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    My son is exclusively breastfed and is 2 months old. The last week or so, he has been eating every 1-2 hours during the day, unless he is napping. Is this normal? I am afraid I am overfeeding him, but I was told it is best to feed on demand when breastfeeding. He has been fussing alot too, and nothing else seems to calm him down unless he is at my breast.



    Hi All!

    I breastfed exclusively while I was home and then pumped twice a day while at work and nursed when I got home every evening and I got my period when my son was 5 months old but my girlfriend didn’t get hers until 14 months… it really depends on the person.

    My son never ate more than 20 minutes at a time. He was born at 5lbs 9oz so his stomach was littler than most babies. As long as he is gaining weight everything should be fine. Good luck.



    so my ped kinda suggested that at this point breastfeeding is just for comfort, and not to be using it for nutrition…what i should have asked her is does that mean i cant count it as part of her milk intake for the day? she gets about 10 oz of formula in addition to being breastfed…im not sure if i need to increase the formula then? or did i understand her wrong? help!



    My milk has dropped lately because I’m stressed over purchasing a new house – I started spotting. Will my milk come back up or can I count on it staying at this amount? What experience have you guys had with breastfeeding and getting your period?



    DeeRod – A couple things. You CAN still ovulate while breastfeeding so always take procaution. As for your baby and the quick feeds…that happens around that age for almost all babies. Their world begins to expand and they become mobile. Breastfeeding, although they may love it, it isn’t as important. There was suggestion to go to a quiet place and that’s right. Also, I had to kick hubby out of the room. Kekoa wanted to play with him. He eventually out grew it. Babies don’t self wean before a year-ish. I say around a year because I don’t believe 1 is a magic number. It’s just a mile marker. I’m sure there are some babies that do but it’s very rare. What many women mistake as self-weaning is distraction. Someone else also said to feed before solids and that is also correct if you have a small eater. Kekoa would do one of the other so I would breastfeed about an hour before food. It works and now that he has a bigger tummy he does both….all the time! HAHA! Good Luck! If you can get past this blurp then it gets so much better.



    I have a manual Medela Harmony pump. It works great!! I pump once a day most mornings to build up a supply to freeze. And I work one day a week and pump 2 times at work. It takes about 30 minutes to fully pump with my manual and I can get at least 5 oz when I pump. But if I am at home and I let Wyatt breastfeed first, then I try to pump, I only get 1 oz. I try to pump before I breastfeed him at home. I like my manual pump. It works for me! If I pumped more often, I’d get an electric for sure!



    Well said ozbaby. Bigmuma – I totally understand your decision. You tried your best at breastfeeding and now you’re doing what’s best for your whole family. I have been there with my first child. While I was fighting a losing battle with breastfeeding, I was not enjoying my baby and no-one was enjoying me. I actually became a bit angry at what I saw as the pressure to breastfeed successfully and the assumption that it was such a natural, easy process. Mind you this was 7 years ago without help such as this forum. What with the hormonal rollercoaster, guilt and so forth, I went into a bit of clinical depression. But seeing my baby thrive on formula – gain weight, finally sleep well and be so much happier – helped turn things around. (That and some drugs, haha.) Actually partly I took the drugs so i knew they were in my milk so i wouldn’t be tempted to give breastfeeding ‘just one more go’ and prolong the agony. I had to make a clean break. Sometimes it’s a matter of moving on and making the best of the things you can control. Ah well, enough of my bitter experience haha! Enjoy your bubba!



    jcjm: My little girl prefers the bottle after she has it so i have stopped giving it to her unless i have to ( like when i go out and leave her at home) and she is 7 months. I try to make sure i always feed her from the breast and after a few feeds she forgets about the bottle again until next time. It is hard when they are fussing becasue they want the ease of a bottle but if your patient you can get them back to the boob easily. Just dont give in.



    ggfirsttime i don’t remember how many days it took me to see a difference. I am thinking maybe 3 or 4 but once you see the change you want I would think 2 a week would be good.



    This is my first pregnancy, I’m only 22weeks pregnant with twins but I have concerns about breastfeeding. I really want to do it, but am being somewhat discouraged by family. My mom says that my breast will get extremely large (they’re already a triple d) and my cousin says not only will my breast sag but that it will be too painful and I’ll get lumps on my arms where milk ducts are…. I was wondering how much of what they’re saying is true and also friend told me about a cream I could use for my nipples to keep them from hurting has any one heard of that?



    ohhhhh, i didn’t know that. I didn’t join, I just visited the website. I did pass the info on to the mother who needed the milk so hopefully she will sign up.



    Hi ladies im having some major problems right son is a little over 7 months and had been fully on breastmilk since birth..well 2 days ago I got my period back (first one since having him) milk has dropped to pretty much nothing..seriously!! I don’t know what to do..I have never gave him formula and don’t want to..I have some stalked up in my freezer that im using now but will my milk always stay down, or will it come back up when my period is over? How can I make more milk..Im just so stressed about this and I know its not helping the situation! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!



    judi thats unfair. i dont work and i dont pump and i still had to take meds for milk that dried up for no reason at all at between 2 and 3 months basically. i have always fed on demand to the point where my daughter would nurse every hour usually sometimes every 30 mins because she was so hungry. yes its natural but nature does weird things too, why do you think infant mortality is so high in places where formula is not available… besides illness and things like that i would bet a fair amount that lots of women have problems breastfeeding as well. honestly if meds were not available to me and heaven forbid i had lived in a place where formula was not available my daughter probably would have died. she went from 11lbs to 9lbs in a month because i had no idea my milk was gone.



    judi-I’m sure for some women it is a confidence issue. For me, it wasn’t, and isn’t because my body is very sensitive to everything I do. At my worst, instead of being able to pump a few oz. from each side, I could get maybe a half oz combined. My lo was constantly eating and I had to pull out of my freezer supply to satisfy him. I am a sahm so I don’t pump often, but it was sketchy for a while if I could make it without supplementing with formula. But, we did. There are some women who’s bodies are very sensitive to everything that they do. Having the support from this forum and suggestions on ways to boost supply got me through the tough spots.


    kimberly, espress some milk and rub it into your nipple, then put the lanolin on. that worked wonders for me.

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