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    My pediatrician tried to get me to give my LO multivitamins, but I told her I wasn’t going to, and she was fine with that. I made sure to get him some small amounts of sun exposure every day, he has never had an issue. I wish more doctors would have more faith in BFing!
    MY LO woke every few hours until he was about five months old, now he sleeps about an eight hour stretch, wakes for a quick nurse, and is back down for a couple hours(he is 8m). I think it is more an individual baby thing, instead of a formula/bf thing, that decides how long a baby will sleep.



    Oh and I had LOTS of ‘they’s’. I work at pool teaching aquafit to mostly older ladies. So I got lots of ‘advice’ while I was pregnant. My coworker even put out a suggestion box, so I have it all written down. There are about 20 slips of paper that say ‘Never wake a sleeping baby’ : )



    I am sure you supply will be okay, but for your comfort, are you sure there isn’t somewhere you can pump, even if it is with a manual one, or hand express? In a bathroom stall, a car with a loose shawl over you, an unused room, etc? My LO is nine months, and if I go more than a few hours without pumping or feeding, my body goes into this odd tingly, shut down mode. Not comfy at all…
    I’ve pumped in a gas station restroom, too. Tossed the milk out, but it made me much more comfy when the baby was sleeping hard on a long road trip…



    Please Help, I’m having trouble weaning my 13 month old, I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant again and want to stop before my new baby comes along and I don’t want to be breastfeeding two kids at the same time. But my DD asks me if she can nurse and I says no she throws this huge fit. I need to stop completely at once or I think I will never get her to stop, I have tried to give her other things in place of breast milk like whole milk but she doesn’t seem to like it. Any Idea’s



    Oh about your supply dropping. Its important to pump as often as you would feed your LO. I pumped every 3hrs for a long time at work which was 3 times a work day. And then about a month ago I dropped down to 2 times at work. Each time I get about 4ozs. Sometimes more ..sometimes a little less. Just try to pump often and you shouldn’t have problems with your supply. But, it depends on how willing your employer is to giving you the extra time you need.
    Good Luck!



    after about 6 months or so there was no way my girl would feed in public–way too distracted. but before that i nursed everywhere. but i always made sure i was wearing a nursing top when i went places–made it much easier, very discreet–people alwyas thought the baby was sleeping.



    Just read in What Every Parent Should Know About Immunizations that breast milk kills influenza even when the mother does NOT have serum immunity!! cool is that, so glad I’m still breast feeding.



    babyinjuly09- I started my lo on solids a week before he was 4 months old. He has done great. I started him with rice cereal, I feed him with a spoon. Then we did green beans, then peas. He eats cereal in the am and green beans in the pm. My supply is fine, he has not dropped any nursing sessions. My advice for your supply is to pump during the night. I am up pumping now. I pump @2am everyday plus 3 times a day only on the days I work (I am part time, 2-3 days a week). It will also help to add to freezer supply.



    Thanks Ladies!



    expecting-2b-patient- Ella sleeps through the night now since about 2 1/2 months. She used to do the same thing–wake up to just fall asleep after a minute of nursing. So instead of feeding her i first tried to just comfort her by rocking her back to sleep. It was harder for me because it was easier to just take out my boob to put her to sleep like that, but after about 2 nights she just stopped waking and now i get to sleep!



    I have never heard of throwing them away. I would just sterilize them after every use.



    elatedmommy29 – I suggest calling the doctor and asking. That and try finding it online. They should be able to give warnings if you can’t.



    kyanaandmalachismom – I hope you have tried the freestyle pump before purchasing it. I was so very disappointed with that pump! I used a Medella pump in style and also 2 different Medela hospital pumps before getting the Freestyle new. I used the Medella pump in style exclusively for 6 months before puchasing the Freestyle and my milk decreased by 3/4. I was excited to not be hooked to a wall and bought that pump, but only used it for a few days because I work and had to have enough milk for my daughter at school. I called Medela and they said that it would be like starting over pumping for the first time and that it would build back up after awhile, but I didn’t want to take the risk. I moved back to the pump and style and my milk supply was still there. I asked the hospital lactation consultants about it with this baby and they said they recommend for people not to get that pump. However, on amazon….it does have good ratings. I hope it works well for you. Just wanted to let you know my experience because I was very disappointed and out $400 dollars. 🙁



    i havent had my baby yet, i still have another 5 weeks left… i was going to pump off instead of gettin the baby to latch to my breast. but i was wondering what to do until my milk came in.. i mean you cant just pump off colostrum can you ?



    samanthaandgirls, start by eliminating the most unneeded/unlikely to be missed session. When she comes up to you and wants it, or if you know its coming get her involved in something else so that she will become distracted and forget about wanting to nurse. Once you are all comfortable with not having that session, cut out the next ‘unmissed’ session in the same way. Continue doing this until you are down to the most essential sessions. Usually the ‘right when she wakes up’ and right before nap and bed sessions. These are going to be harder, so you will really want to take it slow weaning these. I would probably do this order… right before nap, first morning and then night session, but really you have to evaluate how attached she is to those sessions and wean down so that her favorite session is the very last that you cut.

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