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    1blessedmomma. My little one is 12 weeks old. She refuses to feed from the right hand side. Will only take it in the middle of the night when she’s too sleepy to fight it. I too cannot shift my weight and haven’t gotten a period yet.



    momofcash – That is a big deal!! Congrats. I was in your situation with my first. I cried the first time I got him to latch on (over 2months old) and cried even more when we were able to wean him off bottles. Your husband is just a guy, most don’t understand so don’t worry about it. It’s awesome what you’ve overcome. Enjoy the moments and know that if you have another you’ll be going into it with a lot more experience and knowledge. When you’ve been there, done that, it all seems easy.



    parkersmommy1 – Yes, it’s normal. Some women can express milk or leak until years after they’ve weaned while some moms dry up as soon as Baby stops. Cabbage leaves should help dry you up.



    Katjak – my supply is back to normal, yeah, thanks. I have no idea what did it, whether it was the oatmeal or the non-stop nursing or if it would have gone back to normal on its own once I wasn’t sick anymore, but I’m definitely thankful.

    Unfortunately my DD got used to nursing all night while we were sick and as of 9 this morning I had had 3.5 hours of sleep because we were up all night 🙁 I so badly want my 11 hour (straight!) sleeper back 🙁 CIO isn’t an option but I know we’re both not getting enough sleep. Don’t know what to do.


    styx…i pumped at a month, i found my breasts were too tender before that anyway! i’m a SAHM momma too and have a huge milk supply and it came in handy when i came down with a nasty sinus infection and needed some meds (which they said wouldn’t effect the milk supply, but i was still worried it would effect my son) PLUS since i pumped so much, while i was sick, hubs and family were able to take over the feedings for me until i got better…



    that’s a good article, bri!



    1st time posting here…has anyone heard of using this combination of foods to increase their milk supply and make it fattier? Avacado, tofu and brewers yeast. My little one is 15 weeks old today and STILL only weighs in at 10 lbs 3 oz. The pediatrician doesn’t seem worried and she eats about 12 oz of expressed milk while I’m at work and I nurse her 4 or 5 times on top of that, so I assume she is getting about 22 oz a day, which is pretty good for her size (or so I’m told). I am just wondering if I can increase the fat content of my milk to help her add a few lbs?? She only gains an average of 3.5 oz a week, but she is meeting all her developmental milestones, so I’m told I shouldn’t worry, but cant’ help it! Friends and family keep suggesting that I give her formula. I really don’t want to force her to gain if that isn’t what her body wants to do naturally, but worry that maybe it is something wrong with my milk…these are the thoughts that keep me up at night!


    Hi everyone! I’m new to the breastfeeding section of this site, but was wondering if I could get some advice… I’m a full-time working mom with a 4 month old little girl. She is exclusively breast fed but I’m recently having trouble keeping up with her demands. I am currently taking Fenugreek (capsule form) and drinking Mother’s Milk Tea, but I am not seeing a difference in my supply. I eat enough healthy foods and drink over a gallon of water a day. I am not sure what else I can do at this point. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I can try? This is what our feeding schedule looks like:

    7am – nursing for 20-30 minutes (both sides)
    10am – 5-6oz of BM (I pump about 5-6oz at work)
    1pm – nursing for 30-40 minutes (both sides)
    3pm – 5-6oz of BM (I pump between 3-4oz at work)
    6pm – cereal + nursing for 10 minutes (one side)
    7pm – nursing for 20 minutes (both sides)
    10pm – nursing for 20 minutes (both sides)
    11pm – 1-2oz pumped and stored

    Her day time feeds are given to her through a bottle since I am work and I pump around the same time she is eating but as you can see at 3pm she eats more than I can pump. It’s difficult for me to pump more at work or after she nurses since I’m usually pressed for time to get back to work. I pump after she nurses in the evenings and I get about an ounce or less and I store that, but I would like to get away from having to do this at night…. Sorry for the long post. It’s very frustrating and stressful to EBF and work full time. I wake up an hour earlier in the mornings just to be able to feed her before I leave and I come home for my lunch to feed her as well so that she gets nursed more often rather than bottle fed. Any suggestions would be great!!!!!!



    It almost seems like a contest ‘whos baby takes the most oz in a feed’ Great , your baby takes 10 oz a feed. and is only 2 weeks old, that must make them advanced. I agree the month by month pages are misleading to the FTMs. It seems like everybody is FF. And the rice cereal, dear god I feel for those poor kids, it pains me when some one else mentions rice cereal for their 1 month old.



    Costco doesn’t sell them! HAHA! What do you have in the sticks? Ma’s General Store? HAHA! Does your maternity ward at your hospital have a baby boutique? They might carry it. But if you have to wait then QFC will be the best place in Olympia. I’d ship some to you but then you could just order off line. It’s probably cheaper online as well.


    i’d check a lc kinta. Do you have bossom buddies groups over there? I found going to that with my first really helpful. Bossom buddies is a breast feedin support group in the uk. I’m currently trying with out much luck to get one set up at my local childrens centre.



    What can I give/do for my 2 month old she’s constipated – hasn’t had a bm in 4 days and is crying in pain. Is there anything I should eat or can give her?



    Ok, so my best friend is 28 weeks pregnant, and learned at her 18 week u/s that her baby has some health issues. Her son has ‘cysts’ attached to his bowels, and is going to need surgery soon after his birth. She desperately wants to BF him, but has been told that depending on the severity of his illness (which can’t be completely determined until he is born) he may have to have a tube down his nose, and be given a ‘special’ formula. I thought breastmilk would be the best solution no matter what, but I guess they are worried that he might not be able to digest anything, and the special stuff is already broken down or something. Sounds a bit weird to me, but I guess I’d have to trust the doctors on this one. I’m trying to convince her to pump anyway even if this turns out to be the case, because I’m sure at some point, he’d be able to digest it, I’m sure he wouldn’t have to be on thís special stuff his whole life, so at some point, he must have to start eating real food right? Which means breastmilk would be used at some point… But she’s not sure about the pumping. He’s going to have to be in the hospital for a long time regardless, at least a month, but if he’s not going to be given her milk at the beginning, she’s thinking it will be a waste of time to pump. Any advice I can give her? She has 2 other children at home, and is worried that between pumping and going back and forth to the hospital, she won’t have time for them.



    godiva- oh yeah. I literally stained my couch because it flew out so fast and so much that it pooled and it was on my leather couch and it just never came out. i dunno. but yeah, if ella would unlatch it would be a puddle. it was ridiculous. but that stopped happening at like 2 1/2 maybe 3 months and she’s almost a year, so it’s a long time ago.


    military mom my oldest was the same was up 3 times a night at least and that was until he was over 1!

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