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    Hi Ladies. Regarding the sleeping issues, I would focus on your bedtime routine. I believe my baby slept through the night from 4 months because I worked really hard on my routine. She moved into her own room at 4 months because we were keeping her awake I was convinced. I would bath her, then do baby massage after I dried her off. Find a class, it really does work, helps relax babies no end. Then I would give her a breastfeed and if she didn’t fall asleep at the breast, I would play some soothing baby/lullaby music on my ipod and speakers and sing to her until she fell asleep. (usually took 10 mins before she fell asleep). Also how long do you wait to go to your baby during the night. I used to rock her in the crib for five minutes, but then after that when she next woke, I would have a 15 minute rule. Either ignore her for 15 minutes, see whether she settles by herself – depends on evel of crying. If it works, pat and rub their chest/back whichever they prefer every five minutes, then extend it to ten and so on. AS breastfeeders our natural instinct is to put them to the breast when they cry, but if you think your baby doesn’t need a feed, try to resist, focus on getting them back to sleep. One of thise baby lullaby music machines you can pin to the crib is great, one with a light show preferably that you can turn on and off as you wish. It was our lifesaver. Anyhow hope that helps some of you, I know it won’t always the solution but it worked for us.



    mommyof2in10, if she has just developed the gassiness recently I would be more inclined to think that she is not burping enough than to blame a food sensitivity. My advice would be to try to get a couple extra burps out of her. If you feed on both breasts, burp between them, if just on one, you can either burp halfway through, or just at the end. Also on burping, if you wait about 10 minutes after she has finished her feed, and then burp her, she won’t spit up as much when she burps. This is because the air bubbles can be caught under the milk in the tummy, so if you burp too soon, it brings milk up with it, but if you wait a few minutes (with the baby upright) the air bubble will rise to the top, be easier to expel, and not bring as much milk with it. Also, on the BM’s, it is completely normal for a breastfed baby to go as long as 10 days without a poo. In the first few weeks they do poo several times a day, because your colostrum works like a laxative, and because their bodies are getting used to being used. As your milk transitions away from colostrum, they will poo less often. A friend recently had her baby go 22 days without a BM, and she was fine. As long as it is not hard when they do go, they are not constipated. Breastmilk is just so good, that they use every last drop, and there is not much left to expel. On the diaper rash, try putting some breastmilk on it, and allowing it to airdry. Keep it exposed to air as much as possible, and if you see white patches, it could be yeast, in which case you can use monistat cream on her bottom. You are doing a great job, keep it up!



    My daughter Lily is a little over 4 months old and we are still EBF. I am so proud of myself and her of course. Lately I have been getting alot of people telling me to switch her to the bottle but I dont want to I honestly love the connection that her and I share our own little bond 🙂 Any suggestions on how to either make people understand that there is nothing wrong with wanting to BF for as long as I can. I know that BF is the best thing for my little girl and I do not plan on stopping. I am probably not making any sense anymore but some advice would be nice and appreciated..

    Also my sister had a baby boy in Feb 2010 and I had my daughter in Oct 2010 so there is an age gap. My sister did not breastfeed as long as she would have wanted (low milk supply). I am fortunate as my milk came in full supply and I meet the demands for my daughter with just BF. Reason I mention this is because she is acting jealous about my BF and her not being able to.. is that normal for there to be jealousy??



    mjohnson33- Shaking breastmilk supposedly damages the white blood cells that help transfer antibodies in the BM. and can make it have air bubbles. i always just run it under warm water for a few seconds and swirl it , it always mixes right back up



    The milk is fine. You can go ahead and use it.



    My sister never got her period back until about a month or so after her children are completely weaned. Some of you are just lucky not to have to deal with it until after a long time. I got it back when Kekoa was 8 or 9 months.



