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    affrikka – sounds like that person was misinformed. Not sure when your due date is, but congrats and happy breastfeeding :o)



    Thanks seub!



    i shared w/ her the link that bri posted about the stem cells in breastmilk. she was so excited to c it and is going to implement it into the program. she bf her son until he self weaned at 22 months. n e wayz if ur interested in the program check w/ ur local health department. its been a life saver for me. and i love being updated on havens growth so often. n e wayz…thanx ladies for all of ur support and encouragment



    I can’t wait to try it out! Boiling everything right now. Looked it up, $210! And WIC gave it to me free! Also, my fenugreek and mothers milk have been shipped, yay! I’m so thankful for all the help and support I have gotten, especially from this community. Thank-you everyone!



    My baby cluster feeds from 6pm till around 12pm. I’m exhausted. It been like this since alittle after she was born. Not only does she cluster feed she has really bad acid reflux so she fusses at the breast and realllly hurts my nipples. Im so tired. During the clusterfeeds i barely have milk coming out. After about 12pm she knocks out and sleeps till 4 or 5 in the morning and its heaven all day. I cant sleep in the day because I have a 22 month old who sleeps good all night and had a tank full of energy. Has this happened to any of you ladies? Should I supplement? My DD is gaining weight fine but It scares me how hungry she sounds sucking a few times crying and then relatching. ugh…. I hate the EVENINGS!!!



    Casen, I pumped at work for 9 months with my first son…I work in a school, and the most realistic place to pump was in the adult restroom. I just rinsed out each pump part between sessions during the day (and made sure that no parts touched anything except the tupperware I keep them in and my hands), and then steamed it all in our steamer/sanitizer each night. We didn’t have any problems the whole time. It really isn’t feasible in a lot of situations to use soap each time. The microwave sanitizer was the best purchase we ever made…we didn’t have to deal with the dishwasher being too full/not full enough when we needed to sterilize pump or bottle parts.



    thanks so much ladies, thats what i needed to hear! as for iron, i researched it and no matter how much i increase my own iron intake, it wont increase it in my breastmillk, hes gotta injest it directly. so hes on iron drops now as well as rice cereal. its so impt for him to have the cereal at this pt and luckily he is loving it. the ped said his level is a 10, normal level is 12 or above so she said since its mild it could just be his iron stores running out like they normally would around this time since he never was anemic before. i was anemic during my pregnancy so perhaps he didnt get enough iron stores for the first 6 months and ran out sooner. anyway im taking him to a GI and seeing what they say



    I’m hoping someone can help me. My baby and I have thrush. She is only 6 weeks old and the doc gave her drops ( 2ml which is more than a couple of drops) that I’m to give her after feeding. Only problem is she usually feeds till she is asleep most of the time and I can’t seem to get her to take the drops, she just spits it out. Any suggestion on how to get them to stay in her mouth. Also, I was going to start pumping to get ready to go back to work in 6wks but I can’t figure out when to pump if I’m feeding her. Any suggestions would be great. thanks.



    em2-I am also a stay at home mom and my second is 9 weeks old. I have a medela single manual and a ameda purely yours. To be honest I use my manual more! I would suggest having a couple gel packs for your nips when first starting out. Also if your going to NIP some of us have to use a cover (hooter hider) while others dont its a personal preference…Also Target has some great priced nursing tanks and bras if your not larger than a dd (I am so it sucks lol) A nipple shield is supposed to help with a latch I wouldnt even think about one. Wait till the baby gets here and go from there. Make sure you tell your hosp that you are EBFing so no bottles or binkies..Good luck!



    I bled for a week. Lol. But I think most of that is attributed to the fact that several hours after labor, I started feeling HORRID contractions again, and the doc realized there were some clots still inside my uterus and it was having trouble clamping down. This was after my epidural (which only worked on my right side anyway) and local wore off. Solution? Three nurses pushing down on my stomach/uterus to get it to go down. Doc had to go in manually (after episotomy) and dig a clot out. Tons of towels were taken out covered in blood and liquid and you could hear it gush out like a waterfall with each push. I’d trade it for a few weeks of bleeding!!!



    styx – I would eat fermented oatmeal about four days before I was supposed to start. I would drop right before and the oatmeal helped keep it level.



    Yeah but you’re over in the UK. Most of us are in WA state. It’s only 11pm on Tuesday here.



    Is it normal for one breast to leak way more than the other one?



    Ella – they say size doesn’t matter. For me, I’ve realized that my breasts only seem to hold about 4 oz each at a time. If my supply is up, that can be 4 oz each every 2 hours. But if I go, say, six hours without being able to pump, I still only get 4 oz each. So I think there is a cut off point. Not to say I can’t still produce as much as someone else if I keep them emptied frequently, Does that make any sense? I read something that supported this once but have no idea where it is.


    I’m in Orlando FL

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