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    number2luv-hows the pumping going at work? I goo back on monday and i am so worried about my suppy dropping. Is your LO pooping and wetting at all when you are away?



    Also, is she latched properly? If not, she will not get as much milk…



    christina-ann- are you exclusively pumping? If so, have you tried a different pump, drinking/eating more, fenugeek, etc? Or just pumping/feeding more often? I would not add water to your milk!
    If you are also direct nursing, just let her nurse as often as possible for a couple days, and that should help you out.
    Have you talked to a lac. consultant?



    Hey ladies – I read and learn from you all the time but rarely write. I just wanted to say that I since I went back to work full time 2.5 weeks ago my supply has started to go down. I was originally an over producer but after pumping for 13 days and only nursing in the morning and at night my supply dropped. I started fermented oats this am and saw no change in my first two pumping sessions but my third session I got 2 extra ounces and it was 30 minutes earlier then normal. Lets hope this works…



    Ella- it’s most likely period or ‘phantom period’…flux in hormones. Ride it out. Drink a beer to give yourself a little boost. (Seriously, it will give you a boost)



    …im going to give oat water a go too…let u all know how it goes…



    Stulon- I had that with my 1st boy. Ended up not having a supply and formula feeding. But I figured at least he got a few weeks of it so it was ok. Hopefully yours will come back. But if it doesn’t just know you gave him the best for a while. 🙂



    MyBaby – Surpising enough Gripe Water doesn’t work well for my LO. It gave her the runs and didn’t calm her for long. It may just be the brand Im using but the runs made me too nervous.



    cosomomama – You’ve already gotten some feedback..but I usually only nurse on one side each session (and my 7 week old is 13lbs so he’s definitely getting enough) just took a little while, not long, and then my milk seemed to regulate itself because i usually don’t get too uncomfortable and he still gets enough.



    rachelz – if she wont latch i would get some nipple sheilds ASAP! if you have milk get her on them boobies as soon as you can! good luck. i still use the sheilds and my baby is 4 months. i just dont want to give up BFing. you can get them at toys R us 🙂



    I only pump once at work if I get the chance. I also pump once in the morning at home and once in the evening at home. We nurse on demand during the weekends. I think more than anything else this is what keeps my supply up. I use a medela pump n style.



    number2luz – my daughter is 10 months and has been distracted like that for a few months now. Like the other ladies said, I have to go into a quiet room for her to feed ‘normally’.



    Bri, I definitely worry about my hubby rolling onto the baby. He’s a very deep sleeper, and has been known (before the baby was born) to roll onto me, and not wake up, even with me shoving at him to try to get him off me. So I try to keep our baby in his crib, but he ends up in the bed with us every night anywayw – although usually not until 3 or 4am. I try to switch him to the outside if I’ve been feeding him between us, but when I feed him there I keep my arms around him so that if daddy starts to roll I will feel it, and freak out on him 🙂 Had to do that a few times, but it’s woken him up, and made him stop rolling! I’d honestly rather just keep the baby in the crib so I don’t have to worry about it, but he doesn’t sleep well in the crib, and even while asleep there, he will fuss alot. The times when I try to ignore it and sleep through it, are the times when Daddy brings him to bed instead. As soon as he’s in our bed, he just relaxes, and sleeps so much better.



    seuban0 – My first was like that. He wasn’t ready to come out and slept 23hours a day. It scared us. But he’s fine now. He’s actually a really good sleeper. HAHA! He’s 31months and still goes down at 8pm and gets up at 7:30am. So 11.5hours isn’t half bad. He also takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day. Alex is a little different. He goes down at the same time but he’s up a million times during the night and gets up for good by 7am. Ugh! He then takes 3 naps during the day. I was hoping to cut one out soon so we could go out but he’s too cranky for it. Hopefully soon though.



    nic4charles – I wouldn’t think that. Many newborns are extremely gassy. Their tummies are just starting to figure out this food(milk) thing. I would move her legs around and just help ease the gas. There are gas drops but unless it gets too bad I wouldn’t bother.

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