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    Lawsons – we also introduced a cup first, then a sippy as a toy. Personally, I hate sippies but I also think they have a time and a place. Katie will take her milk any way she can get it – warm, cold, from a cup, from the tap, whole, 1%, she really doesn’t care. As for the shots, good luck!


    The older John is getting the more I’m scared to get pregnant. He’s going ot be all over the place. Who here has children very close and if so how do you deal with it?



    Styx: I’m confused. I think your phone (?) auto corrected or something. Would Desitin work as well?


    how was your massage scarlet? They do put a towel down, and if i get the same woman I know she breastfed. Ollie only eats from one side at a time so will still have a boob with milk in. I could possibly place my breast pads under nipple on the towel I guess.



    didderty, have you tried taking a daily probiotic instead? Its a little more natural and helps to keep things regular. Its actually the same stuff that they are upping in all the yogurts now (Activia…) Helps keep me going and from having painful bowel movements!



    hello ladies.. i have been reading for a few days now and first time i have post here.. i guess i need to vent badly.. i felled at bf my 6year old. i think it was a combo of being young ( was 23 when she was born) and really had no support or any idea what bf was all about.. so now i have a 2week old lo and an determined to bf him. i still have nipple sorness one one side more that the other, and i have noticed a crack. i also have noticed he has a small amouth of thrush, so i called my dr and started using an anti fungle cream on my nipples. i have been washing them before bf.. scarde to death it could hurt him.. but only using it twice a day. i was using lanolin a lot but thought it might be making my nipples too mosit and causing more yeast to cont. to grow. i also swiched to disposable breast pads in hope that changing them a lot throught out the day will help with moisture.. so thats one thing but my other struggle is… i fed my 6 year old on a schedule.. this is the first time i have ever done “demand feeding” which he is eating well and having plenty of wets and dirty diapers.. but sometimes he eats every 3 hours and sometimes he eats every hour.. why is this .. i guess i dont want him to “snack” too much so that he gets a full tummy and sleeps well. is he just starting to demand more milk production and this will pass, and do bf babies ever put themselves on a routine.. im not looking for a strict schedule with him i would just like to have a routine.. any support will help.. i feel like i might be stressing over nothing.. but when i have only slept for 45 min every few hours or so, im feeling run down and i dont want to give up bf him… sorry for the long post.



    Some of you guys were discussing amber necklaces a while back. I can’t seem to find that page. Can anyone tell me of a good website to order a genuine one from please. Thanks!



    So I have the day planned on going through my 6yr clothes.. So much doesn’t fit her from this summer and she keep trying to wear he favorite things to school which are too small.. I’m so done the the drama of getting dressed for school. I appreciated that little Connor is a boy.. I wont have to have the 20 melt down on why he can’t wear lipstick to 1st grade…lol



    Wow Leslie- ‘Trashy’ I am so sorry that you view a womans body that way.. breastfeeding is classy..what is not is those god awful looks from people like you!!! And the next time your hungry, I wish you would go eat in the restroom!!!! yuck.. !!!


    Ladies, i think i might be starting to get a little depressed as i am confussed and dont know what to do (problem below)…keiko: i am alos going through this same problem. i also am torn on what to do…just lately for the past two weeks i have been having the feeling of just wanting to give up on this whole BF thing. I am a full time student, i work 3 hours a night and also have a two year old. so mondays, tuesday, and thursdays i am gone like 10 hours straight through the day. i feel like it would be easier on me to just start fully Formula feeding DeLaney because i would not have the problem or aches of having to deal with the hassel of trying to keep my supply up or pumping. And to add to the aches DeLaney seems to be wanting to wean. i am not sure if thats what shes doing or not though. i will be in the middle of a feeding then she will unlatch and start wealling and its hard to relatch her on the same breast until the next feeding session. i know BF is what is best for her but its hard on us all…but right now i am still BF her while i am home and bottle feeding while away. but lately i have started doing both at home…i guess i just need some encouragement from you ladies who hav e been through this same problem


    hey ladies 🙂 i had my baby october 9th and have been strictly breastfeeding. its going wonderfully! this is my first baby. i was wondering, is anyone elses baby a snacker? she eats small amounts very frequently throughout the day. im fine with it as i want her to eat whenever her little heart desires, but i understand it can be difficult for some mothers. about the whole BF in public thing- i havent done it yet as i havent gone anywhere but the grocery store, when people come to my house some of them are uncomfortable with it and i cant believe it! how else is my baby supposed to eat?! dumb butts.. i just tell them that every woman has boobs and if they are not yet comfortable with that fact, then they have some issues to be worked out lol thats a good idea to have a fb page! my e-mail is [email protected] if you could message me when you get the chance? thnx! 🙂



    Even a little breastmilk is better than none at all. Can I give you a suggestion?? I am exclusively nursing also and my lactation consultant suggested me to try taking Fenugreek. It has boosted my milk supply quite a bit. My lactation consultant said that some women respond better to a combination of blessed thistle and fenugreek together. Do a little research of it and decide if its right for you…it is very safe for you and your LO. Also, don’t beat yourself up over the nursing/pumping issue. You did it as long as you can and that is what is important. A lot of mothers don’t even try to breastfeed and just go straight to the bottle , so good for you! You have accomplished so much for giving your baby breastmilk for the first part of his/her life. You should be proud of yourself. **



    TonynOllysMommy- Have you eatten anything different? I dont think it is an issue with supply or anything, sounds like maybe hes having some tummy troubles, maybe talk to your doc about it. If there was no gas or anything, and its just the unlatching crying and relatching, thats pretty normal behavior , esp in the evening for some babies. I believe it was about week 10-14 my baby started doing that, screaming every night, unlatching relatching…she stopped doing it eventually, its really frustrating though, it makes you feel like your not doing something right, i would walk with her and nurse sometimes that worked, but if nothing else maybe his tummy is hurting him esp with the gas and spitting up.



    Does anyone have tips/advice or some good links that can help me get better at pumping? my milk supply is not an issue, but I still only get an ounce or less when I pump. Maybe I am stressing too much? Iam using the pump-in-style.



    My son will be eleven months on the 20th of this month, and still no period for me. And I would love to actively TTC again, so I hope it comes back soon. I know it is possible to still get pregnant, but it would be a lot easier if I was ovulating on a regular cycle!

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