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    huxley – You don’t have to throw them out, just boil them. Make sure you wash all your clothes that touch your breasts because it can grow there too.


    i get blocked ducts a lot too…feeding your LO off of that side frequently clears it right up for me…i also take hot showers, i’ve used a heating pad before, and it’s a great excuse to take it easy! those days i usually put a movie in and snuggle up with the Samster!



    Hi there!
    So, I have a 2 yr old son that I didn’t breastfeed wirh, and I am 24 weeks prego with another baby boy. I have decided that this time I want to breastfeed. I am new to this whole thing and was wondering what pumps you all recommend and why.. thanks!



    Daktarin oral gel worked for my LO and my nipples after nothing else would!



    I pump three times while at work. I am gone for nine hours… I start work at nine, pump at eleven one and three-ish. I take my lunch from three to four and pump sometime in there. I leave at six. I use the Pump n’ Style Advance.



    I also found my DD was getting too distracted, so if I want a serious feeding we go into the bedroom and lay down to nurse. That seems to be a signal that it’s time to get down to business (unless she’s not hungry). Otherwise we nurse in the living room sitting up and usually have just a snack. Especially if anyone else is there.



    I posted a pic of my Jazzy!!!!! Bri – we have 2 king sized beds. Co-sleeping is just not my personal preference. Don’t see anything wrong with it for others. Just what I chose to do.



    I’ve heard of Milkies…in fact I wanted to buy them but don’t have any extra money right now. Still havent had much luck pumping today but Calvin did nurse for a half hour earlier. This morning though I could not get him to at all. And when he did for that half hour, it was with the shield. He still won’t latch without it.



    DS is 2 1/2 weeks. He has been very fussy today & gassier than usual. Should I assume it was something I ate this morning??



    Bri- I had no idea about all that Nestle was doing! I’m beyond appalled!



    expecting-2b-patient – Chris bit me a lot when he was younger. Sucked big time. I had open wounds too. I put neosporin on it. Of course I wiped it off before breastfeeding but it’s antibacterial and helps heal the wounds. Breastmilk is also antibacterial so let that sit on your breasts as well. Do you think it’s just because he fell asleep? If it becomes a habit let me know. I’ll fill you in on the tricks I learned from when he was biting.



    Hi ladies, I haven’t been on in a while as I have been dealing with my mom being ill. I hope all is well with everyone. What is the facebook page? I tried to copy and paste lawsonsmom’s link but it wouldn’t work…



    Emilee, both my ‘moms’ breastfed us kids until over 2. My husband was fed until he was 3 so they all supported me. But, even my mom was judgemental with Chris when I was having issues. No one in my family understood why I continued to pump even when Chris wasn’t latchinig on. It was the support of my husband and mother in law that kept me going. Of course I proved them wrong when he finally latched on at 2 months and nursed for a couple years. It all helped me appreciate breastfeeding more then I had before. I always knew I would but thought that it was natural and just want you did. Not that it hurt and was freakin’ hard. Everything has helped me learn what I know now and how much I love breastfeeding and want to help others learn more about it.



    mamajess, everything I’ve read says to do nothing. Toughing up your nipples is an old wives tale. It does absolutely nothing to help, and actually makes it more painful when you start breastfeeding. I didn’t do a thing, and didn’t have any problems – then again, I had an easier time than most, so perhaps some of the other girls will have better wisdom to share.



    Oh man. Just another reason to be glad that I BF! Ella and I are both sick (first real cold in 11 months) and we have a cold and we can’t breathe and are having trouble sleeping. I do not know how i would comfort her if we weren’t nursing. She has been waking up like 4 times at night, and seriously it makes us both just feel better. I just want to keep her hydrated, too, so it’s good for that too. But man, this cold is rough. I’m never sick, ever, so i hate it haha.

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