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    Has anyone every had Thrush? I have a tiny white spot on my nipple and lastnight nursing was a little painful…. any ideas?



    mammak: you’ll be surprised how much EASIER it is the 2nd time around. It’ll just seem so natural to you now. My 2 are 23 months apart, and with my 2nd it was so much easier since one of us knew what we were doing!


    I am an advocate of breastfeeding. I truly believe in breast milk and the nutrients it provides to the baby. It my be difficult specially for first time moms but with support and encouragement, any mom could get through it.




    Hi lilmamma. I totally understand where you are coming from. Doing my own research found that extended breastfeeding is very beneficial. My son is 16months and going strong. He and I both love it. I thought the same as you about getting my body back but decided that we both enjoy it too much. This article I found actually explains a lot of what you are looking for. Let me know if you have more questions but I think this article will help…



    question for all the ladies who freeze milk….how many ounces do you freeze per bag? as your babies drink more are you freezing more per bag? i’ve been freezing 2-3 ounces but think i’m gonna start freezing 4 ounces @ a time….those little bags can get pricey. thanks!



    Well i only work 3 days a week and i only pump 1 time because im so busy and i think this feeding is keeping my supply up…but i cant even get a good night sleep cause ii feel like i will smother her



    Thanks for the advice EvaV and Bri. I tried everything yesterday and this morning the lump is gone and I no longer feel any pain. I am pumping exclusively because my baby will not latch on. Anyway, I quit pumping at night and my breasts got really engorged. Also, I lay on my right side and I put a lot of pressure on that side. I am pretty sure that is what caused my problem.



    ProudBoltonMomma- It will get better. I remember with my last one about 8 days out was the worst. I would just cringe everytime he went to latch on. But trust me on this it will get better, and it will get better soon. Those nipples will toughen up asap! Rmember not to wash them with soap, or dry with a towel. Rinse with water and pat dry. Just try to tough it out.



    18 months every 2 hours! That is dedication!! I feel like mother of the year just pumping at work all day haha. I cant imagine how I’d do it every 2 hours. I look forward to my sleeps. Although… my son is developing this uncanny ability to wake up right before I wake up to pump in the middle of the night lately. Cause you know… if he wakes up after I pump then my husband would have no choice but to go down and give him the bottle. Before I pump though is all me little bugger.



    dec- In my opinion it doesn’t work but maybe one night and thats sometimes. Then you have to deal with the upset tummies, gas, and constipation that comes along with it. I have had 4 kids and formula or cereal never really helped. Babies are designed to get up a few times a night as their bodies aren’t big enough to handle going all night in my opinion unless they are doing it with what you have been giving them and not adding.



    incrediblelinda – I would imagine cutting down one pumping session at a time over a week or so would be the best way to go (and replacing it with formula or whole milk). There are pills you can take to stop your milk coming in straight after birth, but they don’t work if your milk supply is already established. (I know this because I asked the same thing of my doctors with my first baby, when the breastfeeding all went pear-shaped and messed with my head and I wanted any milk to just go away to stop me thinking ‘if I just gave it one more go…’… and then in another pregnancy I lost a bub in the second trimester and they gave me the medication to stop my milk straight after the birth.) I have done ‘cold turkey’ and gradual and the gradual way was much, much more comfortable!



    bacteria dont grow faster in cold environments thats why we put things in the fridge in the first place:S



    kym- my son used to stay at my grandma’s before day care as well. instead of me lugging 5 bags out of the house (diaper bag, pumping bag, milk bag, lunch bag for myself, and sometimes extra clothes for me to work out) i decided to stock up my grandmas house. he has enough diapers/wipes there as well as an extra set of clothes in case he has a poop leakage problem, and i also bought 3 of the same ‘blankies’ that he always sleeps with. he has all of this at his sitters house as well. it totally cut down on bags! you could also just get an extra ‘diaper bag’ (or just use any old bag) and keep it at her house in case she ends up going anywhere. it has mad a huge difference for me to not have to carry his diaper bag and blankies back and forth. i also keep an extra bottle/pacifer just in case i forget at his sitters. so that might be an idea for you…just stock some extra items at your grandmas instead of carrying back and forth…even if she has extra bottles then all you’d need to bring for her is the milk. i hope that helps. it’s been about 5 weeks since i’ve gone back to work (almost full time cuz i’m a substitute teacher) and now all i carry is my lunch sack, milk bag, and pump….and of course the baby, lol! hope you got some good ideas to help ease your stress!



    omg courtenay.. where where you and was it a man or woman who said something? Just curious.

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