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    jessicalynn21, phatbaby57, yes makes me feel loads better funnily!.. i have a few friends who’s lo’s are 3 to 6 months old who all say their lo’s sleep completeley through the night.. they are all bottle fed though! none of my friends/family are breastfeeding so i have no one to ask, thought i was doing somthing wrong somwhere along the line! so glad this site exsists!, thanks ladies! 🙂



    For the record, i’m not disagreeing with discreet public breast feeding… and i’m about as liberal as they come on most topics… i’m just saying, would it kill someone to grab a blanket or head to the restroom, car, someplace private if they’re not prepared? Even in Kentukcy most people have enough class to do it privately… Unfortunately, I HAVE occassionally seen nipples and all at the food court, at the restaurant, etc and its just trashy. Now, being in a shirt designed for nursing makes things better… but not everyone seems to even know they make ’em.


    shineon06 – at 3 months Alyssa was eating every 2.5-3 hrs during the day and in the evenings (right before bed) I would cluster feed to tank her up before bed. This was her eating routine: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm (feed then bedtime). I would wake her up around 8pm again to eat and I would dreamfeed her again around 10pm and she wouldn’t eat again until around 3am. Then repeat. I would suggest doing the cluster feeding in the evenings as well as a dreamfeed before you go to be and your LO should last a good 4-5 hours. Alyssa would only wake up to eat and then right off to sleep again so even though I was still getting up at that time it was only long enough to feed her and then I’d go back to sleep until I had to get up for work. Anyway, since her bedtime was at 6-6:30pm I literally had all night to myself to get other things done. She’s 7 months now and since then her bedtime has moved to 7:30pm and we’re getting ready to cut out her dreamfeed. She sleeps really well from 7pm – 3am, which is a good 8 hours or so. She’s been waking up more lately due to teething and hunger, but we’re hoping that this will pass over the next few weeks. HTH! 🙂



    My baby is 2 weeks old and I BF. Things were going good and my nipples started to be less sensitive, but all of a sudden they have become so sensitive that I feel like I want to rip my skin off. Could she be latching on wrong. We tried introducing a pacifier and maybe that has messed her up. I’m going to stop the pacifier to see if she latches better. Any advice for the nipple sensitivity? Also the past few days around dinner time she gets so fussy, she’ll eat for about 5 minutes then start screaming while the nipple is still in her mouth. She seems ravenous and can’t be consoled, we change her burp her, cuddle her and nothing. This usually lasts till around 11pm. Could my milk supply be lower at night and she is not getting enough? I’m so confused. Sometimes she feeds for 5 min and seems fine other times she feeds for 20min and still seems hungry. What is going on????



    Tooting my own horn: I have officially reached my goal of providing breast milk to my daughter for at least 1 year! She turned 1 on Sunday. Although she quit nursing around 4 or 5 months, I have continued to pump and provide her mostly breast milk since that time. Thanks to the donation of BM from my aunt, I have hardly needed to supplement with formula. Hurray! I almost gave up a few months ago, but managed to push through it. I started introducing cow’s milk a week before her 1 year birthday and am giving 3 oz BM to 2 oz cows milk for the time being, then will change the ratio every week or so until she is on full cows milk. I would like to continue pumping in the morning and at night so she gets some of the good stuff, but each pumping is getting less and less as I reduce them. I’m down to pumping 4 times per day (down from 8-10) and am only getting about 7 oz total for the day, so I don’t know how much longer I’ll continue. I had high hopes of nursing for 2 or 3 years, but apparently little girl had a different plan 🙂 I didn’t think emotionally it would be this rough on me to think I won’t be nourishing my little one…hmmm.
    Interesting article I found today:



    quick question…. My sister in law had their baby 5 days ago and she is having trouble breastfeeding so she is trying pumping cause she really want the benefits of breastmilk. the last time she pumped she got 3 oz from each and this time 2 hours later she only got a little. I think I remember this happening to me when I was nursing our son but that was 2 years ago. So is this normal???? and if so is there anything she should do differently? Thanks



    Yes, I lay them flat in the freezer, and I really liked the shape of the bag b/c they thaw really quickly when laid flat.



