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    Bri! thanks for that its the worrying about it that is the worst! ended up thinking your not capable of doing the job!! worry about evrything as a new mum anyway!



    ninjen – My first had a thicker poo that was seedy and almost mustard texture. This time around Alex had a more liquid texture. Same color but no seeds at all. As long as it’s yellow you are fine.



    Bri Thanx for the reply 🙂 , god-iva s it confirmed !? Whatever the result s , i wish u all the best . Im afraid this could happend to me as well 🙁 what a stress .


    danny is left and jonah is right



    just wanted to say have a good weekend ladies! we are moving into our new house today, so i will be MIA for awhile, until we get our internet switched over next week.



    i would NEVER ever go into a public bathroom at the MALL to nurse my child..sooo yucky! sitting on a toilet … that makes me want to gag!



    THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I can’t thank you enough for giving me hope! I really thought that I had tried everything and that sleep was a lost cause, but now I have some fantastic ideas to help my little guy get some better sleep (and me too!). I will definitely work on our bedtime routine, I guess I didn’t realize I could start one now. I’ve been putting him in his crib when I’m ready for bed, but now I’ll start to lay him down when he’s ready, and then do a dream feed when I’m going down. And defintiely increase the feedings before he’s ready for bed, that’s a great idea. Also, thank you for the reminder that I don’t need to jump up and put him to the boob as soon as he makes a sound. Sometimes I’m just SO tired that I’ll nurse him just to get him to fall back asleep, whether he’s hungry or not, but I realize now that that may have created this habit. It’ll be hard to lay there awake listening to him for a few minutes to see if he settles back down, but if it gives me more sleep in the long run then it’ll be WELL worth it! Thank you again so much, you all are wonderful!


    mommyof2in10- do some research on babies who only get foremilk. It is the more watery milk that comes first during a feeding. It causes stomach upset and explosive poops because it digests so fast. We had this issue with my LO because I overproduce and have such forceful letdown, she would fill up on foremilk before the hindmilk got to her. We now exclusively pump. You can e-mail me if you have questions… [email protected]



    lilasmommy: you produce the most milk in the morning, so after you feed your LO, pump. You can also try to pump about 30 minutes after you feed to try and build up a supply. The more you pump and the more your LO feeds the more milk your body will produce. As for a schedule, my LO made her own schedule as well, the older they get the more of a schedule they’ll get on 🙂



    Cierra is 6 weeks old today! She is exclusively breastfed on demand..We introduced a bottle 2 weeks ago, and she did great! I’ve been pumping about 4oz a day since she was a week old, so w e have a good supply built up now. I am gonna go buy a new pump tomorrow (a pump in style) cause I know Id get more milk if I had one..I have a Medela single electric now and its supposed to only be for occasional use…
    I absolutely love breastfeeding! Its probably what I missed most about my babies being newborn,



    When you are going to freeze freshly expressed milk, do you have to let it cool to room temp before putting it in the freezer? Or can you pump, put it in the appropriate container, and put it directly in the freezer while it is still warm (body temp)???



    My son is 19 months and nursing strong. Still no period. It has been awesome but I want to get pregnant in Jan 2010 when he turns 2. I dont want to wean him either. Does anyone know if it is possible to get pregnant without a period? Or better yet has it happened to anyone? Thanks!



    momofsoon2b3 – My milk supply did not decrease. Your body just adjusts to your baby’s schedule. I agree with tove – never wake a sleeping baby! If you start waking your baby it will become a habit for your baby to wake….best to let baby sleep….



    momofsoon2b3 – congratulations! I had a daughter that slept well from day one (like 7 – 8 hours at night!) …it was blissful! LOL As long as the baby is happy and gaining weight (even if gaining slowly) let him sleep! 🙂



    Has anybody had or knows someone who has had a breast reduction and then successfully breast-fed? Please leave comments on my page. Thanks!

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