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    As for food, almost anything that goes on my plate can go into Alex’s mouth. If it’s made at home I don’t think twice before letting him eat it.



    Hi ladies, I hope you all had a great weekend. Benbubby-It kind of sounds like reflux. You might want to try to elevate the mattress since you said that he sleeps fine in the swing and he’s only having problems when laying flat. I have been so happy with my pumping results lately. Yesterday, for the whole day combined I pumped a little under 6 oz. I was so happy I was in tears. My husband thought I was crazy, but really it’s nice to see that kind of progress after all that I have been doing. My son had his FIRST bottle of BREAST MILK last night! I am getting about an ounce out of both breasts combined with every pumping, sometimes a little less. I think I am going to start fermented oatmeal and see what that does for me. I am taking fenugreek and blessed thistle now and completely quit the reglan. Oh BTW- I can’t stand the smell of maple syrup anymore. I hate the way I smell!!!!!!!!


    Well going back to the bad back topic of the other day. I must book in my massage for my back, had the voucher since april. I’m not normally bothered by this but lately been leaking more, no idea why. But i’m worried i’ll leak on the towel i’m lieing on. Anyone encountered this?


    Fourth-on-the-way…. I have a lot of discharge when I’m ovulation. But I also have my period every month.



    god-iva HAHAHA ON ‘ THE OTHER SIDE’ … We r fine , what about u ‘ pinky team’ !! lol BTW ur pictures in BF FORUM veryyyyy cute , ur LO such a princess by now , so nice .


    That picture is too cute! I love baby and toddler groups made some really good friends there.



    lil-defrosted milk last about three days in the fridge if it was defrosted there. when in doubt give it the sniff & taste test. If it passes I would use it. Also other that mother’s milk tea, oatmeal, and pumping or nursing (nursing is better) I’m not sure what else I would do to increase your supply. I know you said it hurt too much to let her nurse when she’s hungry, so maybe you could give her an ounce from the bottle to take the edge off and then nurse from there.



    oh and my dh would have died if we didn’t get out of the house after isaac was born. as it was he had me walking a mile in june heat the day after i delivered just to get out of the house. he’s a bit high energy!



    Anyone got any advice about NIP? My 5 month old is so easily distracted that it makes bfeeding whilst we are out very dificult. She turns her head to look at any slight noise and if mummy is talking she pulls off and looks at me as if to say ‘what the hell..’!! It makes the feed a real battle and she doesn’t nurse well. As i have an energetic three year old we need to get out of the house lots and finding a quiet place with him making monster or motorbike noises next to me doesn’t help!! Next week I have a few lunch dates with friends and I’m wondering how lo will cope with the feeds. Also is this just a phase or will nip always be a problem? Thanks



    I have a question for all you breastfeeding ladies…my little girl will be 3 months on the 15th and I’ve noticed that every time I start to nurse her I feel really queasy almost like I could throw up, It only lasts for like 5 mins and only at the start not when I switch breasts? Has anyone else had this feeling?


    lila- My liam eats when he wants. it is usually every 2-4 hours and he eats about 4-5 ounces at a time. he is only 4 weeks old and he eats a lot lol I pump what I can about every 4 hours and I get about 3-4 ounces each time so I do half breast milk and half formula bottles for him because I just dont produce enough milk for his appetite. Im thinking of trying that mothers milk tea and see if that helps does anyone know where I can get that?



    so i have a question for you ladies. my youngest child is 7 months old, and exclusively bf. i’ve heard you don’t ovulate during breastfeeding, and I haven’t had my aunt flo yet. we are currently on the waitlist for my husband to get a vasectomy. i’ve got a history of painful cysts on my ovaries, and we decided that since he is ‘getting taken care of’ that I wouldn’t take birth control, and we’d just use condoms (and we do, every single time). but this last week i’ve been fatigued, and sick to my stomach at least once to 4-5 times daily. very reminicient of my two prev pregnancies. my last pregnancy i was put on hospitalized bedrest 5 hours away from home at 26 weeks pregnant, and had my girl at 36 weeks. i have mixed feelings. could I be pregnant?? how would they determine the delivery date if i am if there’s no period to base on? ps i have a dr appt on thursday.



    Just want to say that I bought the Lansinoh breast milk storage bags and followed the directions on the box, and about half of them leaked through holes in the bag. Since I still have so many, and I have an abundance of milk, I’m going to keep using the ones that I have left, but I will try this page’s suggestion of keeping them in another container in the freezer to avoid the holes, but I honestly can’t imagine how they got the holes in my freezer.


    I had my baby almost 9 months ago and had to quit bfeeding in mid July… I still have not gotten my period back?? with my other 2 babies I had it back within a month but this time it feels like forever. I want to start trying for my 4th and FINAL baby in September but am worried that not having my period will throw my body off. Can I even get pregnant w/out having a period?? hmmm?



    Angel – I know it was before I went back to work at 3months but after 2months. Somewhere in between. My sister still has to wear nursing pads at 7months. I guess I was lucky?

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