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    I am so happy. This new pump is sooo worth it! I just pumped 8.5 oz in 14 mins! I have not been this excited in a long time!



    spot on domonique… can’t work out how you can pump for so long! wish i could! 😛



    kym- even if you have to wean it’s okay….a healthy happy mommy is better for baby. You are doing great!



    I have one child that was 4 months on Sunday. Pumping is a pain but I make it part of my schedule to benefit Aubrey. I want her to have the best. Luckily it doesn’t physically cause me pain, but neither did breastfeeding.



    Expecting- I get about 3.5oz from my left and about 1.5 from my right. My son is 11wks now and I only pump 2 days a week when I work.



    ive just put a huge bowl of oats into some water and ill eat tonight…worth a try:)



    Emma- welcome to the over active letdown club! We have jackets lol. Pump a little bit before nursing, it helps alot!!!


    thanks tori! I’m gonna order one tomorrow! How neat! 🙂



    stupid hormones! my son’s almost 11 months old and he was ready to be done nursing so i stopped nursing about 2 weeks ago and i’m so emotional! i can cry ona dime and anything can bring me to tears! plus my boobs hurt! lol, just had to vent with those who understand!



    Tunny- no I haven’t I will try that – I better go and buy one lol! Thanks 🙂



    2babyunder2 we know what your going through. For me the first month was so hard I actually would hold my breath while nursing it hurt so bad. Then of course I’d remember to breathe :). There isn’t much else to do besides the things you’ve tried. Just try to stick it out for the baby!



    QUESTION: How long does it take for your milk supply to dwindle? I’m always so nervous to be away from my baby or pump that my milk supply will be effected. Would 4-6hrs of no milk expression effect my milk supply?



    The blood was probably from the struggle. I would look at his diet and see if there is something there that is making him constipated. If it keeps happening then I would talk to his doctor about it but if it was a one time thing I wouldn’t worry too much but try and change his diet.



    mamadear04 – I’m 17 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 14 month old. I plan on nursing him until he weans himself, as well. There is no harm in nursing throughout pregnancy and there is also no harm to tandem nurse.



    Having a painful time with BF….the past couple of days it has gone from uncomfortable to ungodly tears running down my face painful. To the point where I can’t have any clothing touching my nipples or I am screaming in pain. Last night at the 3 am feeding, it took everything I had to put my nipple into his mouth and …when I did I just let the tears run down my face and sob while hubby just hugged me. WHAT IS GOING ON? Any ideas? I’m thinking it may be thrush from what I have read …. sharp shooting pains. I have a call into the dr office. Hoping something gives as I am about ready to give up BF because of the pain but truly don’t want to. ;(

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 15,860 total)

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