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    god-iva – It is harder but only because many women don’t ovulate until much later. I just had my first one this month and Alex is 7 months old. I did get pregnant when Chris was 17 months and still feeding. Also, pregnancy does tend to decrease the amount of milk you make. It can be done to continue nursing. If I was pregnant I would be doing that but I wouldn’t want to. I would wait until your baby is over a year before trying. Many doctors like to see moms wait a year or 18 months. Oh and there was a study that saw more miscarriages that were under 6 months PP. Your body usually isn’t ready to carry another one. It needs time to heal. That being said, many moms do get pregnant and carry them to term. You’ve heard the saying ‘Irish Twins’ That’s when babies are born in the same year. You can always just have unprotected sex and when you start ovulating hopefully it’ll take.


    that is danny styxs little boy and jonah my little boy its the first time they have actually smiled and talked to eachother


    I’ve got a few questions. How long is thawed milk good refrigerated? Also I’ve noticed a huge supply dip in the evening. I know that the way to remedy is to nurse often but she is super aggressive waiting for let down and I can’t take the pain of empty boobs with a hungry aggressive baby. I’ve had to defrost and she takes about 3 oz. I guess there’s nothing I can do. I don’t need to increase my overall supply just my night supply. Any ideas?



    Leslie, are you serious? Yes there are germs but that’s why you wash your hands and don’t set your baby down. I wear Alex all day long. I also have a 2 year old. After birth we were going to play groups, parks, the grocery, etc. Not every mom has the luxery of staying home. HA! My sister is mom to three and her husband is a pilot. They are also deployed so IF she wanted to eat right after birth then she had to go to the grocery HERSELF and come home and cook it HERSELF. It can take up to a month or more to get a good relationship going. Sorry but my oldest can’t stay locked up inside that long. We’d all go insane. Oh and Alex has never been sick and he’s now 7months old. He has never developed a fever at all, even during shots. He’s a big strong healthy child.



    Our bedtime routine consists of a bath at 9pm and then I nurse her until she falls asleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I just wish she wouldn’t wake up the second I put her in the bassinet, then I have to start over again. I am wondering if I should let her fuss and cry more before I respond. I just think that if I respond before she gets too worked up that it will be easier to get her back to sleep. At night, she’s in the bassinet right beside me, so I usually give her a soother a couple of times, and if that doesn’t work, feed. It seems if I respond right away, I can feed her back to sleep in 10-15 mins, but if she gets too worked up then I can’t even get her to nurse at all 🙁



    I am so blessed! As you know, I’ve been exclusivally pumping since my daughter was 4 months old, only to be short 4-6 oz per day, which I’ve had to supplement. Over the weekend, I was talking to my husband’s aunt who had a daughter 2 months ago. She is also a nurse in the NICU at a local hospital. She volunteered to donate her excess milk! She called me last night to say she had 14 4oz bottles for me to come pick up, and to let me know she has a co-worker who volunteered to do the same! I’ve been ready to give up this pumping business, but now through their kindness, my motivation is back!



    i have a couple questions. do you girls have your babies on a schedule? or do they just eat and sleep whenever they want to? also, when you build up your freezer supply, how often do you pump. i usually pump once or twice a day but i only get a few ounces each time. so when dd goes with her grandma for the day my whole stash will be gone 🙁 and how much are you planning on keeping in your stash?


    I have a question for the ladies, My Boss Lady has a very mild case of Thrush, anyone else have it? Ontop of that she has diaper rash, any suggestions on preventions? I change her almost every hour and use destin… well see how that goes for now!



    I always just put it straight into the freezer.



    Ugh, AF has returned. I went 19 months without a cycle, I guess I should be thankful it stayed away as long as it did…



    Angel – I had to wear nursing pads until my son was around 5 months old. I really think it just varies by person.



    Oh yeah forget the sippy cup for us. My son is 9 1/2 months and could care less. He chews it for a second but then just throws it (because thats the new game). He will however drink water from it if I remove the top and hold it like a cup. Wont take juice. I dont put milk in it because I am afraid of the waste. I rotate my freezer supply by having my husband give Wyatt a thawed bottle at nighttime.



    Lindensmommy: m.m. is right about the formula, and her advice is good about creating the demand from your breasts. Some babies won’t just stay latched on if you have empty breasts though (my son usually won’t), so IF that turns out to be the case, try BF, then pumping for about 20 min following the feeding. You might also try a method called power pumping at night after your LO has gone down for the night: pump for 20min, rest 10 min, pump 10 min, rest 10 min, pump 10 min. This simulates a growth spurt and willl signal your breasts to make more milk. Hope that helps =)



    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for commenting on my page and on the forum abouut my ‘pumping issue at work’ and storing up! Iam praying that I will have a good flow of milk and alot of it as well – so that way I can store up as much as I can in the freezer before I go back to work and then Im hoping I can feed in the morning before I go to work and pump for a bit and then do the same thing when I come back from work! Trying not to stress about it cause I know it’s not good…but Im sure I will have more questions and I am glad that you ladies are here to help! xo



    Also, Maxx is now fighting me at every feeding other than the first one of the day. He screams and wiggles to get away and now grabs my breast and squeezes (OUCH!). He is such a happy baby but seems to not love nursing right now. I don’t think it is a supply issue because I can hand express some out. Do you think he might be weaning himself? I heard that they don’t until after a year but it isn’t very enjoyable for us right now. Do you think it would work if I just feed him in the morning? I am having a really hard time with the fact that he might be weaning…I don’ t think I am ready!! They grow up too fast 🙁

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