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    My daughter just turned one on the 11th and I got my period the 21st. Yuck!! Oh well, at least I got the wonderful break for over a year!! I guess it just surprised me to see blood! I definitely wasn’t expecting it! Especially since I am still nursing at night and even 1-2 times during the day. I guess everyone is different!



    Thank goodness i havent got my period back yet. Ive has enough issues i think its only fair they stay away for the ENTIRE time i breastfeed. Heres to hoping.



    Kla2200 and mommy at home thanks for the info, I know I shouldn’t worry but my by friend told me that she would feed her son every three hours all night. She also said that if I let him sleep to long that my milk supply would decrease. I don’t know if I should wake him up every three hours or let him sleep for 5 hours.


    I am 35w5d and I have bright red blood in my colostrom. It is only my R boob and it has been leaking clear colostrom since about 12weeks preg… Has this happened to anyone else???



    mamatess, everyone is different. There are many women who will tell you they wouldn’t DREAM of drinking a drop while they BF, and there are women who do it on special occaisons, and there are women who regularly enjoy a glass of wine or beer. I am the of the later group. I enjoy a glass of wine or beer probably 3 times a week. Most sources say that it is okay for moms to have 1 acoholic beverage per day without fear of hurting your child. If it would make you feel better about feeding your baby after drinking I recommend the milk test strips that will tell you how much alcohol is present in your milk and whether or not the levels are safe for your baby. Good luck, I say you deserve to have a drink to celebrate the holidays and the arrival of your baby!



    Are nuts ok to eat while breasfeeding? I know the warnings about introducing to baby, but was thinking about if it is OK for me to have as I was muching some mixed nuts this evening…



    Taylin- I also have a pump in style but I also have a whittlestone that I bought on line. it massages the breast while you pump and feels more like a baby feeding that the pump in style. I like them both but sometimes I feel like my nipple is going to stretch to the other side of the cone with the pump in style. I am a sahm and manual pumps just don’t work for me. Both can be pricey but you can maybe try ebay. All the parts that come in contact with you can be sterilized or can be purchased new either on line or from babies r us.



    I agree with Angela:

    December – before you quit try a very bland diet. Cut everything out, including dairy. Then start adding things back in to see what is causing your baby problems. I was dairy free until Kekoa was 10months old.

    M.M.Masi – I think it could be a clog. Massage it, use hot compresses and pump often. When you feed on that side try pointing Baby’s chin towards where it’s sore. Good Luck! I hope you feel better soon.



    Alot of you may know this but I thought it was helpful information so I thought I would spread it this way. Have you ever wondered if you LO was getting enough BM? Ever wondered if the 5-6 wet diapers are wet enough? I did some research and found out that if you take 3 table spoons of water and put it into a diaper that is considered a soaked diaper. As good as diapers have gotten with holding pee it was hard for me to figure out how much pee was good enough so I did the test and surprisingly it doesn’t feel like a whole lot but set my mind at ease.



    I breastfeed my son who is 7 months old now when I’m with him and pump when I’m at work (two pumping sessions @ 10 minutes a day)…I used to get 14 oz-16 oz in total from the two pumping sessions at work…and up until about a month ago I did not need to supplement w formula…then my milk supply started to go down. My son however is still drinking the same amount of milk when I’m not with him during the day which is about 14-15 oz and I ran out of my stock in the fridge so I’ve started supplementing a feeding with soy formula. My milk has gone down gradually and is continuing to go down and this is happening faster than I thought it would. Last week I’ve been getting 10 oz in total but today my first session I only got about 3 and I suspect I’ll get another 3-4 oz from the afternoon session which will in total make it 6-7 oz…I’m drinking mother’s milk tea religiously…what’s going on? Is this the end? I don’t feel my breasts getting full anymore. I breastfeed my son this morning; he’d normally go back to sleep but he didn’t…I’ve tried everything then with this paranoia I assumed he was hungry and guess what, he was..He took in additional 2 oz. of formula after 15 minutes of nursing. Is this what happens? Is there anything I can do to help this or should I just accept the fact that my breastfeeding relationship with my son is coming to an end…???



    I’ve been on the Depo Shot for just over 6 months and I have gained 10lbs. I really hope thats not what is causing it. If it is it will make it harder to lose. I’ve started watching calorie intake and eating better foods. I can’t really diet but the next thing is excercise. I lunged my horse last night, thats excercise on a lead line. HAHA. So, I’m starting but I’m starting slow. I don’t want my supply to drop so I’m gradually working into it. Good luck ladies.



    And, the person receiving the milk pays for the shipping and stuff like that so there isn’t any cost to you but your time for pumping. One person said that they got like 6 inquiries in the first day after the person posted to donate, so there is definately a need.



    Kym – I never timed it. I’m sure I should have. I would pump until nothing was coming out and then I would hand express anything else out until only drips can be forced out. I also found that while pumping if you move the cup around to different angles I could get more out of a duct. More suction being directed at certain ducts. I do suggest always try hand expressing…like milking a cow….afterwards just to be on the safe side. I would be done and still get another half ounce out of it.


    Congrats Bri!



    alright, so i got some motilium or domperidone stuff cause i’d still like to bf lol. so i’m trying it over the next couple of weeks… in my circumstances i’ve read it should improve my supply but maybe not as much as it would for others. also, i’ve had one tablet and i’m soooo ready to pass out 🙁

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