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    does everyone pump? i just dont understand why i should pump? i did with my first and im convinced it only kept me engorged longer cuz it stimulated more milk…. i see the reasoning, like if you work, or to get up production…. but if im a sahm and produce enogh is it still a good ideal to pump…. or should i just let nature take its course…??

    this is always something ive wondered??
    wont your breast stop being engorged on there own once your babys ‘feeding amount’ kicks in??



    Hello Ladies, so, my baby girl is doing so much better with the nursing since her temp has risen to a normal level. thank goodness! Im glad she did not get really sick or something. Her feedings have stayed pretty much at 20 minutes (they were 40 minutes up until around 3 nights ago.) I think it is because she is getting more milk. I can definitely hear her drinking more of it and I think sometimes it comes fast for her and she gets mad but she has plenty of dirty diapers so I know she is getting what she needs! This is definitely a learning experiance for the both of us.


    Does he have a cold Emilee? He could have swallowed snots and thats what the mucous could be.


    Seuban0- I can relate to you as wanting your child to have 1 family. I left my sons father and that was on my mind all the time. My parents and his parents were/are still together, neither of us knew how to deal with our son not having both parents. I knew it was best to end something that wasn’t oging to work sooner than later. If they don’t have the memories of having both mommy and daddy in the same house, they aren’t going to miss it. We both moved on and found our better match. My son is happy and loves having so many people love him, it’s all he has known. He’s 6 and he never asked why until he saw a picture of me and his dad together. I told him we were young and broke up. To this day he can’t understand that mom and daddy dated. He doesn’t believe us he just thinks his lifeo f having 2 dads and 2 moms is normal and we picked him to share and love. No one should stay in a relationship because of the kids. I believe if you want ot do what is right for the kids its to put them in a happy home not a bokren home.



    seuban0- yeah i get your point. to be honest i don’t really know how much i can produce if i pump on a schedule basis. i don’t pump that much for my baby won’t take the bottle. i just pump when i’m sooo engorged.


    Currently Lake District NW England 6.10 am. Caravan holiday going okay. James loves outdoors chasing rabbits, pointing out tractors, dogs, cows and sheep. Sleeping situation not so good. On a nightine he normally goes to bed at 8pm and falls asleep by himself. First night i had to cuddle him to sleep, second night robbie pushed him around site in pushchair to go to sleep. He is just refusing to go to bed. Ollie fed all day yesterday filled himself full of wind so has been up most of the night burping and pumping. Robbie ended up getting into bed with james to keep him asleep. I ended up sleeping with Ollie and I don’t co sleep. So propped him up on my arm so I wouldn’t roll on him, had blanket round my ankles practically. So cold and stiff this morning! Other than bed time we are having a good time!



    We just had AC installed in our house. What should I be putting my little guy in during the day? We keep it at about 68 during the day. I don’t want him to be too cold but if feels soooooo nice!



    This is off topic but I was wondering how much weight your LOs gained between birth and their two month appt.


    deeyore – Ah ok thanks. We do give Alyssa solids after having nursed, but she eats about 2-3 tbsp of cereal, fruits or veggies… so she is getting something and it is making her tummy fuller. I get what you’re saying though. We might do this instead of solids on the nights that Travis is off and we actually make meals. Going to talk to her pedi first, though. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    Sucks for me that it is my period. Grrr. I get even more upset when DH always says your just being emotional or hormonal. At least I know I’m not alone!


    Oh, by the way… Alyssa is 6 months old today! Happy half birthday Alymonster!!!! I love you to bits! 🙂



    It can take a week, or sometimes a little longer to work through all the mucus stages, so depending on how long you have been experiencing it, it could still be ovulation! Oh, and I get super cramp when I ovulate now! Never used to, but since Zach…


    God iva my husband talks to me about this all the time. He’s already said that he’s worried my period won’t be back or regular in time for the next one. We want to try when she’s a year but we are somewhat rushed because we are older. I tell him my period will probably be back around 6 months or so and he said if it isn’t I need to wean … I said we’ll talk about it when the time gets closer So I’m like the weirdo who wants my period to come back. Then he was asking tons of questions about tandem nursing and I couldn’t answer them. I’m just waiting it out now


    I’m such an idiot. I bought the oats etc yesterday. Then forgot to put a bowl out last night.



    I was thinking the same thing as phatbaby lawson or maybe keri could tell them that if she gets upset to take her back to your mom because she is calm there since it is her normal environment (instead of saying they are strangers!). Good luck. Lawson sounds like riley!

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