    Hello everyone, I am 35 weeks pregnant with my second little girl. I attempted breastfeeding with my 7 yr old and was unsuccessful. I had bleeding and cracked nipples an was afraid to ask for help, so u guessed it she was formula fed a very pricey pre-digested formula due to digestive issues. I regret giving up tto thjis day and I am determined to bf this little one. I have bought and read two bf books twice. I know people probably ask this often but I was just wondering if You could give me your top advice to you success. Thank You.



    Hello all….I just had my third baby – it’s a boy this time!! I am a SAHM and I am exclusively pumping but attempting to nurse. He can latch on but will not suck! I think he is having a hard time using his tongue correctly ?? We are feeding with a syringe. It takes him 30 to 45 minutes to effectively swallow 2 ounces of breastmilk because he keeps falling asleep, pushing the milk out with his tongue, puts his hands in his mouth, or grabs the burp cloth and puts it in his mouth. I know he wants the milk because he will root for it if I stop trying to give it to him. Also, he has to have it because he wasn’t gaining well, so letting him sleep without eating is not an option. By the time I feed him and pump he is often awake from his nap or hungry again – I think I am going insane with this sort of schedule! Also, I am still trying to get him to nurse correctly and of course that takes time also! Thankfully my mother has had my older kids the last few days, but they will be coming home soon. If anyone has any encouraging words please post them to my page – I can use all the encouragement I can get!



    Lindensmommy – pump first, then put him on your empty breast for 15-25 minutes, then give him the bottle you just pumped. Do this for every feeding, if you can, for the next 24 hrs. You should then be back to normal. This will tell your breast that the demand is high and you’ll produce more milk. Giving him formula will just tell your breasts to produce less.



    jennwvu. what ive done is thawed the milk and put it in a bottle, then put it in a cooler bag,(made for bottles)it should keep for the day.Ive done that with my son loadsa times and he was fine!



    So I am a little concerned. I have been breastfeeding for 8 months but I do supplement one feeding a day (his last one~always have because of earlier supply issues). Well, now that Maxx is eating 3 meals a day I am only nursing 4-5 times a day and still no period. Not to be graphic but I do seem to have clear discharge at times….could that be when I ovulate but no period?? Should I be concerned?



    Nicole..I took the class it was good information. However, I learned more from the lactation specialist..I recomment you at least do some research online or buy a book and then save the money for a lacation specialist after you leave the hospital or have one come in during your hospital stay…howeve,r I’m sure you would need to see her again…I was okay till I left the hospital and I went to lactation specialist twice after that…and I was actually breastfeeding right.

    BTW..I’ve been so busy haven’t had time to stop in here to say wats up..hope everyone had a good holiday. I’m still breastfeeding…however I am so hungry all the time annnnnnd everytime I get close to my AF time…I get sugar kick..I’m like eating a cookie every day!!! ugh!! but I’m still producing 15 ounces but my son drinks 24 oucnes at babysitters so I have to supplement with Acid Reflux Formula. Im beginning to hate my pump…i hate pumping…3 more months and I will stop pumping during the day but still let him BF when I’m with him…I’ll probably do that for a couple months…I don’t know how you moms do it for 2 yrs!!! I hate the pump!!



    Yeah the ladies on here are great. They know just want to say and had it not been for the support from them I would have already given up nursing. That you ladies for all the tips and encouragement.



    hi sharra, ive been on anti dep the last 5 years. i questioned my doc when i became preg on my son. he said it would be best for baby and mother if i stayed on them. he said the same of bfeeding. it has never effected my b milk, but my body is accustomed to the drug now (lexapro). my well being def had an effect on my son bc he is the most happiest child ever, so i think its important for mammy to be well in herself for baby to be well in himself!!! hope it helps….. good luck



    ozbaby- Sorry…never finished what I was saying! I weaned my daughter at around 8months (after she got her first tooth). I was just done and ready for my body back, although I loved BF. Do what you feel is best. I was worried about her getting sick, too, but it didn’t happen. You’ve done an awesome job going 8 months!!! If you are worried about illness, maybe you could wait to wean her until cold/flu season is over? You’d only have to do another month!

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