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    SunshineMaria – Yeah! I bet you are so excited and it is so hard not to tell the world! 🙂



    Is it common to still have mini bouts of depression at three n a half months pp?



    my family has had problems with the baby not latching on, is there anything i can do to have the baby latch? i really want to breastfeed because of the bond and the health benefits of it.



    Ash, first awesome job on getting baby to the breast! Keep up the good work! Breast fed babies between 1-6mo need 1 about 1oz of breast milk an hour, so when she was doing 2oz every 2hours, she was right on. I know she is younger than a month, so she would be taking less than an ounce per hour, or very close to it. After 6mo that ounce per hour can decrease to less per hour due to solids.



    Lawsons Mom – The WHO says nursing for two years and then however long after that that mom and baby want. This means nursing, solids and milk if mom chooses. Cow’s milk should not be introduced until after a year. My son wasn’t ready until 15 months. As for solids, it depends. If you are spoon feeding then you can try at six months. I wouldn’t push it though. Just offer it. I’m doing baby led weaning which means Alex feeds himself. There are some great books on the matter. He already sits at the kitchen table during meals with us. He watches us eat. He’s played with peas as well. When he’s ready he’ll pick food up and put it in his mouth. This will be around 8months or so. This teaches him to eat (not be fed) and chew which is very important. We’ll give him softer foods and then move on. My oldest was eating steak by 10months doing this. They catch on quick, especially if they really like it. But for mush they can start any time after 6 months. Their tummies can handle it at that time.



    jessicalynn21 – Congrats on making it to 3 months. To me that is pretty early to wean. With my first I wanted to make it a year, now I’m wanting to go at least 2 yrs. It’s much healthier then formula. There are some scary stats out about formula. If breastfeeding is going really well now then there is no reason to stop and only reasons to continue. As for bed-sharing, I do. It is much easier, especially when you have to get up in the morning. Many cultures find bed-sharing to be the norm. Babies sleep better and their cortisol levels stay down while sleeping next to mom. If it’s something you want to change then go for it. Start trying to put him down in his room. Make sure you have a nice place to nurse in there too. We have our futon in the nursery. It doubles as a guest room when people come over. But, when my first moved to his room it made life and nursing much easier. A nice glider is good too. You want to be comfortable for those nightly feedings. My first has our glider still in his room. We cuddle each night. We used to nurse to sleep, then until he was sleepy, then he was wide awake. Now that he doesn’t nurse anymore we say our prayers in the glider and talk about our day. It’s our way of winding down for the night.



    so i have a bit of a situation- Delaney has been nursing great she will be 5 months soon, and she has started to unlatch when i letdown….she nurses for 3 mins (getting all the foremilk) then she will continue to latch and unlatch or not latch back on at all after the letdown occurs (does this on both sides. i have no clue why she does this, i have never had a problem before with an overactive letdown, can this be something that develops over time? any advice on what the problem may be or how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. 🙁


    I am so frustrated right now, it is 4am and I am pretty sure we have thrush. Asher is not quite 8 days old and my nipples were just starting to feel better, now I want to scream through feedings. I nursed my daughter for 6 months and never had thrush once, now I am afraid BFing this boy will be plagued with problems, 1st he was tongue tied, now thrush, ULGH sorry for the vent… Also, anyone else notice a drop in supply with the onset of thrush symptoms?



    babybean3 – I was pregnant with Alex while feeding Chris. The only thing was he was 17months when I got pregnant. I never dried up but he did self wean at 22months. While many moms do dry up during pregnancy many don’t. Hormones can also change the taste of the milk and probably why Chris self weaned that early. I’m glad I waited a year and a half because if it had to end at least it was during the second half of the second year. Also, I’ve heard of babies not wanting to give it up even without milk. That can hurt like crazy. It really depends on what your want. If you want them close together and don’t mind tandem nursing then go for it. It’s usually in the second trimester that milk changes so you might want to wait until more towards the end of the year. Then if your baby decides to wean then you don’t have to move to formula. Also, who knows, your period might not come back until your baby is over a year. Mine came back around 9months the first time. It also wasn’t regular until Chris was way over a year. I think I got my period like every six weeks or so. Good Luck!



    Illness and breast milk q

    I have a killer sore throat! I occassionally get strep throat but its been a least a year and half since last incident. I was reading you can gargle w breast milk to treat sore throats?

    Anyone tried this? Outcome vs throat spray or meds?

    Also worried as we had friend visiting our home who was diagnosed with severe staph skin infection. He has since been receiving daily antibiotics through IV. I moved out temporarily to my folks until he leaves and DH sanitizes house. Anyone know about risks to infants from this?




    hahahhaha 2ndtimemommy that is downright hilarious, love it!!!


    netters: i agree with kay too..i have switched to block feeding as well and have almost eliminated LO would almost always choke on my breast at the beginning of every feed (as my let down is extremely fast)..i also pump so my supply is very large.i am pumping due to returning to work in a couple of month i want to be i block feed, as well as helps..of course so does cutting out dairy..with all that in mind and the meds he is doing better..i heard peppermint water can put a dent in your supply..that hasnt happened to me yet (altho i dont drink alot of it) at any rate i sure hope things get better for you 🙂 you are doing a great job!


    Butterfly kisses- I use the breast flow bottles. LO gets typically 1 bottle of expressed milk a day, sometimes 2. And has gone b/t them and breast with out any problems…We have had no air problems…but she has sever reflux so that may cover it up…but the work well for us.


    jepica- I felt the same way when I first started. It seems to take forever and I had others things on my mind. I started to lay down when he nursed and took that take to relax. He now only nurses for about 10 mins and hes almost 5 months. It will get easier on the both of you. She’s still learning as you are.



    bouza, where does she live? That’s absolutely ridiculous that they won’t let her see her own baby, regardless of whether she wants to bf or not! Baby should have been at the breast hours ago, and even if she’d been planning to bottlefeed, she’s missed a bunch of bonding time. That sounds dreadful. I hope they let her in soon! I’d put up a fuss if it were me, and not let them get away with it.

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