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    OH, annie-marie: my BEEF of a kid is 10 months old. He usually only eats 10-12 ozs of expressed milk the entire day while at the sitter. And he goes from 4:30 am (when I last feed him and crawl out of bed) until about 9am before he signals that he wants a bottle. He STILL hasn’t gotten the hang of the plastic nipple and chews on it like bubble-gum, but he gets the milk. My point being: he’s 25 lbs, and has been for three months. A 25 lb 7 month old, getting ‘So little milk all day long…’ So, I wouldn’t worry about him not eating with your parents. I word it as ‘Augusting is a boob man’ and it usually disarms people suggesting to feed him formula! He fits in about 4 nursings between me getting home and him going down to bed, then again when I get to bed, and once or twice during the night. He just cluster feeds at the breast to make up for the lack of ‘bottling.’ Oh, we wish you the best and are praying this new ped. is more ‘of a boob kind of guy’ for you! Anyone else notice how these peds are quick to push APA guidelines for meds, vax, etc, but then not the ‘EBF for 4-6 months and as long as mutually desired afterwards’ statements? There’s very little support offered, and it feels you have to go out and GET it for yourself. Be mama lions, you BF-ers!!!



    ash070658 ask at your pharmacy… but pretty sure cough drops are a no-no as are most/all cold medications. Panadol is good. Looks like you might be having to make yourself lots of lemon honey drinks! 🙂



    Okay, so upon inspection I did find mold in the ‘horns’ of my breastpump. Since milk did touch it, does that mean I need to throw out my freezer supply since I don’t know how long it has been there?



    lmgibson – If they don’t hurt during feeding then I don’t think it’s an infection. If it were then it would burn to feed. Are they constantly erect? If so, then that could be why they hurt all the time. Mine sometimes do that too. As for what to do about it, I’m not sure. Warm cloth would probably feel good.



    suzm – Are you sure your supply is inadequate? Its supposed to drop a little after 6 months because more and more nutritional needs will be met by solids in the second half of the year. Check with your pediatrician because their actual BM/formula needs are less and its no longer their primary need. When I asked my pediatrician around 7 months how much they needed (I cant remember the amount) she said I had been stresing for nothing because I was still expecting that he needed close to the same amount as when he wasnt on solids! And that wast the case.



    Ok….I need some advice because I am a WRECK. My LO is now 10 weeks old. We had a LOT of trouble with BFing in the beginning. I have very small aereolas (and PROUD of it! Ha ha) to the point that the lactation consultants wouldn’t stop talking about how they were the smallest ones they’ve ever seen. **Blush** So anyway, baby had a hard time latching and my milk didn’t come in for 5 days…poor thing. He finally latched with a shield and we used that for three weeks. However, my nipples were torn to shreds and I cried every time he’d latch. On top of that, he lost almost a full pound and my pediatrician suggested supplementing with formula. I didn’t know I’d be like this but ‘formula’ is like the F word to me. I was like, HEEEEEELL no! I will do ANYthing not to give him formula. So I sought the lactation consultant’s advice and they had me feeding the little guy on each side, then pumping each side, then feeding him what I pumped. WELL, by the time I was done feeding him what I pumped and cleaned the pump parts…..TIME TO FEED AGAIN! It was a full time job but sooooo worth it. He gained his weight back and is now a whopping 13 pounds.

    Ok…what is my problem, you ask? Well, I had to go back to work (still cry every morning). I had a GREAT supply of milk going….and then my little piglet had a growth spurt. He is 2 months old now and I struggled for DAYS with the fact that I was either going to have to give him formula or let him go hungry. Hmm….I HATE formula, but I’m not going to let him be hungry. So my grandmother (she’s watching him while I work during the day) has been giving him half and half. I still cry thinking about it…..I just HATE, HATE formula. Just the idea of it makes me sick to my stomach, but I had to do it!! I have no choice but to work, and I can only pump 2 times at work (I’m an elementary school teacher). Soooo…I’ve realized that my true problem as of right now (besides for the fact that formula is so unnatural and just seems toxic to me….sense my hatred now??) is that my LO will not want to nurse anymore. He’s become a little fussy at the breast, but not too bad. He still eats. But I’m so worried that I’m not going to be able to sustain a milk supply (in my freezer AND in my boobs) to continue feeding him. Has anyone else worked full time and had these feelings? Anyone work full time and successfully BF? If so,how long? I initially said I wanted to BF for at least 6 months, and I’d REALLY like to get to a year. But we’re at 2 months now and things have gotten difficult (again). We’ve worked so hard to get good at this BF thing and I LOVE to BF…..but I’m just so disappointed that I had to turn to formula to supplement and that I’m worried about BFing all over again.

