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    idk if any other state has this program but its called childrens first program and u sign up as soon as u find out ur pg and the rn comes once a week for the first three months then once every two weeks then every thres until baby is born she takes b/p, gives info on bfing and encourages u to do it, provides info on n e thing u can imagine. once baby is born it goes back to once a week, and then every 2 until ur baby is 2 yrs old. then they put an ad in the paper w/ ur babys picture in it. they come and check length, head circumference, weight…etc and talk about anything u want. u set a goal at each visit and c if uve fulfilled it by the nxt. she reminded me that i said i only wanted to bf for 3 mnths and couldnt b persuaded to go longer. haven is 15 weeks and now i wanna go until she self weans b/c of this site and tjst the satisfaction of knowing I AM makimg my daughter the healthiest that she can possibly be. i am making her grow and flourish. that feeling is priceless. i shared the link that bri



    lilmamamads, unfortunately no. She never went into labor and ended up with another c-section at 43 wks. Turns out my niece got caught on my sister’s ribs and wasn’t moving at all.



    And people wonder why people like me hate formula companies. Each one has their own issue but Nestle tops it all.



    So I have a small red lump like a bug bite on the outer edge of my aereola it hurts sharp pains, n is hard. Is this a clogged duct?


    Starting baby massage on Thursday hope it helps with Ollie’s wind.



    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows (has read on this topic)… Baby is 22 months and am still pumping but just once a day and am now pumping just under 1 oz (almost one oz). I struggled with making milk this whole time, tried even motillium. I’m still on fenugreek. Is there any benefit to just 1 oz. really? I totally don’t mind, pumping, once a day is so easy. I’ve read anything amount is beneficial..but is that really true?? Like one drop wouldn’t be..come on! My gut tells me to just keep giving him 1 oz for a while longer. Anyone else been here? Thanks.



    Ugh I’m so frustraited! My son fusses at every feed. He goes on, he comes off and cries, I’ve tried lying down to see if that helps but it doesn’t. I’m just so sick of feeding for almost 2 hours!! By the time he falls asleep it’s like 1 hour and he’s awake again. I just don’t know what to do….I would like to speak to a LC but I don’t know where to look for them * sigh*



    Saw this quote and I thought you ladies would appreciate it……….’Women should not feel guilty if they are unable to nurse their baby, but they should feel guilty if they are unwilling to do so, and they should be intellectually honest enough to know the difference.’ ~ Elizabeth Gene



    Ok, so this is totally OT but I want to jump for joy and I can’t tell others here or on FB. My husband recently started a new job with a start up company. It has been risky but we know the owner and have confidence in the product. Well we have 10,000 private shares. Not a whole lot but enough. They’re looking to go IPO next year. They just have the meeting about it and it’s looking like we’ll be scoring big time. Like a half mil or more!! I’m so freakin’ excited. This would mean paying off all our debt, including the house and then some! I don’t want this year to end cause my babies are well still babies but I can’t wait until the IPO! I can’t wait to be free of cash burdens. I’m just so darn excited. YAY! I’m just giddy. HAHA! Feels good to tell some people.


    I’m so jealous of those off to bed. We are up for the day. James is an early riser



    seuban0 – I am so sorry hon! That is just the worst pain to endure. I also wanted to comment awhile ago (but Savannah wouldn’t let me put her down that day!) when you said how he was staying at his ex’s house to help her out. I wanted to say RED FLAG!! Anyway, what a complete jerk. That feeling of betrayal is so awful, and on top of it you have this innocent little baby. I can’t believe he went to lunch with her the day after Zoey was born too. He is so selfish and you will be totally better off without him. I know it is sooo hard, but you can do it. You sound like such a strong, smart girl. Again, I am so sorry as I do know the horrible pain of be cheated on, although not while just recently having a baby!



    Ella, nope has no effect whatsoever. The milk comes from the glands inside your breasts….not the breast itself. Some breasts are fattier then others but we all have the same glands. As for being engorged, your baby is getting older and your breasts are starting to understand what your baby needs. Around 2-3 months women stop getting engorged unless they fall out of routine with their babies. It is a little worrisome but the best way to tell whether you are making enough and I bet you are is by growth and wet diapers.



    i’m from central illinois



    Bri, I love your couches! I hate ours so much, getting a new one with the tax return this year =]



    Beautiful story Lawson. Isaac never would take it from a sippy either. He just let it dribble out of his mouth. The daycare teacher said a lot of babies do this. Wrong system of delivery!

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