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    That’s good. You can use nerosporin if you want but I’d wash it off before feeding. I actually had to get a lidocaine based cream for a while because it was sooo painful. Alex was the same. Chris had issues latching for months. It was awful but he finally got it and went on to nurse for 22 months. I only had 4 months until Alex was born and my milk never dried up. Alex was born hungry. He was almost 11lbs at birth and knew what to do. I did use compression nursing from the get go to get all the milk I could in his little body.



    laisla…i agree w/ doublemama. its prbly the reflux causing him to fuss at the breast. i found this stuff. its called colic calm. homeopathic and the only gripe water thats fda regulated. i havent found any other gripe water that has these ingredients or that worked AT ALL but this one works for us. it says it works in over 90% of babies and is used for colic, acid reflux, teething, and any other belly issues. the website is if u wanna check it out. also has reviews from other mothers there.



    Lawson’s momâ€you mentioned last week that you were able to pump 30 oz in one day using the pump + hand expression method. I watched the video from the Stanford nursery and understand the concept behind what to do, but I’m wondering how you are able to do this all at work? How long of breaks are you taking to do all the massaging/pumping/hand compression etc.? How many minutes do you double pump? How many minutes do you hand compress? How many days/weeks did it take you to see an increase in your pumping volume and how many times per day did you do this method? Sorry for the million questions, but I’m curious to know what to expect. I’ve tried this for a few days, but haven’t really noticed a difference yet. I’m one of the classic women who only pumps 2 to 2.5 oz total each pumping and this is while on Fenugreek. I would love to be able to put back into my freezer supply instead of just making enough to last my daughter while she is at daycare. I’m also finding that while I’m able to hand express some milk after pumping, I’m not getting much so maybe I’m not doing it long enough?? You’re the expert and I’m your willing apprentice!


    Didderty- JOhn has started to hold my boob as well. He gets really into feeding after about 5 mins and will grab at my other breast that he isn’t feeding from. Its so funny I don’t understand why but it just cracks me up!



    I need some advice. One of my nipples is damaged and i’ve been applying lanolin, airing it when possible, even tried a nipple shield…but nothing seems to be working. How long should I wait before seeking help? My son in 16 days old so i know it’s still early days but I’m really not enjoying the pain I get while feeding. I’m wondering if he’d latched…I feel like he doesn’t open his mouth wide enough but then he seems to be happy on there and feeds every 2-3 hours so I’m guessing he is getting enough…any advice? Should I talk to a lactation consultant? I’m so determined to breastfeed but Im nervous that i’m doing something wrong or I could be doing something different to help with the damage. It hasn’t got any worse so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!



    seuban0 – The fact that he hasn’t even told her about the two of you is what gets me. It’s almost like he’s pretending not to have the family. Does she know about Zoey? If not then you two need to have a serious conversation. I’m all for him helping her out cause it has to be hard being a single mom let alone one with twins but that is no way to treat his current family. I wouldn’t want him spending the night there either. I would offer for the twins to stay with you three instead. They have a little sister that they need to get to know anyways. Good Luck!



    i had a c/s both times the first time I bled for about 3 weeks this time I bled off and on for pretty much 6 weeks pp than here at 10 weeks I started again. I pumped the first time cause ,my DD was premiee and in the NICU this time I have fpr certain things to go out what not but yesterday he took 1 bottle than a few hours later absolutely REFUSED he wanted momma….



    Minor rant and pity party. I miss the days when laying down to nurse was a relaxing time. Now she’s up on her hands and knees, stretching my nipple, or if I’m lucky, latching off first and then I have to worry about her falling off the bed. Or, even better, telling me ‘all done’ when I know she’s not! Pity part, not BF related – I have company coming in a few hours and am discovering how difficult it is to get any cleaning done! I don’t know how you ladies with more than 1 child do it! What I tidy, she untidies! What I sweep, she crawls through! What I put up, she pulls down! ARGH! Going crazy today and not getting much done 🙁 Okay, rant and whine over 🙂



    well, I just pumped for the first time today and fed my baby girl 2oz from a bottle for the first time. My hopes is that she got enough for us to sleep for a bit tonight. We’ll see.



    Men generally aren’t as empathetic as a rule either. We see/hear someone upset and we try to empathize with them. For us, its easier to put ourselves there…if you were scared and alone, how would you feel type of thing. Guys just aren’t as in tune with that stuff! They also don’t have the mothering bond/gene. We hear crying and the mother in us wants to fix it. They hear crying and either say ‘buck up buddy’ or, like you said, tune it out!


    Oh, my point about the Nursing store was maybe you can see about a place near you that offers the same service? The store I go to doesn’t charge to use this service.



    laura-you know i’ve co-sleep the whole time and if you’re afraid something will happen i understand. i use to worry all the time when Isaac was smaller. at any rate you could pull the covers at least to your hips and ollie would still be just as safe and you’d be warmer and less stiff. hope you start getting more sleep. i hate sleep deprivation!



    Bri – he looks so proud of himself! And Chris’ little twigs of hair sticking up in the background…I love thin little toddler hair that sticks up. So sweet!

    I’m glad you other ladies posted that your little one’s were barely sitting up at that time.. Zoey will be 6 months on the 11th and she sits unaided now but doesn’t even dream of crawling or pulling herself up. I should just quit reading the monthly pages and comparing her to Bri’s adorable half-grown-toddler-babies. lol. I guess I’m just constantly looking for some delay because of how big Z’s head is…I’ll feel better when we get the ultrasound results back (they said a couple of days). But I’m glad she’s not the only baby not standing or crawling or even rolling over a lot. I was thinking back to when she just turned five months though…how she could only sit for like two seconds without falling over. She can sit until she gets bored with sitting now. And it’s just been about three weeks. It made me wonder what she’ll be doing in another three weeks!!
    I’ve gone six hours before (without oversupply issues) without pumping and was so miserable and leaky. Could you buy a cheap manual pump to take with you? They’re small and you won’t be brokenhearted if something happens to it. I’m not a very effective hand expresser though (lazy? lol). Just a thought. I wouldn’t attempt the day without a pump unless you ARE an effective hand expresser. Good luck!


    Last night I went to DH awards banquet and it lasted 6 hrs. HOLY ouch! My boobs were so sore I had to go to the bathroom and hand express for 30 mins. I even pumped before i left. IThank goodness I went with a dress that was a little bigger on top because that space was filled before we left. I looked like Pam Anderson when I left! I pumped 10oz when I got home!!


    We gave John some baby food last night to see how he acted and he seemed to like it but he doesn’t have the swallowing down. I want to give him just normal food butI’m scared since he really didn’t know what to do with it.

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