    Please help….as you can see, I’m being a little neurotic. And….I’m going to shut up now. 🙂


    thanks campimama. my problem is its just so much easier to nurse him so i can get some sleep! lol when he wakes at 5, and i dont have to be up till 6 and he refuses to go back to bed, i sometimes (maybe once or twice a week) put him and bed with me and just let him nurse for as long as he wants while i sleep lol. i have a very physically and mentally exhausting job, so that last hour makes a huge difference!



    npreg2: I agree, I have the Medela Pump-n-Style and I love it! This is the 2nd baby I’ve used it with and it’s great. Highly recommend it, totally worth the $280!!



    Ugh. Now I have another blister and clogged duct. Great, right after I was just saying that it’s all healed up and feels fine lol! How the heck did this happen? Ouch is all I have to say…



    please help!!! my dd is almost 5 months and she has been ebf. i quit smoking cold turky on monday and all of a sudden my supply has droped to almost none!!! has anybody ever had this happen??? i have never had any trouble with my supply, and i dont want to have to use formula or pick up smoking again. thanks to everyone in advance. and happy breastfeeding.



    acissej7382- i don’t know when to start EASY routine. I don’t do it. We actually do do that, but i just never knew it existed until now. We just sort of fell into that routine on our own. I thought it would be a good way to go. Interesting that there’s a name for it though. But about tummy time.. i don’t know when i started that, either. I think probably about 2 months. she hated tummy time though. so yeah. Also. Pumping. You can start pumping at any time, just be aware that it will increase your supply, so if you won’t be pumping every day just be aware that you might become engorged.



    MyBabySuprise – Nipple confusion is very real. It’s the name that is actually misleading. Babies use different muscles to get milk out of a breast that they use for a bottle. Bottles are ‘easier’ for the milk to come out of so that is why they tell you to wait (for most babies, anyway) because the possibilty of your baby growing a preference to the bottle.



    excitedmisty, all babies sleep through the night at different ages, you really can’t control it. My older son honestly didn’t sleep through the night until he was 6. First it was that he was hungry all the time, but I got so tired, I just allowed him to sleep with me (just rolled over, he’d latch on and we’d both go back to sleep) and then when he got older he didn’t know how to self-soothe himself back to sleep. And then even older, and I wouldn’t wake up when he’d climb into bed with me for cuddles. I eventually had to lock the bedroom door so that he’d have to knock to get in, which would wake me up. Then he finally started sleeping on his own. My new son though, has only been waking up 1-2 times per night since he was 5 days old (huge improvement over his brother) and already sleeps in his crib with no problem. I anticipate him sleeping through the night much earlier…



    Did you know that Breast Milk kills over 40 types of cancer? A family member of mine has been diagnosed with Cancer, and after a lot of research, we are taking a leap of faith and I’m donating milk to the cause.
    Some interesting things – there is something in Breast Milk called HAMLET cells – these can be activated topically when mixed with some olive oil and applied to skin cancer.
    If you’re interested in learning more about breast milk and cancer treatment here is a link to start from – you can also google the topic and learn a lot more! Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if the cure for cancer has been with us all along? I’m praying that our addtional use of BM in conjunction with chemo and radiation will help kill this cancer (BM also helps good cells repair after treatement as well!).



    wyatt’s mommy- i have one word of caution before you give up your milk. this is going to sound selfish, but here i go. if you’re going back to work you may need all the oversupply you’ve got. i bought a deep freezer for all the extra milk i was pumping in the beginning, and i thought i’ll never get through all of this. well when i went back to work full time at 6 months my milk started to really regulate itself and i ran through almost all of my freezer supply. i was down to a weeks worth in the freezer which i used this week while i made a fresh supply. so anyhow long story short if you are returning to work, you may need it for yourself. if your not, then i’d say go for it.

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