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    lilli- My Anna (4 months old) does this all the time. My mom brings her to me at work to nurse at lunch and I want her to get a good feeding in, but she just wants to smile at me. Isn’t it precious- okay frustrating too!



    rae-p.s. don’t get too worried. not sure if you had heard this before so I wanted to mention that a breastfed baby only needs about 1 once per hr you are gone with maybe an extra ounce or 2 to be on the safe side. Most moms I have talked to that work 8 hrs will take 3, 3 oz bottles. and some will take a frozen bottle to keep in their freezer just in case.



    bigmuma- Mine have never taken in the whole areola either. I kinda just did what you are doing just let him take it how he naturally does and it worked out a bit better. If you find you are still getting alittle sore just change positions often and has your LO gets bigger it will get even better.



    I have never seen this page before… wow… I have been breastfeeding my son for 13 months, almost 14 now… I dont plan on stopping til he doesnt want it anymore… my son only nurses 2 times a day now, morning and night but at least he still wants momma milk



    armymom- when I was eating oats I ate them cold like cereal with a bit of sugar and milk. It was the only thing that worked for me. HAHA! Just a suggestion. :O)



    felicia, I feel for you so much. I was to travel to London in January for work, and as much as I have always wanted to go it has been making me feel sick and worried all the time – i found out yesterday it was being canceled and was so relieved. My LO is 7 months, and sleeps through the night, but she nurses in the morning and in the evening, and loves the boob – she flips out if she can’t have it at those times. I agree – leave shirts that smell like you for your hubby… It may sound crazy but when my baby was little and would not eat when I was away I used to sleep with receiving blankets like they were teddy bears at night, and in the morning would put them in big ziplock bags for my MIL to use. I swear that draping them on the side of her crib at night got her to sleep through the night. Good luck.



    question: i ave a raised red spot on my left breast about the size of a pencil eraser round with a larger red area around it.. its not tender to the touch or hot but ive been getting shooting sensations on that side randomly and after i feed or pump.m Any other mommys have this? I have been ebf the little one for almost 3 months now…if you have any info please kleave a comment on my page



    anniemarie- I probably would have gotten upset if I were you to. Cuz, I wonder why she would be taken back by you wanting to come to bf your son. But once you have cooled off a bit, just straight up ask her if it would be a problem if you came by on your break to nurse your son.Like you said it will probably only be 1 time a day anyway. I am sure that by now, they already know how important it is to you to bf your lo so it really should not be an issue. If she has a problem with you doing that I would ask her why is it a problem (which I can not imagine one good reason she could give you). Is there someone above her at the daycare you can discuss this with? If they have an issue with it, I would consider another daycare because I would feel like they were hiding something. But I am sure that is not the case. Goodluck on getting the job, I hope this all works out great for you!!!



    i was just wondering…..i am going to have to have a c cut this time and was wondering can i pump while pregnant and deep freeze for when i am trying to heal please write back



    oh and i have to just add this little update: i’m now back to nursing full time! how great is that? my work schedule works around my son’s feeding schedule and so on my lunch breaks i pick him up and we go to my grandma’s where i nurse him (all with in about a 2 block radius) so i get to spend about 40 min with him in the middle of my day and it’s amazing! it’s my little fix to get my through the day. now i only pump right before bed and any extra would be used as needed. i’m already paranoid about when i have to start weaning him…



    any advice for a cracked nipple? I have had one for a few weeks; it seems to heal over at night but them when i feed the baby in the morning (or pump) it opens up again. I am tempted to skip feeding on that side for awihle to let it heal, but I guess that won’t be good for my milk supply! Right now I am using lanolin cream. Any other ideas? Thanks!



    That’s not a bad idea, anniemarie, going to La Leche. Or Nursing Mothers’ Association, or whatever. Support from others in-person can be really helpful; boost your confidence. A doctor or other health professional is very hard to disagree with, openly, so you bite your tongue but end up doubting yourself – I know exactly how you feel. Your baby is fine, you’re doing a brilliant job; if he needed formula, he would be wetting fewer than 6 diapers a day, he’d be crying hungry between feeds, and would be lethargic and sleepy instead of energetic and alert. You are feeding him just fine.



    Hi ladies, i have a month 2 wks baby and im BF for most of the time. I give formula at bedtime or in da middle of nite my husband helps me out. but lately i feel that im not producing enough milk for him. my boobs are super soft now. Oh and the dr told me i wasnt going to get a period and guess what im on it. IS this normal? What can i take or do to get more milk. thanks ladies this is my first baby so i need tons of help!



    hi all, can anyone suggest what i should do? My bubs is 5.5 weeks old and this week i tried just putting him on the boob, but his check up today dispalyed a drop by more than 240grams!!! I am sooo disappointed bc i think i may be losing my milk supply and ive been expressing and bf every 3 hours. Bubs is also displaying urites in his wee and a few wet nappied in a day…we have been told to formula feed top ups to demand….does this sound right as i thought you could over feed formula??? but i know he may be dehydrated, so is necessary. has anyone got any thoughts on this as im a little worried…


    Just a question. I have a low milk supply and my daughter is never satisfied off just the breast. I have gone to a lactation consultant and was told to pump after every feeding and still no luck. Any tips from anyone?

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