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    does anyone know how many ounces a 2week old should consume? of course i cant find that in my book



    Regarding parents and disagreements: every person and every relationship is different. My fiance is great but extremely stubborn. He knows that I do all kinds of research and reading all the time on baby/child-related matters. However, we have still argued over many parenting issues since day one. He has another daughter who is 15 from a past relationship and they did things very differently, and he is just used to that. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust my judgment, just that he thinks that she has turned out fine, so their way couldn’t be so bad. Our biggest argument is that I will not let Savannah cry it out. He finds nothing wrong with it, even though I have read him articles on the damage it can do. I also feed her very healthy foods and don’t think that giving her bacon and sausage, like he tries (I sabotage it though), is necessary (she is already 32.5 lbs at 13 months anyway). He also sticks his head in the sand about organic as well. I send him articles on pesticides and hormones and he still thinks it’s a load of bs. I believe it is very important. He is an extremely intelligent man, but just very stuck in his ways. Nevertheless, he is very supportive of my decision to breastfeed (his other was formula-fed) and co-sleep. I also was laid off when I was pregnant (they axed 90% of the company), and he has been greatly supportive of me staying at home, for the first couple of years anyway. My point is, we definitely have our differences and struggles as there are two very strong personalities at work here, but the good outweighs the bad.


    Ollie has been really upset, think he has had a headache from the injection. Will only feed from left boob think its hurting him on right side. Right boob totally engorged.



    Someone recently mentioned to me that Moringa is a good galactagogue as well as an all around good supplement. Anyone know anything about it in regards to bf’ing?



    We got ours for $1000 for the pair. A store was closing the other year and we snagged them for not even a fraction of what they’re worth. Got them two hours before the store was completely closing so they needed them gone. We definately benefited from the down economy. Got our house, then the couches and then we bought a love sac for a couple hundred. Again, store was closing. HAHA!



    Sam was brorn at 7lb 5 oz and at his 6week he was 10lb 9oz … I know it is not 2 months.. but I am not sure how much he weighs now


    Sorry for all the questions… but how small do you cut up the pieces of food? I’d be afraid of Alyssa choking… especially with meat. Are they tiny little pieces, bit sized, finger food sized? Also, are they actually eating the food or just sucking/chewing on it? I get the impression that this style of eating is more so to get them into the habit of eating real food but not necessarily to gain any nutrional value from it… or am I wrong? Again, sorry for all the ???’s!!



    This is very OT, but I need some advice. I am in western Washington, where we are not used to the heat. My poor daughter gets an awful yeast infection every time it gets hot, and nothing helps. I’ve tried no diaper, nystatin, gentian violet… help! Now she’s starting to blister, and she’s in a lot of pain… what should I do?


    lauraoct – I had a massage on Sunday. I’m 6 months PP and rarely do I leak these days. Still, while I was there, the massage therapist offered me a towel just in case. I’m sure you can request one as well so you can lay on it in case you do leak. Best thing to do is to go in right after your bub has emptied your breasts of milk. (yes, I know they’re never truly empty… but you know what I mean!) 🙂


    deeyore486- thanks, i used to be able to tell when i was ovulating, but with not having my first period yet it’s kind of tricky! hopefully i will start soon, i’m so tired of having cramps all the time!


    I second what Emilee says they hurt more as they are breaking the skin they don’t really hurt once they are fully in. Unless they bite you!!



    seuban- has you little one had amox. before? if not be really careful, it can be super hard on their tummies. i had to take it for mastitis early on, and it gave Delaney the worse tummy ache and diarrhea like you wouldn’t believe. i have head others on this site warn about it as well, when she had an ear infection i specifically asked they didnt prescribe her that particular antibiotic, and she was fine with what they did give her.



    i’d talk to keri about. she must know how lawson is. if it were me and seth and seth was insistent on it i’d say okay but if baby needs calming down you have to go there and do it.



    The bathroom? Heck no!! Seriously? You talk about germs. That is the last place I would take my child to feed. Gross! The WHO doesn’t even recommend feeding a child in a bathroom, neither does the AAP.



    illy2- I have the exact same problem with nip and distraction. I go to a mothers group meeting twice a month when this issue came up recently. They suggested a breastfeeding necklace – i think it has bright colours and different textures or something along those lines. Apparently it helps them focus on the necklace whilst feeding rather then whats going on around them. I am trying to find them to buy myself and try them, I will let you know if i have any success 🙂

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