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    Benbubby- Baby John is the same way. He’ll take at least one 2-3 hr nap during the day but at night he’s up all the time. Wanting the boob. I’ve been dealing with this for a month or more now. I just know some babies sleep longer and some dont. My first did and this one not so much. We also cosleep half of the night. So I get at least a straight 3 hrs before he first wakes up abut after that it’s every 1-2 hrs.



    BF vs. FF. I don’t think FF are lazy at all. In fact, it’s a hell of a lot more work to FF! Having to make all the bottles, and wash, and what not… ugh, not my cup of tea! I actually did switch to FF with my first son when he was a few months old. I was adamant up until about 3 months that I would not FF, but my mom kept telling me I couldn’t work and BF, and that I had to give formula, so when I went back to work I listened to her. I tried to keep BF when I was home, but I worked shift work, and my body couldn’t regulate, and I ended up losing my milk. I was 17, well 18 when I lost my milk, and uneducated. I had no idea there were things I could do to keep my milk, and didn’t know where to look for advice. To this day, I hate that I went to FF, but it’s done, can’t change it now. Braeden however, will be 6 months next week, and is still EBF. If you can call it that. We started solids this week, he gets one meal at lunch time (about 2-3 tbsp), does that mean he’s not EBF anymore? I hate giving him solids, so much more complicated! I’m going camping again on Monday, and now I have to bring babyfood! On the other hand, I’m making my own baby food, and having fun doing it… I have a huge freezer supply for him to try now! So far I’ve made Avocado, peas, grean beans, blueberries, carrots, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. He hates the avocado, and is sort of okay with the squash. Hasn’t tried anything else yet….



    hahahah, jessica. i’m sorry. that is not as innocent as i thought! that is kind of weird that he would pick her to talk to, and rude to not introduce you. I just love how you call her the boobie girl!



    Ladies – congrats to all of you for trying your best to breastfeed! I breastfed my son for 15mo so know a thing or two. When they’re newborns, they’re just too little and have weak mouth muscles and often have trouble latching. Don’t worry about it… as they get bigger and soon – they’ll get much better at latching. All babies did this for thousands of years and yours are no different! Also, there is often pain in the beginning but it will 99% of the time go away in a few weeks. I experienced that too but it went away and I had no pain for the rest of the 15months… it was a lovely bonding experience that I actually cried over when I decided to stop. You’ll love it too. The key is to stick with it!


    Ama-I FF my 1st and I think they do everything a lot earlier because they don’t have that bond that BF allows you to have. I feel after awhile BF becomes selfish to those who enjoy it. Not in a bad way, because it’s the best thing for a child i nthe first place but most enjoy that time with their child. So a part of them doesn’t want it to stop becuase they still need you. My son is 6 months next week and I tried foods with him a few times over the last week only because he seemed intereste( he ended up not liking anything). When I FF my first I did it sooner because the jar and doctor said I could. Now i know different but before I was young and wasn’t informed about the BM. I also think a lot of firs ttime parents can’t wait until their child is older and walking and talking so they just do things in an order that they think it will happen…. if that makes sense. I really feel like a lot of what I said didn’t come out like i wanted it sorry


    Lawsons~ Thanks for the tip. I didn’t think about pumping at night. Since I’m SAHM I guess I’ll be ok to get up at all hours of the night 🙂 I also saw this pic on your page of the huge supply you got out with that oatmeal…job well done!



    Jessica-i see you live an hour from Seattle…i love it up there..spent alot of time up there when i was younger.


    deeyore486 – That poor child. That really stinks to have those problems so early in life. I’ve always known not to give my LO solids too early, but honestly, I never knew all the dangers of it until now. I’m just glad I had good sense to wait.

