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    also, i’d much rather see a little flesh than hear a baby wail from hunger. i’m all for doing what ever is necessary to stop the crying. if it meant pole dancing i think i would do it!


    Doo any of you ladies know of anything i can take for a cold? My older son (20months) has croup and ive caught a cold 🙁 so we are stuffy and not feeling so hot in my house, I am EBF my 2 week old and i know with handwashing my anitbodies from birth and BF he should be ok…but my throat hurts!!! Ive read that decongestants arent suggested because they can decrease milk supply so im looking for alternatives…any ideas??



    jeffq, hear hear! I’m lucky enough to live in a community (in Canada) where it is not thought badly of. Still not common, the only other women I have seen BF in public are members of my baby group, and I’ve only seen them do it AT baby group, but I BF in public (without a cover) all the time, and have yet to get a dirty look or stare. My son is 8 months old, so that’s pretty good I think. I really wish that all women could have as positive of an experience with NIP as I have.



    letty005- if this is your first baby you will have a harder time building up your milk supply, which sounds like you are doing. There is a postive and negative to what you can do to help get more milk in. Continue pumping and nursing and you will get your milk supply up but once you become engorged then your body will not make that much milk next time. So you kind of have to do it everytime you become engorged in order to make alot. But just courious, why are trying to get up your supply? Breastmilk is pretty much supply in demand. It will make as much as your baby needs. As your baby gets bigger so will your milk supply. I nursed my first for 11 months, my second for 28 months and I am currently nursing my newborn. With my first I was nursing every hour and half and when I pumped it would take me 30 minutes to get barely 4 oz…then as he got bigger I pumped again at 6 months and was getting twice as much in the same time. So that was my experience. But everyones body is different. Good luck mama!



    lisalou: you DO ovulate while BF, it’s just hard to pinpoint when you do with no period. But you definitely can get pregnant while BF. Take a test to find out for sure and good luck!!


    When i first started bfing I would only get 1-2oz at a time, now that she is almost 12weeks i pump 8oz at a time (every 3ish hours) I use the gerber bags and I dont mind them at all.



    I had my daughter back in May, breastfed strong until July but still haven’t gotten my period. Is that normal? Can I get pregnant if I’m not having a period? I’m so confused!



    Also, he is 7 1/2 months and is nursing less and I have not gotten my period yet. Is that normal?



    Bri thanks for the info. I am still making the same amount of milk during the day. I pump sometimes and it is still the same. Should I be worried?



    Ok ladies, I need some advise from the nursing mommies….I’m looking to buy a breast pump. I’ve checked out so many of them on the internet from different sites and have seen mixed reviews for them all. The best one looks like the Ameda Purely Yours so I’m leaning towards that, but I’d like some of your input and experiences with various models. If you could leave comments on my page I’d appreciate it. Thanks!



    I am not a big drinker but i have had a drink a couple time while breastfeeding. I personally waited until my son was no longer bf at night to drink. The few times i have had a drink i would feed him his last feed of the day and then i would put him to bed, and then i would go out, have a few and then by the morning the alcohol had worked out of my system and my milk. So i didn’t have to pump and dump. As Kater said, alcohol effects your milk the same as it does your blood. Once you no longer ‘feel’ the effects neither will your baby. Enjoy your celebration and a little you time!



    luv – could be your cycle just trying to regulate itself again? I got mine when Wyatt was 6-7 weeks old. It came regularly like I always used to get and lasted about 4 days the way it always did. But THEN it came 2 weeks later the same exact thing. Did that for awhile until it finally settled into monthly. And I was consistent with breastfeeding. It may just be your body’s way of resetting. Unpredictability sucks!



    Most of the time I only get an ounce combined if I let my baby nurse before I pump. But I can get 5-8 ounces if I pump first so usually I keep the 5 ounces to feed him and freeze the 3 I have left.



    Question: Any ideas as to what may cause EXTREME gassiness in one of my twins?? Since Friday night he gets these incredible bouts of screaming like never before and then finds relief when i help him toot. My nurse said that what I eat in general shouldnt give him that kind of gas. Could he have developped an intolerance to all the dairy I eat?? Maybe its just a phase for him, but I cant stand to see him so frustrated and in pain, and not to mention the incredible farting…poor lil guy. Thanks ladies.



    Conratulations, Heather!

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