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    that is a great article…did anyone read the comments at the bottom? judging by what some of the people have to say there needs to be better information readily available about breastfeeding because some are grossly misinformed. although i have a feeling when formula feeding mothers put down breastfeeding it is a way of justifying to themselves the guilt of not nursing their children…just a hunch.


    i went from a 34b to a 40dd. now, i can maybe get into a 38d, but for the most part, im still a 38 dd. my friends see me, and are like ‘oh i see you’ve lost all the baby weight…minus in your boobs. boy did those suckers get big!’ lol i cant wait for them to shrink a little bit more. im small, i only weigh 125, 5ft 4′ so these boobs are killing my back!



    My LO is almost 10mths and when I first went back to work he was 8wks old. I started giving him bottles at bedtime prior to me going back to work and I started with 4ozs. I sent him with 4 bottles that were 4ozs each for a 7am-4:30pm daycare day. He used to eat all 4 but since about 6mths he eats 3. I used to ask daycare if he seemed like he wanted more to let me know and I’ll make 5 or 6 ozs..but, he never did want more. To this day, he only eats 4ozs at a time. I heard a lot of BF babies eat smaller bottles. My LO has always been in the 95% for weight so I knew he was getting enough.

    Try 4 oz bottles when you go back to work and see if that is enough for you LO. Hope this helps.



    1sttime – Definitely dont give up. Especially with the rough start it will take awhile to perfect. It is not even close to being too late its just a matter of getting some consistency. Always always try multiple times for every feeding! Sometimes will be harder than others but eventually she will get it. Shes only a week old and you are both new at this. Good luck!!



    wow, sounds like you guys all know a bunch of ppl who are really against BFing! I had my first son at 17, and was deadset against formula. I successfully BF’d him for the first 2.5 months, but when I returned to work, I was unable to pump (my managers didn’t like to give me my breaks very often, and I wasn’t allowed to store it at work), so I dried up, although I was still able to feed at night for a couple more months before it was completely gone. This time around I am almost 27, and intend to EBF at least until his first birthday. I don’t have to go back to work until September, when Braeden will be almost 8 months old, and have already started storing BM for daytime feeds for when I go back. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pump enough to keep my supply up, where I work, breaks can be very hit and miss, but I intend to try! And here, every time someone asks me if I BF, they usually congratulate me when I say yes, and tell me I am doing a great job. Most of them have older children now (their kids are in school with my 9 year old) but most of them BF’d themselves. Also, I go to a baby group once a week, and I have never once seen anyone FF there, but I have seen many of them BF. I have pulled my boob out at swimming lessons, soccer, in the schoolyard and the car, at the grocery store, and when our town did Tourist in Your Own Home Town, I took my 9 year old out to do tons of touristy things and fed the baby in a radio station, and as I was walking through Craigdarroch Castle, and many other places. I have never had any negative comments about it, and in fact, at the radio station and the castle, the only comments were about how amazing it was that I could BF while walking, and holding a diaper bag! ‘Look at her multitasking!’ or ‘Aww, the baby just wanted his food!’ I have had a wonderful experience with BFing this time around (my DS is 6 weeks old now) and with neither of my children, did it ever hurt at all. Not even the first week.



    katjak7- you are right already the boob has gone down and pain little easier.but now the poor supply i had is even lower. thanks for your advice 🙂



    Ellas – it’s interesting (well, it sucks too) because I also think I experienced a huge drop in supply around 5 months. I drank some beer, I nursed whenever my DD so much as looked at me, and I stopped drinking peppermint tea. I don’t know for sure that the tea hurt my supply, but I read online that it could cause problems. I suppose a phantom period could have been the cause, but all this happened between actual periods (yeah, i’m one of those lucky ones. 1 year to the day almost:-( ), so I doubt it. Anyways, I just wanted to say the same thing happened to me, we nursed and nursed and nursed, and it passed and now we’re completely back to normal and have new things to worry about! Best of luck, I hope the same for you.



    Hello to my ‘Milking Mommies’!!! LOL!!
    QUESTION: For those that have older babies- how long did they wake in the night to nurse? DJ is now 3mons now and still waking 3-4times a night to nurse. It’s only for a few minutes and he has no problem going back to sleep. So I’m thinking he’s just comfort nursing… any Mommy’s have any advice on this?? We are still co-sleeping and planning on moving him in another 4wks. I’m worried he’s still going to be doing this then and I can’t get up out of bed, go to his room and nurse him till he’s 18years, LOL, will it stop??



    Ellasmommy, he’s actually never even met our GP, he went to the OBGYN for the first 6 weeks of his life, and then they said to take him to the GP for his 3 month well check, but she was on vacation, so he saw a locum. He doesn’t go back there until 6 months. I’ve been taking him to walk-in clinics, because to get an appt with my GP takes about a week, and when he’s got full-on thrush I’m not going to wait that long to have him seen. I did mention it to the locum at his 3 month well check, but at that point he’d just finished some nystatin, and it wasn’t too bad, so she didn’t give me anything. I was just saying to DH today though, that I’m going to make an appt for Braeden with the GP for next week, even though he’s on the nystatin again, because maybe she’ll follow up on it, rather than the walk-in clinics, which tend to ignore everything you tell them. Although the doctor today was a bit better, he did give me a whole months supply of nystatin, unlike the other docs who’ve only given one week at a time. maybe a month’s worth will cure it…. I can always hope, right?


    Hello everyone I recently had some dental work done and the dentist gave me an antibiotic augmentin 875 can I breastfeed while on this medication. I have been giving my baby formula since friday just to make sure.



    So I feel really bad that I gave my dd a 2 oz formula supplement today, but I havent been able to get enough milk to send to daycare with her. Any one else run into this situation before. I have a freezer supply and it seem like before I was pumping a ton, but now I am lucky if I can get 3 ounces at a time.



    This is crazy! Alexander will be 12 weeks tomorrow. I just weighed him today. He is 17.2 lbs! Holy cow! No wonder my back hurts. And, all on breastmilk.



    jeniwalker, my Nephew used to wee on the furniture while my sister fed her daughter, they generally do it to get your attention, not to just be naughty. As hard as it is try to ignore him unless he is been unsafe, and he will eventually stop. Also if you can try and set him up with a fun activity before you start feeding. Hope things improve for you.



    PGFirstTimer – how is your supply btw? Are things better?



    yeah, she doesnt have whole wheat bread in her house, that means my baby had white toast, chicken noodle and an oreo. where is the nutrients in any of that?

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