    Lawsons Mom – That’s so scary!! Thank goodness you took lawson out fo there quick! Was it at a daycare or an at home daycare? How did you see a tape of her yelling at her? Why was he yelling at her? I mean, there’s NEVER an excuse to yell at a baby. Poor Lawson. 🙁

    mybabysuprise – Make sure you’re also eating enough calories and getting plenty of sleep. I drink about a gallon of water a day so enough water is so important too. How long have you been eating the oatmeal? There are other things you can use in a pinch other than formula. Have you heard of the goatsmilk formula recipe?

    hotmessmomma – Congrats on BF for a month! That’s so awesome. Keep it up! It really does suck going back to work. I *knew* it would be very difficult for me and so did DH. So a few weeks before hand DH made me do little things on my own without bringing Alyssa along. It started with going out to get the mail. I know it sounds silly, but I literally spent every minute with her as long as she was awake (and often when she was asleep too). Going out for the mail was the last thing I wanted to do…let alone go anywhere without her. It felt so weird to just leave my home with her there. But I made my outtings a little longer each time. About a week before I went to work I even went out and had a pedicure. It wasn’t easy… but it made going back to work a little more bearable. What also helped is that I started work on a Thursday. So I only worked 2 days before having a weekend with Alyssa. I think starting on a Monday would’ve been so much worse. Also, letting your DH have more time with your LO alone will slowly increase your trust in him. Leave your house for 10 minutes and see how it goes… then go away for 20, then 30… you’ll see everything will be ok! I say try that now before you’re forced to do it all in one day for an 8 hour period.



    shiz, amber has an awesome pain revealing quality to it. If you follow the link I posted for the necklace we got, there is a blurb about how it works. It is an old European remedy. 🙂 People use them for migraines, chronic back/joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and of course teething! (There are adults that use them when they start getting their wisdom teeth and rave about them!)



    Bri – thanks that’s what I was thinking too, I just like to donate to help but can’t take any chance with my supply. On the subject of low supply, does any one know if you can do the tea with the more milk plus pills or is that over kill. I have a good supply for baby when I’m with her but I’m having a hard time with pumping at work. It takes me pumping before bed, in the middle of the night and before work plus my day at work to get enough for a day. Any advice would be great I’m already taking the more milk plus and doing the oatmeal thing. I’m willing to do anything to not use formula.

    #6924288 son had this problem..the only thing that worked was BM…i just laid him down open his eye and squirted some in lol…affter weeks of trying things the doctor said to do i was fed up and tried was gone within two days and never came back


    Hey ladies, just curious. Today was my first day back at work and for an 8 hour shift I pumped twice and got 4 oz each time. Is this a good amount for a 3.5 month old? She ate 2 bottles while I was gone working, I fed her right before I left and will feed her when I get home. Does this sound suffecient? I had such a terrible time with my first that I ended up having to supplement with formula, but this time I’m not on birth control and my supply has already lasted longer than with him.



    micaela, nursing with a forceful letdown…you could pump before nursing, like it sounds like you are doing, or if you nurse in a reclined position, or laying down with baby on top of you, gravity helps to slow things down. Eventually your letdown usually relaxes a bit, and baby becomes used to it and learns to keep up. Until then, make sure you burp baby well when finished to help with the gas. We used gripe water to help move the gas along as well. When my boys were young, they would latch on, achieve letdown and pull off and my milk would shoot across the room! I almost hit the doc as she came into the exam room with my first! I started spraying the door and covered up with a towel just as she opened it. We all had a good laugh about that one!


    Thanks Mummy- like i was saying, not a whole bottle, but just an ounce or two. I think she is used to getting breast milk in a bottle to go to sleep, and I think she is relying on that.



    @amanda, try not to pump while prego…it will stimulate ur nipples and may cause early labor, jst start pumping after bebe is born to help milk come faste..i have medela and love it, good luck. Also anyone know tip on helping thrush on nipples?bebe n i are both being treated together but dont think its getting better i air dry wash with viniger wash in hot water, boil everything daily, use coconut oil, just looking for extra tips

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