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    That’s good to hear. I though I might have trouble conceiving again if my periods weren’t regular.



    kimberly-personally it sounds very fishy to me that they keep ignoring what you tell them and keep insisting that you’re not feeding your baby. have you got a second opinion? i just feel like they’re blowing smoke up your butt and are not even investigating the situation. clearly they are not hearing what you’re saying because you son is eating sooooo much! i’ve heard stories about children that are having that many oz in formula and their dr’s freak out saying that’s way too much and they need to add solids to replace some of the formula. i’m sorry i just don’t think it’s right what they’re coming up with for your son not gaining weight. i think it’s a crock that they keep shoving it down your throat that he’s not eating enough and that you don’t have enough milk…i’d consider seeing what someone else has to say…maybe contacting a lactation consultant they have more knowledge about breastfeeding than doctors and nurses…just a thought.


    I think I have been having phantom periods as well. I get all crampy, sore bb’s exhausted and a dip in supply…spotting but no actual bleeding. DS is 4.5 months.



    congratulations Bri! That didn’t take long at all!



    i have recently started taking fenugreek and mothers milk tea and i have been getting terrible headaches anyone else had this problem/



    kebler98- thank you! i was so suprised! Such a pleasent suprise! My LO’s last nursing of the day is around 9:30-10pm. I do not get up to pump either. I do pump one side around 6am and normally only get 1.5oz. But LO nurses from the other side and I can tell its pretty full. Its wierd how the body adjust like that.



    marchmomma84 – Good! At 3 months you shouldn’t be thinking of any of that. HAHA! You should be enjoying your little infant. I love 3months. Wide awake but not quite mobile yet. HAHA! Congrats on your little one!



    lilymae- My understanding is that you just start replacing feedings with a bottle of formula. Do this one feeding at a time. So, for the next week or so give baby 2 bottles a day then 3 etc, etc. Wean slowly so that you don’t end up with mastitis and a hormone crash. As for the sleeping thing, a six hour stretch is considered ‘sleeping through’ for a bf baby. My son is 10 months and still wakes to feed once a night, but he goes down at 7 and gets up at 7. Neither of my children used the vitamin drops and they are very healthy. I think as long as you are providing a healthy blend of foods you are okay. Just my opinion though.



    Yeah! My LO actually nursed last night! He woke up in the middle of the night after he already had his last bottle (of expressed milk), so I knew he wasn’t really hungry. He was crying away, so I thought I may as well try and he did, for seven minutes before he fell asleep. I know they always say not to nurse your baby to sleep but for someone who’s baby refuses to nurse it felt like an accomplishment! I guess it was comforting to him and the milk that came with it was just a bonus. He freaked out when I tried this morning …confusing little man!



    i gots a question!!! i am going out for the day tomorrow and leaving the baby at home with my mom.. where i am going i cannot pump… so i will have to wait abt 12 hours till i get home to feed again.. will something happen to my supply if its just this only one day that i do this? he is 3 1/2 months old and we have already established a pretty good supply of milk but i am feeding on demand and am not sure if it will affest the amount of milk i will produce for a while or not… totally looking forward to a day out but not looking forward to the discomfort of engorged bbs!!



    Our welfare system just frustrates me. I had a friend that had other friends tell her to ‘just have more kids, then you wouldn’t need to work!’ Are you serious! Let’s have kids so other people can take care of me. Ugh! I know it’s there for a purpose and there are people that do it the right way. My aunt took advantage of it. I knew from a young age that it needs help. She would get food stamps (back when they were food stamps) and take it to seven-11 and buy a soda. She would then get cash back to buy her drugs with. Of course they now have atm type cards for stamps but it ruined my outlook on the welfare system. Also, when I was younger I worked at a section 8 apartment complex. Yeah that was fun! Not! More people take advantage of the system then it actually works for.



    i miss my baby! im back to work and feel absolute sorrow and anxiety. i need him. i feel like im abandoning him and im afraid he wont remember me! i dont want to loose that bond! he is only 6 weeks old, i feel terrible i wish i didnt have to leave him ever!!



    PGFirstTimer – I had two samples of the lansinoh disposables and they did work well. Yeah, i was just thinking about putting the lanolin on so that it wouldn’t stick but the other thing that bothers me is that i think i need something that doesn’t touch my nipples. They are kinda sensitive from all of the pumping. That’s why I was wondering about the breast shells. they keep stuff from touching the nipple, but I read the review on the medela vs avent…and of course some people always like one over the other on both of their reviews…so now I don’t know which one to try. guess I’ll try the one that is sold at the closest location; logistically easier with a newborn is prob the easiest way to make the decision! LOL



    Krystaldawn: no, your baby gets more when they nurse than you do when you pump, so if you only pump out 2 oz, your baby is getting more than that when they nurse, they stimulate the breast and more milk production when they nurse.



    hchina and Jody04 – I am so sorry that you guys are in so much pain. It’s the worst! hchina – I wish that I had some good advice for the infected blister to get better faster. I don’t. I just nursed often and curled my toes and scowled and complained often through that pain. And I want to say that after a few days it still hurt but wasn’t nearly as intense and after 2 weeks it felt way better. I just loaded on the Lanolin before every shower and after every time I nursed. There is a stronger antibacterial ointment that is out there that can be applied, although I am not sure of the name of it. The only thing I can say is the same as the other ladies have said about the mastitis, is to just nurse that side often (even with the awful infected blister) and when the milk moves it will start to feel better. And take Tylenol. There is a light at the end of the tunnel as it will absolutely get better over time…

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