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    Alcohol works its way out of your milk the same way it does out of your blood. So how ever long it takes the amount of units you drank to no longer be in your blood stream it will also no longer be in your milk.


    Lisalou sorry I don’t come on here often. The only other symptom I got was round ligament pain. I got up and I got That Charlie horse in my side and I thought now that’s weird and then with my supply rapidly disappearing I knew. I didn’t want to believe it but I knew. According to at 6 months pp you have a 10% chance of conceiving without your period returning. Also most women will get a warning period where they don’t produce an egg but for some the egg comes first and if you hit it on the right day bam. I’m due in a few weeks and my daughter is only 14 months old.



    Grr just posted about a manual pump and the damn thing lost it! So shortened version here goes! Will be on a longish trip at end of Feb, bout 11-12 hrs away from babe and pump and looking at getting a manual pump to take with me. Looking for suggestions on which on to get, please message my page so I don’t miss a great suggestion! thanks in advance ladies you guys are the best and some of the reasons I’ve been going as long as I have been, I really want to do a year and would hate if this trip diminished my supply too much and forced me to have to supplement. Ethan is already over 18 lbs at 6 1/2 mths, he loves his milk!!



    ok.. I am so confused.. Had my daughter 10 weeks ago.. breastfed for only 5 weeks.. still no period… is it possible i am pregnant?? I had some thick mucousy blood tinged tissue…. and will a pregnancy test be accurate if i test?? i am wondering about a false positive… dont wanna go back to dr. yet… any ideas??



    My little guy would not latch when my milk came in nor did he latch well at first in hospital. I used a nipple shield for one feeding, and then once nipple was pointed out, I took if off and he latched well!
    Had to use it a few times to retrain him when he gets fussy and screams but its saved me a lot of stress and tears!
    And you only need it for a few minutes or one feeding!


    Melody is now 14 mo old and has never ate for more than 15 min total…. she was born 6lbs 1 oz…. at 9 days old, your supply is reallllllly good and it takes less effort for the baby to get the milk… AND their bellys are extremely tiny… As long as he is gaining weight and has good bowel/pee diapers, then he is doing fine.. mel used to eat every 2 hrs and during her growth spurts, she would eat every hr.. around 2 wks, babies go thru a growth spurt.. let him feed as often as eh wants bc it helps him grow and it keeps your supply up with his growth! 🙂



    amandarekkedal – Congrats! That is a big accomplishment. As for pumping. I work and only pump when I’m there. If you aren’t going to be away then it shouldn’t matter if you are pumping or not. Your breasts will adjust to the need of your babies. Of course if you want to store milk just in case then you can continue to pump. I don’t think you need to do it religously though. Again, Congrats! You are doing an awesome job. Many moms would have given up by now.



    Have any of you ladies had problems with baby biting you when you try to nurse? My little girl bit me for the first time yesterday… I know not to laugh or over-react and I know it’s a sign that she is not hungry, but I’d still like to hear some feedback from any of you that may have had this problem too.



    Lilli – That’s too cute! Those smiles and the in awe looks you get are what makes breastfeeding worth it to mom. I’m not saying yanking your nipple to the next room is all that it’s cracked up to be but….those smiles. The twinkle in their eyes when they tell you I love you. It’s awesome. Congrats on the milestone!



    Ditto on the medela. I have a pump in style that I’ve been using for 14months now. Kekoa had problems latching on in the beginning so for the first two months all I did was pump. Now I pump everyday at work and I still have a good supply and never had to suppliment.



    Bigmama, Kekoa never took my whole aerola in either. It was part of why we were having soo many problems early on. People kept telling me I was doing it wrong. Come to find out, I just have big boobs/aeroles and Kekoa had a tiny mouth. Now that he’s older he gets it all in but couldn’t for the longest time.



    kla2200~I too have decided to only breastfeed upon waking and sometimes in the evening, with formula during the day. We have been doing this for almost a month and seems to be okay. Maxx is almost 10 months and isn’t drinking a lot of formula during the day so I think he is getting at least 5 ounces from me in the morning. I really hope to keep the morning feedings until at least a year.



    I use Dr Brown’s bottles and have never had a problem with them.



    Breastfeeding if done right (baby latching correctly) is not painful at all, you can’t even feel anything really. You might have some pain when you become engorged in the morning but that goes away after baby eats and even engorgement subsides over time. Milk ducts on the arms?!?! lol. If you are a large chested woman chances are that you are going to sag anyway unless you have some awesome bras. With my first I went from a 36B to a 40D. I have some sagging but only because it was such a drastic change in size in such a short time. When I got pregnant with my 2nd they didn’t get any bigger. You really can’t help that because it is a natural thing for the body to grow but some women don’t get larger at all. IT is just a chance you have to take. But I heard that it is quite painful not to breastfeed because you have to make the milk dry up after birth and that could take a while.



    21Tiff – Congratulations on your LO growing so well! Really, that’s great. It’s kinda impossible to breastfeed your baby too much. As far as your fat content, I wouldn’t worry about that at all. Like the other said, babies tend to level-out on the charts when they start crawling and really when they start walking. Enjoy the healthy LO, and knowing that you have a sufficient milk supply! I’m proud of you!

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