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    So the other night I went to a concert. I fed the baby before I left and 8 hours later my boobs were really hurting so I pumped when I got home. I usually pump in the morning anyway b/c I am trying to build up my suppy. That was early Sunday morning. Now for the past few days since then I am not pumping as much and my boobs feel less full and more soft. I was pumping 16 oz in the morning but now I have only been able to get 8oz. My LO is 9 weeks old..what happened? I am also returning to work in 2 weeks and will only be able to pump once in the day…what should I expect and is it realistic that I will be able to BF for a year? thanks so much for any help



    You think people are judgemental about breastfeeding, I get tons of flack because Sadie sleeps with us. And I will let her until she’s ready to sleep on her own.



    My baby crys for hours between 4 to 8 am. It appears to be gas and now everyone is encouraging me to stop breastfeeding. I luv bf and so does she. Gas doesn’t bother her during the day and mylicon drops aren’t working. I tried Gripe Water which calms her but she has loose stools at every feeding from the Gripe Water. I bf her upright and burp during bf and between breasts. I don’t eat many dairy products and not a lot of beans or caffeine. It kills me to see my baby in so much pain and we are both EXHAUSTED. I am near tears and don’t understand how bf is harming her when its supposed to be the best. I feel like a terrible mom. I called the pd and they said all babies get gas. I am near the end of my patience and believe I will just have to bottle feed. Thanks for letting me vent.



    NIP is such a sensitive issue. Our society has been brainwashed to think that breastfeeding is “unnatural” and “perverted”. From the 1940’s/1950’s, women were told that only poor people nursed, and that formula was the best thing for children. Many people from that generation encouraged their children to continue the myth. Furthermore, we live in a society where it has been historically hard for working mothers to try to continue to nurse when they go back to work. Fortunatally, due to new laws, employers are required to provide space (not a bathroom) to their nursing mothers for at least 12 months, although some states are even more generous. And now you can claim pumping equipment on your taxes or through your FSA. Overall, we need to continue the education process. While I see nothing wrong with NIP whether or not there is a cover, we need to have a national mind frame shift. I think women who stage “Nurse-ins” to punish businesses for being rude to a breastfeeding mother only hurts the cause because it makes the nursing uneducated people more angry and less willing to learn about the good BFing does because they are offended by the “in your face” of the act. The best thing that we as mothers can do is start educating young children and teenagers. My friend’s 5 year old was fascinated when he saw me nursing my daughter (apparently he was too young to remember his mom BFing his brother)…he asked me what I was doing and I explained that God gave mommies special milk to give their babies to make them strong and healthy like he was. Every time he watched me nurse, he would repeat that to me, or his younger brother (both of whom were BF). Then one afternoon we were in the park, He told a lady sitting on the bench next to me while I nursed that, “she is giving the baby special mommy milk to make her big and strong like me!” People just smiled and continued on with their activities. Also, my best friend’s 16 year old stayed with us the summer we had our daughter and she and I had MANY conversations about BFing (her mom formula fed both her and her sister). I answered any questions she had, let her come to Dr’s appointments and ask questions to the LC and the Dr. and just wanted her to feel comfortable with the process, and know about the ups and downs. She saw my struggles with BFing, and my endurance, and told me that she wants to BF her kids when she has them. It is about educating society, and supporting women. Hopefully in a few more decades, we can eliminate the ignorance, continue the positive momentum BFing is getting recently.


    Hey Everyone!
    I’m currently expecting my 2nd child this Oct. Im also a Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) and I just wanted to share some storing breastmilk info.

    Only put 2 to 3 ounces in each container. Small amounts freeze and thaw faster. As your baby gets older he or she will drink more, so you can put more breastmilk in each container.
    Write the date you pump your milk on each container. Use the oldest breastmilk first.
    After pumping, keep breastmilk in a cooler with ice, in the refrigerator or in the freezer.
    Stored breastmilk looks different that fresh milk, shake it gently before feeding it your baby.

    Here is how long you can your breastmilk…
    FRESH BREASTMILK- Room temp (70°f) 5 hours, REFRIGERATOR- 5 days,
    SMALL FREEZER (inside refrigerator) 2 weeks, FREZZER- 3 to 4 months.

    THAWED (defrosted) BREASTMILK- Room temp (70°) use within 1 hr after thawing, REFRIGERATOR- use up to 24hrs after thawing, SMALL FREEZER and FREEZER-DO NOT REFREEZE THAWED BREASTMILK.

    Tips for warming breastmilk-
    Put frozen breastmilk in the refrigerator overnight so it can thaw by morning.
    To warm breastmilk put the bottle of breastmilk,or milk storage bag in a bowl of warm water.
    Do not thaw or warm breastmilk in the microwave. This makes “hot spots” in the milk that can burn baby’s mouth.
    Its normal for breastmilk to look thin and watery. The color may change from day to day depending on what you eat.



    i wish i had this appetite problem. i eat all day long!



    BTW: Does anyone else loose their hair?? I have a couple of spots where I have lost hair. I have heard that BF can cause this??



    SECONDSTAR: They say wait until breastfeeding is established. Normally around 4-6wks old. I introduced a bottle at 4wks and it took DJ a few times (about 2wks) of getting a bottle once in a while to understand how to suck from it. Make sure you get slow flow nipples or even Medela bottles/nipples. If you want your baby to have a bottle once in a while don’t wait too long after 6wks as some babys will regect it. There is a ‘window’ so they say. I’m always with my baby, but I tell ya, it is nice to have a drink once in a while or a ‘brake’ and know they’ll take a bottle from someone else! Good Luck and it is challenging in the beginning, but it does get better. Although I never believed people when they told me that =)



    HannahKay – yup!






    seuban0 – I didn’t know until I tried a couple years ago. We thawed it out and it smelled awful! We also learned that my milk doesn’t last more then 4 days in the fridge. It’s not uncommon for some women to have an enzyme in their milk that makes it spoil quickly. To put it in the freezer you have to scold it first and I never really got the hang of it. So, I just don’t. When I did pump I just pumped what my son ate the next day. This time around I don’t have to pump. When we start solids I’ll pump a bit so we can mix it in the food I make but not until then. There is no reason for me to pump. I don’t leave Alexander at home when I go out. I know I’m lame but I don’t see the need to go somewhere he can’t go. I’d feel guilty and worry about him. I was the same with Chris. The first time I spent a night away from him was when I was in the hospital giving birth and that was just one night. He spent a good time at the hospital with me and just went home with the grandparents to sleep.



    ok…..breastfeeding full time working moms………currently my baby eats anywhere from every one to three hours…..she will be a month old on monday. i will have to go back to work two weeks from tuesday…..full time. i’m not really sure how much milk my baby will need when she is in daycare…in ounces? also i’m also not sure about feedings while she is in daycare… i tell them how much and how often she needs to be fed or will they just do their own thing and own schedule? do i tell them….ok my baby needs 3 oz every two hours…..or what? i’m just really confused and i HATE HATE HATE that i have to go back to work so soon and leave her with strangers and that i won’t be able to nurse her when i feel she needs to eat but unfortunately i have no other option. thank you 🙂




    I was also afraid of Joe rolling over on the kids but if either of them are in the bed he doesnt move AT ALL…And the new baby sleeps either on my chest or in the crook of my arm so its like a nice little barrier lol. I have a question for you ladies…Is there anytime I should start pumping Danny is 2 weeks now. I am a stay at home mom but would eventually like a date night with the hub or in case of an emergency. I have just a madela single manual but i didnt want to mess with my supply this early…Any suggestions?



    For those that have issues with people not supporting you. Just saw this article. It wraps everything up for you…..

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