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    kym- that’s awesome!!!! I am a bit jealous though. I was off Sat-Tuesday so 5 days and i went to work today and pumped 4 oz the first time and 1/2 oz the second time. so depressing. I’ve been sick so i’m hoping its from that. I haven’t been pumping a lot maybe 2-3 oz each time but a half an oz just made me upset. im not stressing anymore about it though because i’m doing the best i can. I have my supply in the freezer and when that runs out we will opt for formula.



    thanks ladies! the reason it’s always an issue is because from his birth to his 2 month appt he gained quite a bit and was in the 45th percentile. but then after at his next appt’s there was not as much increase as whatever it was supposed to be. i did a lot of research and found info about breastfed babies not always gaining as much as formula babies. i’m just hoping that when we go in next friday that he’ll have gained whatever he needs to and then his pediatrician will just not think it’s an issue. he suggested offering a bottle after each feed but sterling only screams when i try to feed him more. when he’s done he’s done. i think that he’s actually starting to fill out a bit more so only time will tell. thanks again for those who responded it’s nice to know that he’s not the only little guy, lol.



    Yesterday I kept a log of how much my baby is eating, and I found that she is only taking in about 13 oz in a 24 hr period. Is there anyway to increase that, I do offer her the bottle alot throughout the day and the breast but she does not want either. Anybody else having this problem?Are there any ways to increase her intake? My daughter is 6 months old



    Hiya Ladies, I could use a bit of help. My LO is 14.5 weeks old, and nurses like a champ most of the time (he is at the age where he is starting to get distracted easily, but that is not why I am writing). I got sick last weekend for 3 days, with a fever and bad chills/sweats and a very sore boob… I am assuming it was either a plugged duct or mastitis. I fed him though it even though it hurt, and noticed that he got progressively crankier as I got better. I pumped a few days ago, and was not really suprised to see only 1.5 ounces in the bottle, rather than my usual 4-6. So now I have been better for 2 days, and I am pumping an hour after I feed him to try to build up my supply again. I am drinking enough liquids to float my back teeth in, and resting as much as possible. So, do you think that this will be enough, or should I take something as well? I can eat oatmeal no prob, but fenugreek sounds expensive. Any other ideas? Please answer on my page, because I am now so busy taking care of him and my DH plus all this pumping that I can’t keep checking here for any responses. Thanks so much!!!!



    I have that tingly painful feeling if I have not feed/pumped for 4 hrs so I could not imagine going 12 hrs.



    I also went from a 46D to a 44DD and I hope this pregnancy they won’t get too big but my 44DD nursing bra’s are already getting to small, how much bigger can my boobs get? 🙂



    momof3krzybys – My son has turned one and I totally avoid telling people he is still breastfeeding! Its just easier that way, I figure its noone’s business anyway. He doesnt get bottles anymore all the milk is in a sippy cup and he only nurses in the morning before work so noone needs to know. I look at it now as a private experience I still get to share with my son.



    1sttimekelly –make sure you’re eating enough too.



    christina-ann: DON’T water down your breast milk, this will not give your baby the nutrients he/she needs. instead, i have added a formula mixture (one scoop per 3 oz) to an equal amount of breast milk and she drinks it ok. (it took some getting used to).
    ALSO-was researching and found it funny that some produce more milk on one side than the other. I have this problem. Does anyone know how to equal them out?



    hchina- Glad your feeling better ;o)


    ok random question. haven’t talked to u guys in forever but….can yall tell me what your first period was like after having the baby. yesterday night i had some……sorry tmi…..but some bloody, mucousy stuff on the tissue when i wiped. it wasn’t on my pad at all and then this morning, nothing and then a little later on in the morning there was a little pinkish blood on my pad and then that was it. no more blood, nothing…. if i didn’t know any better, i would say it looked like the implantation bleeding like i had with my daughter. what do u guys think? again sorry for the tmi.


    Hey moms, has anyone tried the motherlove more milk vitamins you can buy online? If so what did you think and I have heard that caffeine hurts your milk supply. Anyone heard of this?



    When would you recommend introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby? My son will be 3 weeks old on Saturday. Nursing started out as a big challenge but he’s been gaining weight very well and we’ve gotten a lot better at it. Our pediatrician said we should introduce a bottle at 2 weeks and just give it a few times a week (I’m a stay at home mom and won’t have to give him a bottle that often, but want him to be able to take one), but my lactation consultant said to wait until at least 4 weeks. I know everyone baby is different..but what has worked for you? I’m afraid to give him one too soon and mess up all our hard work, but don’t want to wait too long and have him refuse to use a bottle.



    Lawson- what state do yo live in?


    lckladyl, I havent tried it I never pumpep with my daughter I only bf her until I went back to work. I’m gonna try to stick it out with my son. So I’m new in the breast pump ideas. I just figured it would be good. I’m not paying much for it so I think I will go ahead and try it out.

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