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    scarlet – Just started Zoey on stage 2 two days ago (she was 6 months yesterday). We made sure she wasn’t allergic to any of the basics (her dad has crazy food allergies) and then moved up. There are still a couple of combo’s that have things like strawberries in them that I am a little nervous about but so far, the textures look exactly the same! I’d say go for it, if you feel ready for different foods.


    courtenay: from the time my son was a month old, hes had a plush frog to sleep with. once he was old enough, i started to give it to him while he nursed. if i happen to forget to give it to him, out comes the hitting and pinching. thats the only thing that stops it for us. hes jsut bored



    Sadie is only two months. She gummed my nipple and I let out a yelp and immediately took her off. The next nursing session she did it again, and I yelped and took her off. She hasn’t done it again. But, I noticed that it happened when she was finished nursing and just playing. Now I’ll take her off and let her gum my finger.



    oops! cough drops should be fine… was thinking of pregnancy!



    i dont think mold can grow in the freezer, i would think it would be ok, but im not really sure. it really sucks to have to throw out breastmilk.



    I only nurse once at night between 8-9 pm. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks now. I slowly weened out one nurse time a day. I would drop a pump at work and after he would nurse at home I would hand express just enough to get the pressure/pain out of my breast. Rj just turned 1 yesterday, so now I am in the great debate on weather to stop the last nursing or not. Sometimes he is all about he night nurse, and other days he isn’t. He loves his cow’s milk just as much as mine, but the cuppy makes it easier to be up and about playing instead of laying still….



    Hi Ladies! i just found this and thought you good folks might be interested:



    briannette-It’s totally normal to be a little neurotic 🙂 It’s the hormones. I know several women on this forum have done the pumping/working thing…it is possible. I have a couple suggestions. First off, RELAX!!! The more stressed about your supply, the worse it is. If you don’t have a picture of baby to look at while you pump, bring one. Think of nursing while you pump and try and relax as much as possible (and do it with a smile on your face). Visualize the milk pouring out (I know this sounds crazy, but it helps me when I pump). I also have a couple blogs on my page with tips to boost your supply to help your body make more milk. Feel free to look at those too. You may find that just adding fermented oatmeal every morning will help you to make the extra you need. Good luck, good job & remember that any bm you can supply is better than none .


    Bri- I really didn’t mind nursing after we got the hang of it but 4 months is a long time I dont mind talking to the counselors but I would rather not and talk to other moms who are going thru it now. I have talked to a counselor here and I kinda feel like there was no if and or buts or really that I could talk to her, I think Im going to try it and see how it goes I am kinda scared to go thru it all again 7 years it seems like its been such a long time.



    Depending where I am, I find sitting in a corner, for starters, helps. I also use 2 coverings. 1, a stiffer blanket and 2, a piece of thin cotton fabric. The stiff blanket keeps the fabric from sitting on DD’s face which drives her crazy, and the fabric is bigger and is extra coverage for my tummy or wherever else needs it. By using the stiff blanket, I can keep an opening behind her head so fresh air can get through. It definitely was easier to feed her in public when she wasn’t so nosy though! Thankfully she goes a little longer between feedings these days…



    Angie; Depends on who you talk to… I’ve heard mixed feelings on the subject; some say to leave the bottle out for the next feeding and use within a few hours, others say toss it, some say store it in the fridge; just use your best judgement. I use the re-heat once rule of thumb. If my daughter doesn’t finish her bottle, I will put the bottle in the fridge for the next feeding and re-heat it, but if she still doesn’t finish it, then I toss whatever is left. I never add new milk to a used bottle…I’ll re-heat what is leftover, then warm up a second bottle if/when she is still hungry. I don’t know how old your baby is, because that can determine how much to store in each bottle. At almost 1 year old, my daughter still only takes 4 or 5 ounces at a time. I can count on one hand how many times she took more than 5 ounces in her life, but other kids will take 10 oz, it just depends. When she was an infant, I would store my milk in 2 or ounce portions since that was often how much she would drink in one sitting. Formula is a totally different story..never re-use or reheat the stuff. Breastmilk is a bit more forgiving.



    Is it okay to re-heat expressed breastmilk? Like if baby doesn’t drink all the bottle is it okay to put it in the fridge and re-heat it within 24hrs?



    We’re getting around 6+ dirty/wet nappies a day, I think. Milk regulation is a possibility. She just seems hungrier then normal, but, then again, she wasn’t feeding as much or as often yesterday, so maybe she’s making up for it today?? She also uses my boob for comfort, and I didn’t like the idea of this, so questioned my midwife about this. She reckons that, although it’s heartbreaking to listen to, just give her the boob for feeds, so I introduced a dummy, which SOMETIMES comforts her. At night, I just give in, though, which is something I really want to get out of. When I start introducing routine in a week or two, I’ll deal with it then…



    Megan unfortunately it happens to all of us… while pregnant your hair doesn’t fall out but after the hormones start getting back to normal all that extra hair plus some finds its way down the drain 🙁 I love my pregnancy hair and I am not looking forward to losing it all.



    How does everyone sleep while nursing? I love laying down to feed, but find it way too uncomfortable to be able to sleep. If DH is in bed I make him prop me up with his hip and I can sort of relax, but otherwise I can’t. Is everyone using pillows to prop themselves, or what?

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