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    Mere, how old is she again? I wonder if yobaby or something like that would be ok for her? That is if she’s a bit older. Alex has yogurt now but I know it’s good for yeast infections. Also, where in silverdale are you? My in laws are on Ridge Top.


    I’m making sort of a bold move today, which some of you might not consider to be so bold. But anyway, my MIL is at my home today with DH and DD. She’ll be there when I go home for lunch to feed Alyssa. Normally I resort to the bedroom so we can have some privacy but NOT TODAY! I’m feeding her in the family room uncovered – as I always do on my lunches. No reason to seclude ourselves in our own home. Everyone else stuffs their faces there (and sometimes it’s not so pretty) so why shouldn’t Alyssa be able to eat there too when it’s such a beautiful thing? 🙂



    when i was pregnant and having constipation issues. my doctor told me to get senakot. it worked really good. i’m still taking it now every day. i hate taking something like that everyday for fear of it making my body dependent on it but if i don’t take something at least every other day i regret it on about the 3rd day. i really need to call my doctor because i am having some really bad issues. i know this is tmi but i think i tore something down there a week or two after i had my little girl and so i bleed pretty much everytime i go and i hurt REALLY bad. on another note……….caroline has put herself to sleep the past two nights!!! i know i’m getting ahead of myself because she is NEVER consistent….but she normally falls asleep mid boob and the past two nights i have had to give her the first boob and then the second and she still hasn’t fallen asleep. well i laid her down in her crib and walked out of the room and when i come back like 2 minutes later she has put herself to sleep!! YAY.



    god-iva- I rented it off of comcast and it is a documentary. I don’t really go for those kind of movies but I really liked it.



    Should ebf babies be left to sleep? Will they wake when they’re hungry?



    is lawson crawling yet? if she is i’d turn my concern around on them. ‘you know she’s moving around a lot and i’d hate for her to touch a wet wall and mess up the paint. maybe we can meet for dinner this weekend?’ or just have keri call and say no.


    I personally would never cover my baby to feed and would certainly never feed in a bathroom, and I would not go to the car. I am the same as you guys more concerned with someone seeing my side or stomach. Maybe people should where blankets when at the beach or pool so nobody can see anything!!!



    ok so my little jaci is 2 months old and i had to go back to work when she was only 1 month…well i wanted to get her strickly on breast milk once she started gaining enough weight…well due to going back to work i had to start pumping…well i cant pump enough to keep up with her apitite….:( i just feel like i have failed her…i’ve considered going to just formula but then i talk myself out of it and think i can justnurse her when we are together because im not ready to stop and neither is she….im just torn….i just want what is best for her….:( is anyone else having this issue??



    thanks for the input everyone 🙂


    shiz- he has a lot of wet diapers. i would say at least 8-10 a day and has at least 2 bowel movements as well sometimes more than that. I fed him his bottle this morning at 9am which was over 4oz, and he wanted more but I have held off for the past 3 hours because it does concern me that I may be over feeding him. he hasnt been crying but he is definitely still hungry. he is doing the open mouth looking like a hungry bird thing lol. im going to continue to pump and I have an appointment with a LC on the 4th so Im hoping that will help and im going to invest in a better quality pump, mine is a pretty cheap quality one…


    Help me ladies! My son is 12 wks, EBF, no formula yet! Yay! The past few nights he has started screaming for no apparent reason. I just assume he is hungry so I try to feed him. He latches, drinks for a minute or two, then starts tugging/pulling on me. This goes on for a few minutes, then I try the other side. Same. This starts a chain of screaming, eating, spitting up, farting, more screaming, etc. During the day, he is eating every 2-4 hours, for about 10 minutes, per breast. I’m new to breastfeeding as with my first son I didn’t produce (began using hosp.grade pump @ 1 wk per LC advice, by 7 wks, I was only producing 3 oz a day TOTAL, I pumped every 2 hours, round the clock and was using fenugreek) I’m sorry this is so long, just wanting to provide as much info as possible, see if any of you have any advice? I sure hope we can get through this, I have been so happy breastfeeding and so grateful that it’s been going perfectly, until now…. :/



    I wanted to get a really nice breast pump but not pay too much. Keep a look out on EBAY to save money even Amazon. I got a brand new Phillips Avent ISIS DUO electric pump for $160 vs the $300 it retails for!



    I have EBF baby since birth, she is almost 7months old. We introduced solids a little over a month ago but i would always BF first, then offer solids. She has 3 meals a day and BF around 4-5 times still and i got my period in August 🙁 I couldnt beleive it….shocked! Its not as bad as before i got pregnant, no cramps at all (??) I used to have A LOT of issues with my periods/hormones and I am honestly really scared about what it will be like when she does fully wean (not until the far future hopefully, i would like to BF for at least a year and then let her self wean). I think the only reason i’m not having issues like i used to before i was pregnant is because of the hormones from BF’ing. The only difference i notice is my supply dips down a bit when AF starts. But, it hasnt seemed to effect her at all, she’s contented as can be :o)



    Black – I would say probably yes that is the problem but it can be other things too. Is their a chance you have Thrush? My son had it but thankfully i never got it but from what others have said, it can feel like shards of glass scraping your nipple while they are sucking.



    Bri – do you have tricks to share for not big eaters? my girl is gaining too little weight… she’s four months and i don’t think i should start solids until 6 months…

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