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    hi ladies i have a questions for the moms who have had low milk supply ok have you tried the brewers yeast work and did it work? have you tried a herb called fenugreek and did it work? and were do you buy these products at cause i have a low milk supply my son is 1 and a half months and i havent been pumping like i should have at least 8 to 10 times a day some days i do 4 or 2 i have a busy schedule and with going back to work from 3-11 its gonns be eeven more busy. also i didnt have the greatest pump so i know rented the medela sypmphony to see if i can boost my milk supply with a better pump but i was just wondering do these other things work as well oh and when i do pump i get like 2-3 oz each time. also what i have been doing is similac advanced cause with me going back to work i wanted to do half breast milk and half similac but if i can get a better milk supply then i will only do breast milk. any advice and help is very welcomed. thanks ladys.



    anyone give cow’s milk before 12 months? my pedi said know, but I am considering since she is 11 months



    Does anyones LO only eat from one breast each feeding. I always have one breast bigger then the other cause she gets full off one Lol. Is this normal?


    i agree with jmwolf. i wouldnt want all the crap in smokes to get into my milk and go to my son. i dont let anyone smoke around him, and i think bfing while smoking would be jsut as bad. my motto is: when hes old enough to decide to put that stuff into his body, fine. until then, i choose for him, and i have chosen to keep his body clean.



    I usually nurse my LO to sleep, certainly at bed time, but during the day if I’m walking with her in a sling she will fall asleep without boob. Soundly asleep, so I can lay her down when we get home. jlevine, Baby doesn’t need vitamin D if you make sure he gets a little bit of sunlight (indirect, diffuse light is sufficient) most days. Kym22, yeah, you’ve done really well, and if you quit the reglan and use all the tricks we seem to have here (fenugreek, malted milk, lots of water, rest, etc) you might be able to keep bf’ing, but if not it really is better to be happy and enjoy your little one.



    I used to drink beer but none since I found out I was prego- it’s been a year! Can u drink beer while BF?



    campimama-Thanks for all of your help! I don’t know if you remember but I have been posting here since I was pregnant with Lil Brandon. You’re right, time does fly~LOL. But you have been such a great help to me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it :0)



    im going to eat a bowl twice a day…well ill try..



    rissasmommy — agree with the other girls, the first few weeks, my LO was attached to me all the time. I just sat in bed with her. I would put her in the co-sleeper beside me and catch a few zzzzs when I could, but was feeding every hour or two and it would last for a half hour to and hour. It all evens out, just enjoy this early time. My LO will be 6 months old next week and she is so distracted when she eats. It goes really fast.



    I would be okay with not using a cover, but nobody needs to see my leftover belly or stretchmarks and I don’t know how to keep that from being seen for sure without the cover. It’s definitely getting harder and harder to keep my DD happy under there though!!



    katjak7 – I’m sorry your Ped isn’t very supportive. Some doctors just go by the chart which is so darn stupid. First off it goes by formula fed babies. Formula fed babies tend to be bigger although with our little ones that isn’t the case. My first was 27lbs at his 2yr appointment. I’m not sure how much he weighs now. His doctor isn’t concerned because he is healthy and very very active. He was a child that was walking full on at 8months. My family does have early walkers so I suspect this guy will too. Anyways, she breastfed all three of her boys and knows how important it is and how they can’t go by percentages. This little guy doesn’t look big though, just older. He isn’t fat like you would think. He is long and tough. He has a skinny tummy but lots of muscle for a 12day old. I can’t believe it’ll be 2weeks on Friday! I do have to say that the second time around is so much easier. I had one issue after another with my first. This time I knew exactly how to latch him on (even with him being tongue tied). All the nurses kept trying to check and had no critizism at all which thrilled me. I guess all my research and experience paid off.



    I think I read somewhere…maybe on here…malted milk is good for supply as well if you’re not wanting a beer. Get some ovaltine and drink that. The other ladies are right though nothing gets your supply up like a baby nonstop nursing.



    2babies-under2-I went throught the exact same thing. I am still nursing, Ohh I was so close to giving up!!! It hurt so bad, I had tears in my eyes, and my toes curled up. My baby is 4 weeks old, and his latch is not very good. I get him on good, but then he pauses and pulls up his bottom lip. I tried and tried, but he keeps doing it, he is gaining great so he is still getting plenty even with this latch. Anyway, I think before I hit the end of the 2nd week, the pain was almost gone. Hang in there it will all of a sudden be much better, I thing you have to develop some calluses first.LOL



    expecting~ I wouldn’t think so since you’re probably not pumping in the middle of the night right? Thats at least 6 hours every day of not pumping….



    ~*Img LMAO!!!! OMG you sound like me when I was pregnant and women just walked up and touched my belly I would rub thiers lmao!! I’m sooo gonna keep urs in mind! It’s just so sad that something that was made for it is looked down on sooo much!*~

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