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    Lisa I got pregnant 6 months pp while ebf with no period return. I knew within 2 weeks of conception that I was pregnant because I started to loose my supply rapidly. They dated my pregnancy by ultrasound. L



    Hey guys! I am EBF, and just started pumping this week. My baby is 7 weeks and 4 days old, and I was wondering approximately how many ounces are you guys pumping at a time? I pump in the morning, and only done it twice yet, but I am getting between 3 and 3.5 ounces. Should I be getting more than that?



    my baby girl is now 5.5months and is sleeping through the night 7 till 7 she has started solids but still has breast milk first and i want to continue BF for as long as posible however my fiance and i would really like the next baby close in age and want to start TTC again but no AF yet. when will it come? Ayla has been sleeping through for 3 weeks.



    Another question… I am wondering if what I eat is causing him to be more fussy. I am keeping a journal of what I eat and when he fusses. How long after what I eat, will he be affected by it? For example.. when I eat lunch, how would I know if it was ok for his tummy? Would he be fussy a few hours later, or the next day?? Thanks so much for your answers in advance!!



    mommy at home and kla2200 did your milk supply decrease with them sleeping that long? My friend told me it would.



    hannah:–back when mommies made formula at home themselves, it contained karo syrup so I’d say no it’s not bad. Some pedes also recommend it for babies who are constipated.



    I’ve always heard that if you drink you just shouldn’t feed your baby for 24 hours after you’ve been drinking. So I’d say you’re probaably OK to pump and dump after drinking the wine. I know it’s hard to just dump milk down the drain-but it’s best for your baby. Happy celebrating!



    Deerod: Emerson is only 6 months old and i think she is self weaning as well. I have always had to suppliment at stages due to supply issues. Lately it is more and more as she is more interested in a bottle. I always feed her first and sometimes she seems content until bedtime then i top her up and lately no matter what she will want a formula top up after. I have started feeding her food and she kind of likes it but she is hungry a lot. Some feeds she sees the boob and cries and i have to trick her to take it and she will but she doesnt love t breastfeed and seems to really like the bottle. Im thinking if weaning completely over the next month as im not sure she is enjoying it anf almost every feed requires a bottle after and i know i have plenty of milk… I always think ill wait 2 weeks and if she is still fussing i will wean and she usually goes back to normal so we continue. Its hard to know what is the best thing to do.



    I have a medela pump I got for free from the wic program at my local health department. It is a great pump, but not the most comfy breast shields, but I get a lot of milk with it, before I had a single evenflo comfort select and it sucked, plus it was loud as hell. I also have a medela harmony manual pump and I like it too.Before I got those I considered purchasing an Ameda purely yours double pump. Ive heard good things about them, they have a closed loop system too like hospital rental pumps so you can buy a used one for a good price.


    Okay. I need some support here. I am nursing and pumping – I work full-time and nurse when I’m home with DS. Pumping is incredibly time-consuming (though a GREAT time to read books lol!!) and I only get to see DS for 2 hours every night before he falls asleep. He gets really fussy at the breast (teething) and it’s become a fight to feed him. Sometimes it’s a really big fight (arching his back, kicking his legs, grabbing and pulling my breast/nipple, etc.). I don’t always pump enough for his feedings during the day, so we supplement with formula. It is sooo stressful trying to spend extra time worrying about getting that last ounce or half an ounce. So we add formula to the bottles to give him a full feeding. Suddenly he has stopped sleeping well at night (the past couple days) and for the past week or two he has been wanting to eat more often. Not a problem when I’m with him, but it’s a HUGE problem when I’m at work and we don’t have enough food. I don’t want to add even MORE formula to his bottles to satisfy him while I’m gone because then what do I do when I nurse him at night or on the weekends and I’m not making enough for him? All of this stress is making it an unpleasant nursing experience. I want to keep bfing for his health, my health and to save money, but I often wonder if it’s worth all this stress? Can you PLEASE just give me a pep talk? Thanks 🙂



    wow, haven’t been on here in forever. nice to see some familiar screen names. i’ve always heard it pronounced medela, not medeela. that’s weird. i’ve been using more milk plus liquid supplement. i used it for a while a couple weeks ago and it seemed to help so i’m really hoping it works again. my supply has really diminished lately. i’m having a hard time pumping enough for her 2 bottles a day. she’s only 8 months so i need to keep pumping for at least 4 more months.



    ggfirsttime is there a way you could add another pumping session in your day? Also if you have time try pumping after one of his feeds. Does your LO sleep a decent stretch during the night? If so you might can try what I call is a power pump. That is when a hour long show comes on at night before you go to bed. Pump during the show and rest during the commercials. This will start telling your breasts you need more milk. He is at the age where he wants to eat to lessen the hunger but keep moving so he might not be getting totally full which is telling your breasts you don’t need to make as much anymore. On the weekends maybe even go to a quiet place before his nap and see if he will stay on longer to stimulate the breasts to make more milk too.



    1byfaith- my son is 2 months and exclusively breastfed ive been back of to work since he was 4 weeks and ive never taken any supplements or had supply issues i eat alot of eggs (for the omega 3’s) and the occasionall bowl of oatmeal but i dont drink the tea or anything ( i looooove tea but i think the mothers milk tastes like licorice ick!) roman was born at 10 pounds 11 oz and ive always had enough for him hes now 14 pounds 11 oz at 2 months and has grown nearly 5 inches



    About the weight gain thing, I give Olivia vitamin drops in her cereal to help her absorb the nutrients better. I was told that if a baby is low on vitamin D and Iron then they have a tough time gaining weight so they give them vitamins. Olivia has no problem. At her 6 month checkup in January she was in the 75% for weight and off the chart for height. She now weighs about 20-21 pounds which I think is ok for a 8 1/2 month old. Dont let people tell you what they think you should do because you know your baby better than they do. A friend of mine has a son that fell off the growth chart completely. He is a tiny little guy but very healthy.



    I agree, your body does adjust to no sleep. I was tired but never really felt tired even though I was going to bed around 11 and sometimes midnight just to get up three times during the night AND then get up for good at 6 to go to work. I think I feel more tired now that I don’t work then I did while working. HAHA! Now Kekoa gets up usually once or none at all. He’s old enough that he should be sleeping through the night but I didn’t until I was 2 so I guess he’s following in my steps. He is a good sleeper though. Goes to bed at 8 and gets up at 8 or 8:30 the next morning. He takes a 2 or 2 1/2 hour nap during the day too. I have no complaints.

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