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    jessica-that’s what I eas going to tell ben. i wouldn’t be so worried about supply issues as engorgement!



    Oh and sippy we use the ‘take and toss’. it’s a hard spout and is definitely not spill proof. We also share our water out of our glass or bottle with him.


    Bri – just curious as to what you eat (and what you feed Alex). If I were to feed Alyssa from my plate at dinner I’m wondering if things like salmon, chicken, rice, broccoli (just a few of the things I eat at night) would be ok to give her. Do you make your food very bland? No oil, spices, sauces? Lately my dinner has consisted of PB sandwhiches or a bowl of cereal. lol, I’ve just been too tired to cook at night.



    jmuncy – Congrats! Isn’t it funny what brings us to tears! HAHA!



    ?Ama- how long have you been gone? Bf babies only need 1-1.5 oz per hour…..what kind of bottles nipples are you using? All this plays into being able to being gone


    jessicalynn21 – thanks, i was wondering if maybe i was ovulating, but i had a period by now with my other babies, and this seems to be lasting too long to b ovulation. that would really suck if i got prego before i even had a period!



    Hello ladies, I haven’t posted here before but I made a poll and Bri suggested I post my question here. (Thank you Bri) My baby is 9 monthsold and her first tooth is starting to appear, it`s on the bottom gum. I breastfeed and read that teeth should not cause discomfort as the tongue overlaps the bottom gum, however I have a broken area on my nipple from this tooth rubbing as she is feeding. I can feel it while she is sucking. Anyone else experienced this and what did you do? TIA



    How long does it take for feeding to become less painful. Since my milk came in about 5 days ago I have found it to be much more painful than before. These last couple of days my boobs have been hurting after I have finished feeding too. I haven’t got any hard lumps or red streaks. My nipples look a little bit cracked, but nothing too bad I don’t think. I was wondering if I had thrush but I can’t see any obvious signs. Think I might take a trip to the midwife today.



    I have added those that have requested it. I agree though, I think we should still check in to help out those that have questions. I only think that we need a supplement forum as well, 🙂



    OMG OMG A NIPPLE!!!! AHHH! HAHA! Leslie, when you say that a mom SHOULD pump ahead of time that is not being supportive to public breastfeeding. A breast is a breast. A cover doesn’t cut it in our house so I practiced breastfeeding before heading out. I breastfeed during parties, in front of my parents, my inlaws and even the Great Uncles. All think it’s beautiful and lovely! They are PROUD that their grandsons are getting mama’s milk forever however long they want.



    My baby boy just turned 10 months and I have decided to wean…. Its a very sad time for me, I would love to keep going but I really need my boobs to shrink, they are still 2 sizes bigger and I am in a 34G, I just want them back to normal…. He also doesnt mind boobie or bottle so as long as he is still happy and I made a goal to get to 9 months and I passed that sooooooo goodbye to you all 🙁
    See you all when I have No.3, my goal then will definitely be 12 months!!!!


    wendy01: i think dd and i have thrush too, but only one breast is sore. Im getting ready to take her to the dr now. Ill let you know if it is thrush, because then it is definately possible to have it in just 1 side.



    girl from ab- i have no idea where to get it :(.

    thanks everyone for replies! i posted in the 2 month page but no one answered lol


    Lisa I got pregnant 6 months pp while ebf with no period return. I knew within 2 weeks of conception that I was pregnant because I started to loose my supply rapidly. They dated my pregnancy by ultrasound. L



    I loved those bags. Every once in a while I would by the gerber brand but the Lansinoh were so much thicker. Do you lay them down flat in the freezer?

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