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    Wow, so that was a conversation killer! Two hours and no new posts, I think that’s a record! 😛



    Thanks to you all for your comments on my question. I appreciate your help.



    babybellybliss- Nope. This is her first round of antibiotics. Wish I had thought about that before I took the prescription… however, I can say that the dose last night didn’t do anything to her at all. We’ll see if the dose today does. I know I was on it ALL the time growing up and my body tolerated it really well so hopefully hers will too. We were planning on going swimming today though so I really hope she doesn’t get diarrhea and be unable to splish splash (her favorite thing!). Luckily she’s feeling great…you’d never know she had an ear infection were it not for the wax draining out of her ear. Anyway. Off to play with the Snuggle Bug!



    Lawson- can you use the pain fumes as and excuse? I wouldn’t want my lo around paint fumes. besides, I know how it can give me a headache, I can’t imagine a lo.



    I was a member of the pregnancy forum a few years back and I remember hearing of a man who had set up a false account on here and was actively participating in the forum. He I believe was also accused of copying pictures of other members lo’s and posting them to his page as if they were his own. One woman was particulary freaked out by it all. Since then I’ve been very wary of posting photos on the internet as we don’t know who is looking or using them for other purposes. There are some very weird people out there and maybe lurking on here under some false identity. So I can understand why we may be warned about using them – but saying they are offensive is bang out of order!!



    I’ve suffered through a couple of colds now while nursing, and it’s not much fun without taking any medication, especially for sleeping at night. Some things I’ve tried instead are saline nose spray to help loosen my nose, Halls cough drops (but not too many), some Vicks under my nose, gargling lots with Listerine, fresh squeezed lemon juice with hot water and honey. I also put a tic tac in my cheek at night to keep my throat from drying out. It makes you salivate a bit, but is small enough you won’t choke on it.



    Luv2Bamama- That is so great!!!



    Happy New Year everyone! I could use some advice. My son is 3 months old. I’m considering giving up on pumping but I’m really struggling with the decision. I’ve been pumping exclusively for the past 2 months because Ben and I had so many issues with breastfeeding. I was pumping every time he ate which was 6-8 times a day. About three weeks ago, for my sanity, I decided to reduce my number of pumpings to 3 times a day and unfortunately it severely affected my supply. Last week I went back to pumping every time he ate but it does not seem to be helping to reestablish my supply (sometimes I get almost nothing). At the height of my pumping I was only producing about 16 ounces in a day; now that number is down to about 5. Is a little breastmilk better than none? This is so hard–I want to give up but don’t want it to be for selfish reasons. 🙁



    marinewife. i would just keep doing what u are doing. your milk supply changes as your baby ages. sounds like you are doing all the right things. but please dont be dissappointed in yourself if nothing changes. maybe bubs is starting to wean herself?


    I have the Medela Pump In Style – it was quite a bit of money, but it has paid for itself!! Hurray! ($289) But, for me, I pump at work and need to pump as much as I can in a short amount of time – so this pump is perfect for that!



    hi modelimited- you can still get pregnant because you could ovulate at any time if your bub is sleeping trough the night then that lack of a feed could induce AF. but it is normal once there are less feeds your AF will come back and slowly get it’s self back into your normal pettern. some women AF will return at 6w after they give birth i got my fisrt one 8 weeks after and i was exclusivly breast feeding for four monthsthen my bub was having his first solids. but some women won’t have one untill their baby is weened 🙂 hope this helps



    if I am having pain while my baby is latched on and sucking does that mean she is not latched on correctly???



    Mine came back when Kekoa was 9 months old. It sucks but oh well. I have a bit of a supply dip during those couple of days but it comes back quickly. Plus it is much smaller then it used to be. Now it only lasts three days max. Most of the time it’s only 1.



    amanda- I’m a SAHM and also exclusively breastfeed. I have a really quick let down especially when my breasts are really full. At night I get a little engorged also. I usually pump 2ozs before I feed him during the day and at night I pump 3-4 ozs before I feed him depending how engorged I am. It helps with the fast let down and also helps get rid of some of my foremilk so he can get more of my more creamy milk…



    kebler – I always struggled with supply. I had to pump 5 or 6 times a day to fill my sons 2 bottles at daycare. I would pump before he would wake in the AM (everyday, even weekends), Then i would feed him when he wakes. Then when i was at work i would pump 2 or 3 times (in 8 hrs), when home with him on the weekends i would just feed on demand. Then at around 5 i would pump again (everyday). Then i would feed him for bedtime (7pm) and then pump again around 10pm before my bedtime. It was a tough schedule but with that, and eating soaked oats twice a day, i got to the point where i was actually pumping 18 to 22 oz a day. If i just pumped while at work, it would have gotten 4 or 5 oz all day! Good Luck. oh and i had the same pump, it was great!

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