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    the past couple of days i have noticed that my los belly is gurgling…this is after eating what do you guys think?



    Leslie, i so understand the predicament you are in! I hate it when my MIL calls up and wants to take the boys! I just don’t trust her, esp because she ignores and undermines us as parents. I do suck it up and let them go sometimes. (She does watch them every Wed though.) I HATE being the bitchy daughter-in-law, but Adrian never really stands up to her, so some one has to be! If only she would just ‘get it!’ Anyway, I would talk to your mom, see if Lawson is having a good day or not. If she is having a good day, then I might say ‘do it’ but encourage your MIL to hang out at your mom’s with Lawson first so that they can see what Lawson’s reaction might be. If she is having a bad day, be upfront about it ‘Hey, Lawson is having a really rough day, I would hate for her to fall apart on you guys and make your time together miserable. Is there any way we can reschedule to a time when Lawson might be feeling better, or that Keri or I would be available to help transition her?’



    Lesie-public restroom? really? do you want bacteria and floating yuckies foating around your food? Do YOU eat in a restroom? Why should any child eat there? I think thats just nasty.



    Babyjames – thank you for your response. I’ll look into getting one of those necklaces. I suppose anything bright would probably do though?



    mommyof2in10- Just to add to what the other ladies suggested, it could be something you are eating that’s causing the gas. I had to limit potatoes while bf because they upset my son terribly. Anything high is acidity can do it too (oj, tomato sauces). Also, a weird one…chocolate. Just pay attention to what you are eating and start evaluating when the gas happens most. You’ll start to pick up patterns. Kinda a pain in the butt, but totally worth it. As she gets older her tummy will be better able able handle stuff also. The diaper rash could be a symptom of a sensitivity too. Hang in there, you’re doing great! And don’t worry about the bowel movements unless, like someone else said, it’s hard. My son went 3.5 weeks one time. My sister and sil both had the same thing happen. There just isn’t the waste produced from bm like formula.



    girl from ab…if you can-pump every 2.5-3 hours….your babe is only 4 weeks old so your body isn’t used to the pump…keep at it…its something you have to get your body used to. What is your babe’s dipe count? i would back off the formula a bit as it sounds like overfeeding just slightly…but really..dipe count is really the only indication on if your supply is too low for your little one.


    Hi ladies! I havent been on here in a while but I am desperate for some advice regarding increasing milk supply. My daughter just turned a year old last week and a couple of months ago I noticed my milk supply going down dramatically. I put her to bed around 7:30pm and then I got the stomache flu so I pumped around 5:30am so my husband could just give her a bottle so I didnt have to be around her and risk her getting sick and I only pumped 2 oz total then 2 hrs later tried pumping again and only got like 1/2 oz total. I’ve tried even before and after I got sick and the same thing, not making very much and I only get a let down sometimes and I do try to relax and not think about it AND i’ve been taking fenugreek and drinking mothers milk tea although the mother milk tea makes me sick to my stomache so dont do that very often and STILL no increase. I REALLY want to nurse my baby for at least another 6+ months but not sure how I am going to be able to do that. She doesnt want to wean and I dont want to stop nursing, not yet 🙁 Oh and when I nurse her its like she is getting frusterated that not a lot is coming out so she cries and tugs at my breast (not biting just pulling a little like shes trying to get more). I try to drink a lot of water but I always forget and I have maybe 12 oz of soda a day and eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between sometimes. Just lost and not sure what to do. I nurse my daughter about 4 times a day but like I said she acts like she isnt getting very much and gets frusterated like its not coming out but only maybe a couple mins after she starts sucking and even then its like a minute if that then she starts to getting frusterated again and on top of that she only ever has maybe 3 wet diapers and 1 poopy diaper a day and they arent really huge wet diapers either. I will nurse her then a few hrs later her diaper is either still pretty dry or she BARELY peed in it. Ive given her frozen breastmilk after nursing her and she downs it so just not sure what to do and its been really emotional for me. Any advice? My friend is going through the same thing as well and her daughter is a day older than mine.



    Can someone tell me a good breastpump to buy, that isn’t too expensive? Basically anything less than $100 that actually works well! Please respond on my page.



    ugh!!!!!! I am 7 wks postpartum with my third child and with each child I have exclusively BF and as with each of the other 2 I got AF at exactly 7 weeks! Why cant I be one of the lucky ones?? I hate that! Its just not right! LOL (not really, Im actually crying!)



    ugh…Maxx is on a nursing and bottle strike! He will only nurse for about 5 minutes at a time and is distracted for most of that time except for his first feeding when he is still mostly asleep! He is eating 3 meals a day but I think he should be nursing more. Today we tried a bottle of pumped milk and he wouldn’t take it either. He doesn’t have any teeth yet but has been a bit cranky and chewing and drooling a bit more…maybe a tooth? He is 7 1/2 months….



    I assume the only way I would produce more milk during the day would be if he was nursing more often. He must be getting enough because he is not wanting more.



    Armywife: I think that you will find most women have the Medela pump in style advanced. Most Lactation consultants would agree that it’s the best pump on the market (other than the hospital grade pumps of course). If you have the $$ you should check out the Medela freestyle – it’s handsfree pumping and the motor fits in the palm of your hand! You can do dishes and pump – that may not sound so great to you right now, but I ended up having to do A LOT of pumping (various reasons) and I almost forked over the money to buy the freestyle after it came out!



    I’m beginning to pump to store some in advance for when I go back to work. It will be super hard to keep up the flow when I go because it will be very difficult to pump at work. What is the best way to get the most milk now? Right now I feed on one side at a time. Should I pump the other side when she is finished or should I pump the side I just fed from. I really need some advice because I want to make bf work as long as I possibly can! thanks in advance.



    So I think my son was actually playing yesterday. When I got home from work I nursed him right away like I always do because I am away all day. He probably wasnt very hungry because he had just had expressed milk like an hour before. He would nurse, then all of a sudden yank his head off look up and smile. Then he would nurse again, yank his head off and smile. He did it like 6 times in a row. It almost seemed like his own version of peek-a-boo he was cracking me up! 15 weeks old I hope I didnt encourage bad eating habits but it was sooo funny!



    rae- your LO might be going through a growth spurt and drinking more or maybe just gotten more efficient with her feeds. I am a sahm so I don’t have to keep a that much at one time but I usually pump a few hrs after my lo has gone to bed and usually get about 1 ounce per hr that it has been since his last feed.

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