decrease the supple even more? I dont REALLY want to give him formula, but before I went out I could pump like 5oz no problem out of one breast in like 10-15min… ANY SUGGESTION I WOULD LOVE! Oh I am also taking fenugreek pills and eat oatmeal everyday….



    I pumped some breastmilk today and put it in the refridgerator. Tomorrow my husband is having knee surgery, and I am taking my 2 month old with me. He eats frequently sometimes, and I don’t want to be constantly breastfeeding him in the waiting room. If I take a bottle out of the fridge and take it with us, how long can it sit out at room temp before I need to us it? Would it be ok to feed it to him 4 hours later, or is that too long? I know you can leave expressed breast milk out at room temp for like 4-8 hours, but that is before you put it in the fridge. Would it be better to take a frozen bag of breastmilk and let it thaw out at room temp until he is ready to eat it?



    mollyjs – We went through the same thing around 9 months. Kekoa is very very stubborn. I don’t think he realized it was hurting me when he bit. But, I was bleeding and sore. He didn’t start until he got his top teeth. Everywhere I turned people told him it was time to wean. Which is a bunch of BS if you ask me. What we did was when he bit me he was done. I would loudly and sternly tell him NO and put him on his bum. He would then melt into tears. I would let him cry for a bit and then cuddle him. Eventually he did learn that if he bit he was done eating and it made mommy mad. We don’t yell in our house so to hear me get mad really would get to him. This took about two weeks which was FOREVER! But, he did learn. I work so I did have a break by pumping. I also used neurosporin (sp?) on my nipples. It did help heal the cuts. Good Luck! I don’t envy you but don’t give up. Don’t wean if you don’t want to. You and your baby will get through this!



    Thanks for your input! We do have a laleche league that meets in my town, maybe I’ll check out a meeting before my baby comes. Also, we do have a lactation team at my hospital. I have met with them once and they said they will be available whenever I need them while I’m inpatient. I guess it’s just my nerves getting to me! This is something I really want to do this time, both for the benifits of my daughter’s health and the benifets to my bank account LOL! Again thanks for your thoughts!



    Hi there, just read some posts I wanted to comment on: Eloise4421 I had the same problem 4 months ago bf my twins. The first month was so painful for some reason I thought I was going to loose it, but I didnt! i did have to take a 36-48hr. break, slather on Lanolin and pump in between. I also had to help the boys get their latch correct. That makes a big difference. Once your nipples get used to it all they shouldnt hurt anymore, mind you this can take up to a month or so. I lnow it can be so trying, but just keep it up! You are doing a great thing for your baby and it will get easier…also, the lifesaver was something my lac.consultant reccomended after we tried everything. Dr.Jack Newmans Nipple Cream. google it! Hes a lactation genius and I went to the Dr. and he wrote me a prescription for just that, and the pharmacist made it up in a few hours and it worked wonders! Good Luck
    To December08babyboy,
    your supply will increse with demand, so if baby is sucking all the time, you should start producing more with in a matter of about 24 hours or so…Try to pump twice a day too if you can. It made a world of difference for me in establishing my supply. Now I dont pump at all and feed my twins. Id suggest pumping once over night as we produce the most milk at night. and once throughout the day…make sure you are getting the right foods and a bit of sleep too…good luck, andkeep your baby suckling and soon enough, hopefully, it shouldnt be an issue and you can feed on demand.
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    ellae – Congrats but no. I didn’t get my cycle back until almost 9months. Then I didn’t start tring until this year. I got pregnant when Kekoa was 17months. He was still breastfeeding though. If you are, definately continue to breastfeed. It’s healthy for both you and baby.



    ozbaby-That is the worst when they bite you with teeth! I still remember that with my first daughter. OUCH!!



    I remember the summer I stopped breastfeeding my first daughter, I thought for sure I was prego again…turned out to be a false alarm. I noticed that after having my first baby, my periods were never quite the same. I was always very regular and still was after the baby but I would have spotting a day or two before my flow would actually start. I guess it was normal for me, though, because I had no trouble concieving my 2nd child. Weird the way babies change our bodies!



    i have a whole freezer full of milk that i worked very hard to stock up and i’m saving/using it for the times when i’m working and i plan to use all of it…i’m confused as to why you gave your milk in the freezer away. i think that was a very selfless and giving thing to do, and i commend you for doing that…i just don’t understand why you did, are you done breastfeeding your LO that you don’t need it anymore? again i think it’s very very awesome that you did it, i’m just curious is all.

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