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    heather, hold her so that her head is resting on ur right elbow. with ur right hand use ur index finger to pull out the corner of her lip so u create an opening inside her mouth between her cheek and gums. use the dropper to give her 1/4 of the dose, then lean her back slightly and close her mouth with ur hand. u can also blow on her nose, that gets them to swallow. repeat until she’s taken the full dose. babies in this position cant spit too much out. it helps to have clean hands when doing this so if some dribbles out u can just scoot it back in with ur finger.



    Does anyone know how long it will take to wean my son from breastfeeding? Should I stop gradually over the next month or so? – Bit confused over what to do.



    jamisonsMoM – No you don’t have to pump. I did with my first because it took two months for him to latch on and then at three months I went back to work. This time I only pump when I want to. I pump because he didn’t eat well on one side and just want to relieve it or something like that. I haven’t pumped in several months now. If you feed on demand then there is no reason to, unless you want to.



    Bri- wow! Congratulations!!! That is so amazing!! Good for you. =]



    jepica19 – It’s pretty standard, about 1-1.5 ounces per hour for the entire time breastfeeding.


    Kat- I think men can deal with letting them ‘cry it out’ because they can tune sounds out better than we can. If they don’t want ot hear it they don’t. If I don’t want to hear it, its all I hear!


    Ella – I’ve had the same worry as you in the past. Bri is right, best way to tell is by keeping track of your baby’s weigth and amt of wet/dirty diapers. If you want immediate reassurance however, you can try doing a weigh-feed-weigh. I used to do this at every dr. visit w/ Alyssa because 4 days after she was born she lost 1lb and it was very concerning. There is Nursing store near me that provides a private room equipped with a baby scale so mother’s can do a weigh-feed-weigh to see how much food their baby is taking in. Just make sure that when you do the 2nd weigh you have the baby in exactly the same amt of cloths and diaper as the first weigh…. even if they’ve soiled the diaper. This provided me a lot of relief. Hope this helps! 🙂



    so im weaning my baby who is turning a year on wednsday. is it normal to feel sad, like im not going to feel as close to my baby anymore? i feel bad:( but im pregnant again and work full time and am tired plus milk supply dropped a lot anyway. so he’s been drinking organic whole milk



    sydneemay2009 – She is petite isn’t she! Alex was bigger then that at birth! Not by much but still bigger. He’s almost 24lbs now. As for binkies. I think each their own. I hate seeing older toddlers with them. They are great for little ones when they have a strong suck reflex but then it turns into a habit. Alex’s stays only on our bed. Doesn’t leave it unless we’re going out of town. As for health, I’m not sure. I’ve heard that it’s bad for their teeth development. That binky and bottlefed babies are more likely to need braces later on. I think that’s the only thing that I’ve been told. But who knows? Oh and my daycare lady way back when Chris was in school told me those with pacifiers all day tend to talk less and not as well. Probably cause they are too busy with it in their mouths. Just a thought.


    Lawsonsmom I always get like that at shot time. My oldest is 7yrs old and she still hates shots.


    For those looking in a britax they are crazy discounted on right now And with free shipping. Even the crazy cute cow print only 199$



    Oh Mere I’m sorry! Never thought of that for girls. Cold tubbys are what cools us off but I’ve got boys.



    Lilmama and mere-n-girl hi! I use fuzzibunz and flips also! My lo is only a week old but I think I’m loving the flips with a prefold the best! They fit the best, seem easier to snap and were cheaper lol! The fuzzibunz are great too though! I also bought 2 thirsties covers and they suck: ( the leg part get poop on it every time! Doesn’t leak but gets dirty! I also agree with you ladies 100%! I hate when I hear someone say they couldn’t bf bc they weren’t making enough milk! Yes you were but newborns nurse a lot!! I love bf and would never give my kids formula!



    How long does it normally take to have a peroid after having a baby while breastfeeding?


    I seem to be one of the odd ones out. I am worried I will get pregnant whilst still bf, it happened once before despite no AF. Don’t want to get pregnant again any time soon.

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