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    jeffq – It is really unfortunate how our society ‘looks down’ on women who BF’s in public. It doesn’t make sense to me… so I don’t really get why people feel the way they do about it. I think mostly it’s lack of education on the subject. Anyway, I can think of so many other things people do in public that I find far more offensive than a mother and child doing the most natural thing ever. I’m lucky to have a husband who supports me and my choice to nurse (and yes nurse in public with no cover). Your wife is lucky as well. It’s refreshing to hear of other men out there that support our community! Cheers! 🙂



    When sending/giving bottles remember that baby only NEEDS 1-1.5oz per hour. Unlike formula, breast milk changes in composition, so as baby gets older and needs more nutrients, instead of mixing up MORE formula to meet baby’s needs, your body changes how it makes your milk so that baby will never need more milk. You might see a change from baby needing 3oz every three hours to taking 4oz every 4hrs. Anything over the 1-1.5oz per hour mark is actually overfeeding baby, which is very common to do when giving bottles. Here is a link to the Kellymom page that talks about the hows and whys.



    did you have any other symptoms??



    I plan on breastfeeding my baby I’m currently preggers with. I breastfed my daughter for about 15monthes. That was over 5 years ago. I really hope I have a great supply again and itsas successful as it was the first time.



    The week I finally eased out of breast feeding, I got my period! Still, it was nice while it lasted. (BF for 10 months).



    Do any of you ladies remember when your milk stopped dropping when ever it wanted to and only did when you started nursing?



    momofsoon2be3 – Don’t worry about letting your baby sleep. Kekoa slept through the night from day one. We were waking him up at the beginning because he needed it but once he was a month old we just let him sleep. He used to sleep from 9pm to 6:30am every night. As for a supply change it’s not a decrease but a change. Your baby will start to get all nutrients from the day hours which means your boobs will make more during the day and less at night. I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s natural.



    Morning ladies! The girls and I have been strictly ‘on the boob’ for over a week now!! WHOO HOO! As some of you know, they were born @ 33 weeks and I had been pumping since then and we were trying to learn to nurse exclusively, which we finally did! Now I am coming up with all sorts of questions. **Big one of the day to moms that are strictly BF: Do you still pump?** One of our problems in learning to nurse was that I was pumping them dry after each ‘nursing learning’ session, so when the next girl was hungry, there was little left in boob and was too much work for her to get. Since we cut out so much of the pumping, we took off with nursing! Since then, I still am pumping 1-2 times a day (to prevent engorgement) but I wonder if I should just let them be and not pump. I have almost a whole freezer full of milk and am a SAHM so the extra milk really isn’t needed – I have only been doing it for my comfort. If I discontinue pumping… will the engorgement eventually go away? I don’t want to be choking the girls either cuz when they are full, let down is pretty fast. Wondering what other moms do in this situation. I am thinking that I should probably keep up with the pumping at least once a day, but would like to hear others opinions. Thanks!



    Oh, and I just wanted to update on the breast pump shield fitting thing. On the shield part of the one I was using it says 25mm, I just switched to the 22.5mm size and my nipples don’t have that indentation around them after I’m done pumping. It also feels much more comfortable! Hope this helps.



    Ladies – I have a question for you, unfortantely it comes with a story, so sorry about how lon git is. On November 9th 2008 i got my first period since giving birth (bf and started to ween at the end of Oct). It lasted 6 days and was rather heavy and i had a good bit of cramping. Seemed normal to me being that i hadn’t had a period since Jan 07, with the exception of PP bleeding. Well Dec 9th came and i started the afternoon off the day with a bit of cramping (very light) and then started bleeding at around 3. Well by 4, when i went to the bathroom (sorry TMI) i had stopped. It had barely bled at all. Well for the next few days i did that on and off. I would say that overall (again TMI Sorry) i never filled a single pad (though i did change it often). Then after about 4 days, it just stopped. I haven’t had anything since. Now, my son was in the hospital due to Dehydration for a week (Dec 6 to the 13) and during that week i bf on demand just trying to get him fluids. Now i don’t think he drank a ton from me but i did go from bf 2 times a day to prob around 6, but i think he was getting the same amount of breast milk per day. My first question is, Do you think that i could have just spotted instead of getting my full period b/c of the increase in bf?



    I hope you girls can help me. I have a three month old. She has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 months old. My milk supply seemed to be substantial then…I could pump about 3 oz from each breast after my baby ate. Now, for some reason I am only able to pump enough to cover the bottom of the bottle. What’s happening? Is my milk supply deminishing? I am returning to work in about a week and a half, and I am afraid that I won’t be able to produce enough for the babysitter. I pump every day after most feedings and I have only been able to get about 4oz total! What do you guys think?



    Grr just posted about a manual pump and the damn thing lost it! So shortened version here goes! Will be on a longish trip at end of Feb, bout 11-12 hrs away from babe and pump and looking at getting a manual pump to take with me. Looking for suggestions on which on to get, please message my page so I don’t miss a great suggestion! thanks in advance ladies you guys are the best and some of the reasons I’ve been going as long as I have been, I really want to do a year and would hate if this trip diminished my supply too much and forced me to have to supplement. Ethan is already over 18 lbs at 6 1/2 mths, he loves his milk!!



    Hi ladies, I wanted to share my 1st milestone success with you: Beckett has been BF for 6 months now!! After so many issues (I can’t even list them all) we have been just a normal BFing mommy and son for over 3 months of those now =) So for any of you mommies having a hard time, don’t give up because sometimes it takes time to work the kinks out!



    I eat the Quaker maple and brown sugar oat meal in the little packets that are ready in a few minutes in the microwave. Will that give me the same results as the regular oat meal?? I hate the soaked stuff and prefer the instant. I mean, oat meal is oat meal right??



    I used the tip to put coffee creamer in the mother’s milk tea and it tastes pretty good, like watered down coffee lol. My tea doesn’t taste like licorice, it tastes like mint tea. Maybe there are other flavors. I also make a large amount to put in the fridge and drink it cold. hope it tastes good 🙂

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