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    I am happy as a lark right now. I just pumped 8.25oz! Normally I get between 4-6oz! I’m eating yummy oatmeal for lunch too! I hope my afternoon pump is as good as my 11am pumping was! I have found that oat & honey granola bars help my supply a little too! And oddly enough COFFEE (decaf of course) seems to be doing a little something for me. Maybe its just all the fluid. I dunno, I am just happy and ready to rock at work this afternoon!



    kym I got bad side effects from Reglan also.. I took it for 4 days and had horrible anxiety and depression in that short time. I nearly fainted on day 4 when I woke up that morning cause I was shaking so bad. Be careful.



    I only take supplement when I need to pump. I am a SAHM so I don’t pump too often. However, if my husband and I want to go out, I pump and have whoever is watching Tommie give it to him in a sippy. He has always refused a bottle but LOVES his sippy! I just take the supplements so I can pump more just in case because I don’t exactly know how much he takes per nursing session, KWIM?



    have you noticed a difference with the non alcoholic beer? im going to pick some up tonight and try it just to see, just incase where can i find the yeast tablets? grocery store? if so what section, is it where the fenugreek is?
    Thanks again!


    Wow….that’s a lot to take in (just reading a bunch of your comments) I have a 3 1/2 month old and I haven’t thought of weening, or her eating solids or cereal or any of that. I have no clue about any of it. Haha! Total first time mommy hat on right now 🙂



    Okay, I need all of the advice i can get here, Please. First , my daughter has been waking up every morning at 4/4:30 am since she was about 3 mos old. She nurses then goes back to sleep. She is now 7 mos old. I thought by now she would be sleepig until at least 6am. My 8 yr old was sleeping in until 9 by now.(not breastfed) Second, I am soon going to be weaning her from the breast and don’t know the best way(s). She has had 1 formula bottle per day for about 3 mos now because it was the only way I could get her to take her poly-vi-sol vitamin drops that the pediatrician wants his breastfed babies to have so they will not develop rickets. So she does like formula and will take a bottle. I feel that may be half the battle. Thank You in advance for you support.



    Thanks Lilli. When Kekoa was 13months he got a really bad virus and was in the hospital. We were all thankful he was breastfeedng then too cause he was refusing food and drink but…he would still breastfeed. Because I was breastfeeding was the only reason they didn’t need to rehydrate him through his IV.



    lol, 1byfaith my daughter poop almost every diaper change, i wish it was one or two per day



    hey everyone just thought id join in on ur boob talk… 🙂
    I thought and hoped my boobs would go down in size after stopping breastfeeding BUT they DIDNT! Im now a massive 34 F cup!!! I dont understand I used to be DD and that was enough! Maybe next time…



    Thank you Suzm that helped a ton!!



    I use the Gerber reusables. In the beginning they stuck to me, but they don’t anymore. What about putting lanolin cream on? I did that for the first while. Had 2 advantages: made my nipples feel better and kept them from sticking.



    jacquecmsu – Mastitis is when one of your ducts becomes clogged and then the clog becomes an infection. Just try to make sure you empty your breasts, if you feel a small lump try massaging it or taking a hot shower with the water directly on it.



    Does anyone have advice about when to start solids? My little boy is 5.5 months old now and I’ve been reading that anywhere from 4-6 months is the time to start. He seems to be increasing his intake lately and my freezer supply is dwindling 🙁 I’m a full-time teacher so I only have one free period when I can pump and it’s going to get hard to keep up with him!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks ladies!



    My supply just dropped SO LOW these past two days. It’s terrible. I’m really trying to feed her every single time she opens her mouth. I don’t know what happened. The only thing i can think is that maybe I’m getting my period? Because she turned 5 months today and I haven’t gotten it yet, but maybe it’s coming back. I don’t know what else it could be. I haven’t done anything different and she is getting so frustrated. I’m scared that I’ll lose it completely or something weird like that. It’s just so weird because I never have had a problem with supply– it’s always been good, actually. Anyone have any idea what it could be?



    Hey ladies, Alex got his tongue clipped today and I got ointment for my boobs! YAY! His latch is a hundred times better now and my boobs should start to heal. It still hurts like crazy when he latches on but that’s just cause I’m so darn raw. Oh well. At least that is over for him. My husband held him but said the skin that they clipped was so thin you could see through it. He can actually stick his tongue out now. No pain meds were needed but she did say that if we see any pain to give tylenol. He hasn’t been in any pain. His circ was much worse and that wasn’t bad at all. He doesn’t notice either. Tomorrow we go to his one week appointment. Can’t believe it’s been a week. Crazy! His brother is awesome too. I can’t believe how great he’s been. I thought there would be some jealousy or relapse in breastfeeding but nope. I’m blessed!

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