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    bri- thanks. my baby is almost 12 weeks. and she goes like 5 to 6 really wet diapers. she’s gaining weight. but i noticed before she gains an oz a day then lately it’s like 1/2 oz a day or 2 oz in 3 days. well maybe she’s tiny so i always worry about her weight gain.



    momofcash – I’m about 30 min east of Knoxville, so Chatt is about 2 hours away. I’ve not taken Zoey to that aquarium but I have been myself and it’s awesome!! I think Zoey would love it too. She’s all about bright colors and moving objects. I’d recommend it!



    haha i love those couches, too. i have the same type but green. but they’re so light and already there are handprints all over from little monster lady! At least they’re washable.



    You almost made me cry with that article. I just don’t think I could do it, but I’m certainly grateful for her sacrifice so that I don’t have too.



    scarlet, we did more of what Bri does with her little ones with Zach. At first because he refused the baby foods, but then because I just felt better about him eating what we were eating. We would cut up little pieces of whatever veggie we are eating, so carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus… He really likes potatoes and rice, and then we eat mainly chicken at our house, not big fish people, but he gets little chunks of that as well. We have given him steak, pork roast and little pieces of hamburger on the rare occurrences that we have that. I tend to just give the foods off my plate, so whatever spices we have added (red pepper flakes being a big one) he ends up with as well. As long as it isn’t a potential allergy risk, we give it. I tend to be more lax with the allergy foods as well…I eat a lot of peanut butter during pregnancy and nursing, strawberries up the wazoo that way they are getting little bits of that early on and can build up to getting the real deal. Both Ayden and Zach had peanut products before they were a year and did okay with it. I watch for any reaction, but so far, so good!



    Ladies with large or umm… ‘lower hanging’ boobs: I just found a product called the ‘utterly yours breast pillow.’ It’s a pillow that actually goes under your breast to lift it up so that breastfeeding can be one handed. I just though I’d let some of you know, since there have been posts regarding this.


    Also James has napped for 15 minutes today not good. He normally has 1hr 15 minutes.



    fourth-on-the-way, I actually chart cervical mucus as a form of natural birth control. You have three different types of mucus as you are getting ready to ovulate. There is the really sticky, almost chunky mucus that then turns into a slippery mucus that is large in abundance, but is not stretchy at all. Those two preempt the third type of mucus. This last mucus is very stretch (but not chunky) and so much in abundance that this is when most women start reaching for the panty liner. This mucus is often compared to egg whites because it is very creamy and an off white color. This is when you actually ovulate. It is possible to ovulate without getting your period back. However, you might find that after this, you do see your beloved period return! At this point, I might not worry too much about being pregnant. Sorry if this was TMI for anyone!



    emilees3babes , thank you for your comment, that gives me some hope 🙂 I was thinking also that maybe when the tooth is fully through it might not be such a problem, just atm it’s only just out of the gum. 🙂



    Hi all 🙂 I have had a couple of horrible days with a really irritable baby (3 weeks old) – no proper sleeping or eating! I was worried last night that I was going to run out of breast milk as she had been on and off the breast since 5.30pm…… My supply has boosted again today – thankfully, and I have just pumped some reserve milk. Is there anything else I can be doing to make sure I have enough milk for her? I really don’t want to use formula as a backup. Thanks Cass



    Jenwalker – I just sent a request it’s claire c



    we took my son to disneyland at 4 weeks old.. we needed to get out… that was in January too.. we needed to get out too



    MrsBugs- Thank you kindly for your advice. I feel less stressed about how the feeding times have changed. Thank you 🙂 Regarding the sleep issues i too have started a bad habit. James used to sleep in his cot from 6pm to 1am (feed) sometimes later and then would feed once more at around 5am then would wake for the day at 7am. But just after his 6 month shots and starting solid foods and teething he started waking every hour on the hour. I did this for a month then i was so exhausted i started feeding him in bed then would fall asleep and thus he now prefers to co sleep and refuses to sleep in his cot. He wakes up as soon as i put him in his cot. I cant do CIO cause i start crying 🙁 I tried the pat back and every 5 mins checking method,music and lights but still no luck:( My midwife said its because i feed him to sleep and he needs to learn to get himself to sleep. Sorry for the long post just wanted to let you know i am right there with you ladies who are having sleep trouble as well:) It’s funny how no matter how exhausted I feel in the morning there is nothing more uplifting then waking up to that morning smile from my beautiful son.



    just want to vent a little about the ‘socially unacceptable’ nature of public breastfeeding in much of the US. My wife and I just moved back to the Southeast from Argentina, where breastfeeding is as natural in public as taking your baby outside. No one even gives it a second glance. After being back for a week, it’s incredible the amount of stares and dirty looks we’ve received.

    Why is everyone so afraid of it here? What has led our culture as a whole to shun such a natural thing?

    If a woman chooses to breastfeed exclusively, the child must eat at least once every few hours. Does that mean that a breastfeeding mother should have to be shut in her house all day every day until her baby is weened just in case baby gets hungry or needs comfort?

    I know there are communities that are more accepting, but it is frustrating that more is not done at a governmental/mass media level to encourage a change in mentality.


    Ollie used to take a bottle fine. Now is refusing, he will be 9 months when I return to work. He will be gone 7.30-6.00. I can feed him at 7.00 am and 6.00 pm but I am worried he won’t take the bottle at nursery. Oh and its just two days a week.

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