    I haven’ gotten mine back yet and son is 11 months old. It really just depends on each person. My sis got hers back at 6 months, my mom not till she completely weaned. Some women get it back right away. Your body will eventually get back to normal 😉



    Have any of you taken the mini pill for birth control while breast feeding? My Dr explained it was safe to take b/c it is a progesterone pill, no estrogen.



    My son will sleep sometimes at night for almost 5 hours. I am worried that this is to long to go without breastfeeding at 6 weeks old. Do any of you have one this age that sleeps that long or do any of you remember how long your baby slept when he was this age?



    I have a poop question! Some of my EBF baby’s poop is soupy…lots looser than normal breastfed baby poop. Baby is 3 months and teething, so LOTS of slobber…do you think that is causing the poop change or would it more likely be something else? It is not soupy all the time but seems to be increasingly so.



    a few months ago my milk started to dry up too, because i was pumping every day.the pumps dont get all the milk out, so you have less milk the next day. i noticed it started to pick up again when my son fed from me. try eatin oats etc it improved slightly for me.



    I have a question: saturday nite I feed my 1 mon. old son at 8pm. I took him to his aunts house. she feeds him formula. while he was away I went out for the nite and had a few drinks. my breasts were really sore in the morning because I didn’t pump at alll! and I didn’t feed him untill 8pm the nxt nite. the first feeding was normal but after that its been downhill. he’s not latchng on properly and he’s acting like he’s not getting enough milk. on top of all that im not feeling that let-down reflex anymore. I tried pumping and only a few drops came out. what happened to my milk supply? someone please help!



    Kym – I’m so sorry! I know your pain. I just stopped working because I just didn’t have enough time in the day. I was literally working, cleaning and feeding my son. I would get home from work, spend time with him, have dinner, do tub, he would nurse and head to bed. Then my second job would start. I would need to wash bottles and pack for the next day. Clean up from dinner and do any other chores that need to be done. I was heading to bed around 11 or midnight just to get up during the night AND get up for good at 6. But, it’s well worth it. The cuddle times you get with your baby while nursing is very rewarding and calming. It was the only time of day that I just got to spend time with him and cuddle. After you get into a routine it does get better. The first few weeks are hard. I would cry everytime I would drop him off at school. As for the bags….that is a lot. Why so many? I have my pump bag which carries all I need for that. I have my purse of course and I have a little lunch sack for Kekoa. That’s it. Because daycare had diapers and such the only time I would take the diaper bag is if I was going somewhere after work. I ate my lunch at school with Kekoa so I never packed my own. I can understand doing that though. Can you get a bag that carries both pump and supplies. It helps. The pump in style came in a diaper bag that was enough room for everything. Actually when I needed to take more ‘stuff’ with me I would just throw it on top of that bag. Same with the diaper bag and milk. If you absolutely need the diaper bag, can you put the milk bag inside the diaper bag. That might cut down on actual bags you need to carry….plus baby. I just left work when Kekoa was getting to the age where he would walk to the door himself. Oh well. I’m enjoying being home. Anyways, I know it is a hassle but it gets easier and you get into a routine. It works and breastmilk is so good for your baby. And, breastfeeding is good for you too. The hormones may be out of whack but the feeling of feeding and being close to your baby is good. Plus, you can be proud that you work and breastfeed. So many women just can’t do it but you can. You are strong and you know what you want for your baby. Good for you!



    Help please – need some input. So I’ve been BF my twins for almost 6 months now with relatively no problem. On Saturday night i got engorged, my right more than my left. So I got up and fed them but it didn’t help so i pumped 3 oz out of each after feeding them. I felt better but my right still hurt (sore). I then fed them in the morning, still in pain, and got in the shower. I had to manually massage and release the milk from my right while letting the hot water run. Sunday I was still in pain. Now I’m pumping at work and I’m getting half of what I’ve always gotten. What happened?

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