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    parkersmommy1, it was probably the hormone change. I have heard from some older, retired nursing moms that you never really stop leaking. You will just spontaneously leak for years after you stop nursing!



    Katjak7, thanks for the tip. 😀



    STYX: I started pumping when DJ was 4wks old. It was around that time we introduced a bottle every now and then also. I’d pump right after he fell asleep for naps during the day. He’d nap for a good 2-3hrs and I’d pump every half hour for 10 minutes… I was a little nutty with the pumping. But loved having a HUGE supply of milk in the freezer, and it’s all getting used! Plus it was nice to have a few drinks every now and then, or go out with the hubster and know that I had milk in the freezer.



    What a great site BRI!



    Tried the pump out last night and love it! It’s so much nicer to my nipples! I have another electric pump (that was only like $70) and that one hurts the nips!


    bri, hi! My screen name is hawaiianmomma6, bt i am not actally hawaiian, bt i do live in hawaii. I love yor boys’ names!! Their hawaiian names i mean. I love breastfeeding and I am hoping to continue throughout the pregnancy and them tandem nurse after that.. I wanted to with my first set of kids that were born lose together. My 3rd child was only 6 months old when I got pregnant with my 4th child. By the time I was 2 months pregnant with my 4th, I was cramping so bad everytime I bf, that I had to wean. I am hoping that doesn’t happen this time!!



    Madduxâ€I don’t know about the sore, but sometime my daughter makes a strange clicking noise too. In fact many of the other mom’s in a ‘Mom’s Group’ (run by an LC) I use to attend had the same sound from their babies. We were told that babies are very crafty and will manipulate the flow of the milk, so if the let down is too fast, they may adjust how they are sucking as to not choke. Just a thought. As for the pacifier issue; some babies will take them, some won’t. My daughter would take it long enough to stop screaming in the car then spit it out, but now she has found her thumb. Such a Godsend at night since she never looses it, but we know it may be more difficult to break her of the habit.


    Fred Meyers carries it as well.



    kinta – My second son was tongue-tied and in the six days that it took me to get in with the specialist I was ruined! It was sooo awful. What I learned was keeping it dry was not what I needed to do. She said I needed to keep it moist. Breastmilk does have anti-bacterial agents in it so you can use that. She gave me a prescription of muciprin (sp?) to ward of infection and promote healing. In your case I’m wondering why they are so bad? Do you have a good latch? Is your baby tongue-tied. Usually they become sore after constant use but that goes away. There is usually an under-lying reason when they become ‘ruined’ as you say. I would probably contact a LC to make sure everything is how it should be. If you are in a lot of pain then you want to get checked out before it gets worse.



    Bri – She knows about Zoey. She knows he and I are best friends – that’s how it started in the first place- and thinks we got lonely one night and Zoey happened. In reality, we were sleeping together for 3 months before Zoey happened. He left her because he felt an attraction to men and wanted to explore that. It’s why our relationship is so incredibly complicated, why he hasn’t told any of his friends or family we’re actually together. He feels like he spent so many years hiding who he really was…then he left her and announced to the world who he was,,,,and then met me, and fell in love with me. So he’s afraid to tell her that he left her because he was gay (?) but now he’s with another woman. I really do understand how hard that would be to hear from her point of view but at the same time, it’s not easy for me either. I’m a very open person but I hate feeling like I not only have to compete with other women, but other men too! He and I truly are best friends…and inside of our little box, we get along perfectly. It’s when I look at the bigger picture and want a family that things get complicated.



    I hemoraged after giving birth as well. I remember the doctor pushing on my stomache over and over again, and the blood was just gushing out. She didn’t have to dig any clots out, but gave me a few litres of oxtocin, to help my uterus contract, and I passed a large clot on my own within a couple of hours. Braeden didn’t want to eat until he was almost 10 hours old, so they were very happy when he finally latched on and started eating, especially since I was cramping while he ate, which meant my uterus was contracting. Looking back, I’m quite surprised they didn’t try to push formula, considering that he wouldn’t BF those first 10 hours, but I don’t think they realized he wasn’t eating either… the first time he ate, the doctor asked me how long since his last feeding, and I said, actually, it’s his first one… he wasn’t interested before! She was a bit put off, but he’s been eating like a champ ever since.



    PG- wow, i know how that is. It’s no fun at all. Don’t know how i would do it with 2 either. Probably after bed. But you’re trying to get it done for company and that is rough! Good luck.


    Grr, I need to pump,. My left breast is SO full since Asher only ate on the right this morning before going to the babysitters. But my pumping break is not for another 40 min…



    seuban, I’m so sorry. As a single mom for 7 years though, I don’t think it’s so bad. I was 17 when I had Damion, and his dad and I never lived together. He never really put in the time to get to know his son either, has only ever seen him a couple times a year, and doesn’t call much in between. Where he lives now is so far away, Damion only gets to visit once a year. Nevertheless, he has developed a strong bond with his father, and I fondly remember when he was about 4 years old, and wanted to know why we couldn’t all just live together… His dad was already married to another woman at that point, and had a stepson over there. I had a really hard time not laughing as I was explaining that mommy couldn’t live with Daddy and Crystal, it just wouldn’t work. Then another time, Damion informed me that Crystal was Daddy’s ‘love you’ and I – wasn’t! LOL
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    scarlet and momofcash- thanks. we bought a scale for babies because we wanted to monitor her weight. and after feeding i weigh her as bri told me before. i do it once a week before but lately i’ve been doing it like three times a week. i’m paranoid, i know. lol. she was born at 6.1 lbs. when we left the hospital she’s down to 5.8 lbs. really tiny. she’ll be 12 weeks on saturday and last tuesday she’s at 10.5 lbs. she’s gaining 1/2 an oz a day lately though. i kinda set my mind she has to gain an oz a day. lol. thanks for the reassurance ladies, it means a lot.

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