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    EllasMommy23 – Periods definitely can cause a drop in supply. So can stress, lack of sleep, pain…. Trying to think of other things… Pregnancy can do that, too.


    megs83 – that was me! One of the other ladies had mentioned it a while back and it really helped. Mix 1-2 cups of oats in a pitcher of water. I go straight down the middle and do a cup and a half. Let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then I just pour it in a glass and strain away the oats once it gets to the bottom. The crystal light just helps to get rid of the oat taste. I drink it all day and it has done wonders for my supply. I swear by it!! Good luck!



    secondstar – I’ve always been told a month but if you are staying home there is no need to introduce one unless you want to. I’m not using bottles at all this time around. I hardly ever leave my littles and not long enough for him to need a bottle. Once he’s old enough we’ll move straight to a sippy.



    jacquecmsu – Definately, around that time is a major one. Then they settle down for a while with them here and there.


    babybelly- I dont feel any lumps on that breast but the funny thing is i do on my other which feeds n pumps fine.



    I hope that no one is on here because you’re all out in the beautiful weather (hope it is where everyone is, it is in New Jersey!)! Have fun!!



    I’ve got the Ameda Purely Yours and it works just fine but I’ve never tried anything stronger and I am constantly wondering if I’d produce more with a Medela product.



    Hi everyone, I was quite shocked the other day to be told by some one that formula has recently over taken breast milk in being the best and most nutritious choice of milk for baby. I said I didn’t believe it and would love to see the research papers, so am going to see what I can find online. Has anyone else heard this lately? I will still of course breastfeed my baby and have a healthy diet to make sure all is well.



    BABYKNIGHT- Yup, just like 2ndtimemommmy said, chill the expressed milk first, then add it. But if you have done that and added the milk already don’t dump it! Just do a sniff test. That’s what my LC always said… smell your milk first. If it smells okay then fine, if not then dump! As for pumping, first thing in morning is best, you’ll get the most! Your hormones are high in the AM! But I’d do it every chance you get!! You’ll use it, trust me! I was with my baby ALL the time and have used all the milk I pumped in the beginning. Especially if your going back to work, even part time! When back to work (or away from baby, but with pump) it’s best to try and pump the same time you would while at home. If I was out (away from baby and pump) I’d see if when I got home the last time baby fed. If recent then I’d pump, if not then I’d nurse him.






    Wow, just picked up the pump. It’s an Ameda purely yours and I can’t believe all the stuff that came with! A reallly nice carrying bag, a cooling bag, 6 4 oz bottles, instructions, dvd…can’t wait to try it! I can’t believe I got this for free! And its brand new!



    yeah i lost 2-3 bottles worth of milk in the dr’s browns bottles as well. it all dumped into the bottom of the diaper bag and i didn’t notice until i was taking them out at the daycare. talk about mad!



    Expecting – I don’t know about mastitis from the open cuts but I can suggest something to help them heal… I’m actually dealing with this right now due to DD’s teething and I’m now having to nurse her in the football clutch position which is different from our usual. It’s tough ‘cuz it’s not as comfy for us, but it gives the open wound parts a chance to heal. Mine was almost healed and then I switched back too soon and now I have another one too… Ouch! So try nursing in a new position and see if that helps. Bites, accidental or not, suck!!



    Has anyone had an infection from nursing? If so what were your symptoms?



    slatts – As I said before I had one issue after another with my first. It all helped me learn what to do with my next. Alex was sooo much easier to breastfeed. He was even tongue-tied in the beginning and it was easier. Chris just wasn’t ready to come out. We had evicted him because I had PUPPS. My body just didn’t want to let him go at 39weeks there was a reason. Alex was almost 42weeks and came out ready. Each baby is so different and with each baby you have more experience and knowledge. Good Luck!

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