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    question! i had a flight today about 4hrs i took a bottle of BM out of the fridge and into a lunch box with 4 ice packs an took it on the plane with me i didnt end up using it and when i got home it was still freezing cold even n the middle i know its only good for 4hrs out of the fridge but can i still use it cos it was cold the whole time and very very cold still when i got home? thanks-



    kellyjk… it is normal to only pump that amount – that is about what I get each time. Pumps don’t work as well as your baby, so you pump less that they eat. I usually pump a few minutes after I stop seeing milk…



    Thanks everyone for thoughts on the pump. Baby ate before I left for work and seemed fine, but pumping I only got a half oz. It is getting less every day. I am trying not to think about it so the stress doesn’t hurt my supply. I may call my lactation nurse and see if she can help – I had to give my MIL a bottle of formula again today, and it makes me so upset. My hubby has been giving me peptalks pointing out that how great it is that we have not even used a whole can of formula in her first 6 months, and initially, 6 months was my goal, and he is really proud of me. But, I am so much more educated about breastfeeding now, and want so badly for breastmilk to make up the majority of her diet through the end of the first year. Sorry I am rambling, I am just a little crushed at how quickly my supply has taken a nose dive the past few weeks.


    Horseygal, I get flack for that too, but they are only babies once and I’m not gonna let anyone tell me how to raise my baby. I did it with my other 2 and I am doing it with this one. As for the not telling people about breastfeeding after one, I am proud but I don’t feel like answering all the obnoxious questions, all my friends and family will know but I won’t just offer up that info to strangers, if they ask I never lie but I just leave it alone. Plus once my oldest turned one he never had any interest in nursing in public, he was too busy.



    parkersmommy- I just weaned Riley a couple weeks ago. He was waking up twice a night to nurse at almost 13 months old…trust me, I feel your pain. It took about a week, but he now sleeps 11-12 hours. Yeah! Basically what we did was get him used to a new routine. At bed time I sang him a song. When he woke up in the middle of the night I let him cry for a while. If he didn’t calm down and went nuclear 🙂 I would get him and sing the song a few times and bounce on the yoga ball. He threw himself back and screamed, bit me once but after he figured out that he wasn’t going to get nursed he calmed down and I put him back to bed…semi-awake. It was a long couple nights of crying and bouncing and singing, but as long as you are consistent he will adjust. Good luck!



    i have a question, can you mix breast milk with cow’s milk? will it change the properties of the breast milk at all? i am getting my son to switch to cow’s milk (he’s 13 months) and want to do half and half in bottles until he accepts the cows milk, he refuses it right now.



    charmed – I think he is teething, he is drooling a ton and been biting me recently as well. Shiz- yes it is the first time he’s started the lazy latch! guess I’ll just keep reminding him, thanks for all your comments, makes me feel better knowing that it isn’t just us!



    babybean3 – think of ur boobies as a leaky faucet..they r never really empty. Are u putting baby 2 the breast an breastfeeding??? Ur 1st milk is colostrum and is very very thick. When ur milk milk comes in LOOK OUT LOL! I wouldn’t recommend pumping until bf is established really well, otherwise u can cause massive overprouction. 3 oz is a huge amount to pump @ one time if baby is on the breast. Beer metabolizes out of BM the same way it does in ur bloostream.

    Here r some helpful links



    Leslie – Of course you just love Lawson? Have you seeeeeeeeen her? She’s the cutest baby EVER!

    Hotmess- Zoey lost a pound and didn’t gain it back for a month. Her ped had me in there every week until she did gain it back, but that was it. Did he give you an ultimatum or something? Sounds like you feel like you’re going to be in trouble if your lo doesn’t gain it back. Try to track their dirty diapers. As long as there are plenty of those, the weight will come back on. Some babies just take longer!



    second star – my baby took a bottle after about two weeks but I agree, let someone else do it. I would just suggest being picky about what kind of nipples you use for the bottle. The ones I use are the playtex advanced air with the wide nipple. They are a little bit hard to find but babies r us usually has a few. The wide nipple is designed like your own so they have to ‘stimulate’ it with their lip instead of just sucking. My baby can’t do a regular nippled bottle, he just cant make it work. He easily switches between me and the wide nippled bottle and has since i stuck it in there. If you must use a bottle get one that makes him use the same reflexes he uses on you. Good luck.



    I know some of you ladies have conceived while still breastfeeding, but has anyone done it without ever having their period? Ella is 7 months old and i’d like to start to try to have another one (I know some of you probably think i’m crazy, but i was a twin and we are ready and i really want to have them be close together). But i haven’t gotten my period back yet from her. So the last time I had it was Oct 2008. How would I even know when I was? lol I guess when i started having morning sickness, huh. But yeah, if anyone else has done this, i’m just curious.



    Question for any ladies that have had c-sections before their due date…with my first I was over due 2 weeks and my milk started the instant she was placed on my breast, however I am concerned that this time around it might not be as easy.
    I am schedule for a c-section on Thrus. and it is two weeks before my due date. Has anyone had any experience with early birth and breastfeeding? Is it as easy as the full term? Any comments would be helpful.



    Bri- thanks. I haven’t noticed any bad smells and her belly is hardly ever gassy or upset. I’m not so lucky to be able to pump for the next day. I’ve done everything right but pumping isn’t incredibly successful for me. I only get about two ounces every two hours. And that’s if she’s not there to eat. This whole ‘pumping after they eat thing’… heh. I walk around smelling like maple syrup from all the fenugreek capsules I take and it’s still really hard for me to get enough pumped for her to eat while I work. Sigh!


    Hey everyone. I havent been on this part of the site for awhile, but I have a question/concern. My son is almost 21 months old, he was exclusively bf’d until 15 months. I always had a great supply, it was jsut time to wean for both of us. Today, I had a shower, and felt something warm dripping down my stomach. I looked, and I was leaking thick, sort of yellowish tinged milk from my left breast. I havent leaked in probably 10 months, and thought my milk had dried up. Is this normal? I recently went off the pill, less than a month ago. Could it be from a hormone change due to that, or is this completely normal? Thanks!



    Affrika, hopefully Breastfeeding is easier for you this time round. 😀

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