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    erikas- do you eat and drink alot of dairy? Have you tried gas drops? I have heard if you are using gas drops you need to use them consistantly(sp) so maybe try that a few times a day for a few days.



    Congrats Heather!!! I’m so proud of you. Like you we had so many issues that I didn’t think we’d make it to six weeks. If you plan on nursing longer then know that there aren’t many roadblocks anymore!!! YAY! Biting could happen but that’s easily overcome. Kekoa and I have been going strong for 15 months now. Keep it up honey! It just keeps getting better!



    angelag3girls~ thank you! That’s a great idea. I can add a pumping session right before going to bed. see if that’d help. It is hard for me to add another pumping session when I’m at work. And during the weekends he doesn’t want to stay on the breast for more than 5-10 minutes. I’ll try the power pumping. For how many days do I need to power pump to see a difference? Thanks again!



    it is the traditional medicinals original formula organic mother’s milk tea. I just poured a cup of tea that I had in the fridge and it seems to be more tolerable.



    karrieanne –
    Milkshare charges a one time $15 fee for recipients only. If you are a donor, you join for free.



    anne- they should NOT have a problem with you coming in to nurse Sterling. I know at julianna’s daycare when I went for a tour they said that some of the other moms did and they could provide a quiet place for me to nurse her. Somedays I nurse her when i drop her off. Maybe she is new and hasn’t heard/seen it before??? Is there anyone else in the infant room that you can talk too. Maybe just drop by one day unexpected and say you had some extra time to see what is going on. Maybe you need to explain how important this is to you and Sterling. I wish i could feed her on my break but with my clients and my work being in another state it would be VERY difficult.



    Judi – That’s not really fair to say. Yes, 99% women ‘can’ technically feed but that doesn’t mean there aren’t complications that make it near impossible. I had a poor sucker. My milk came in a week late and only because I had to work on it. My son didn’t latch for two months which led to poor supply. Then I went back to work. You don’t empty your breasts when pumping and it was a challenge to continue to pump enough for my son. Breastfeeding may be ‘natural’ but why do you think there were so many wet nurses and infant fatalities before formula. It’s hard for sooo many of us. That is why this site is great. It helps those of us that struggled get help and in return we help the new generation of feeders.



    lili1317, I don’t take any supplements, just make sure I drink lots of water. I do exercise and I have been allowing myself to get pretty hungry between meals in order to get back into my old (prepregnancy) jeans, and have had no supply issues. I do wonder if it’s just a matter of confidence for some mothers, but whatever helps!



    oh- and my cousin successfully pumped for a whole year without putting her baby to breast once- and she has a happy, chubby little girl 🙂



    well we had just switched dr’s because our other dr retired. i really have heard wonderful things about our new dr. his wife actually just had their 8th baby…yes 8, lol. and i’m guessing she breastfed too. so if it comes to it then i will go ahead and listen to his suggestions. our other dr said that i should start solids after our 4 month appt and i was def. not ready to do that, so i held off until about 5 months…i always get over it after the appt is over but then i get all worked up about it again at the next one. i would love to have him watch me feed him so that he would understand. i’ve thought about going to a la leche meeting to see what they think…


    is it necessary to take latuca varosa sp? in order for alfalfa tablets to work?



    Hi Little Rain – It does get easier, I remember one of those nights early on sitting in the rocking chair in Maddy’s nursery thinking the same thing. I always wanted to pump enough to have for her dad to get up once or so through the night with her, but she ate so often I couldn’t. I was so frustrated… and tired and sore. It will get better soon, and you will be so happy that you stuck with it!



    Hey mammas! How do you know when your breast is empty? I am having troubles pumping too, can’t pump more than 2 oz on 1 side and barely an ounce on the other. How long do you pump for in one sitting??



    i must be a freak of nature b/c my boobs got smaller while breastfeeding.. i dont get it, i went from a 34d to a 32b! (which is an impossible size to find) i went from looking like pamela anderson to having these things that resemble wet socks lol!



    I live in New Jersey. You get weird looks for everything!! Haha let alone breastfeeding.

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