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    Hi ladies, I have an off the topic question and since there seems to be a lot of activity on here, I thought I’d ask…

    Does anyone know if an OBGYN can prescribe Xanax? I have been having anxiety attacks since the birth of my son. He is going to need a major surgery and I am a wreck about it. 🙁



    Question-is it normal for 8 month olds to have absolute terrible two type melt downs? i’m not talking a little crying. i’m talking goes stiff, throws his head back, flaws his arms, and screams. What am I suppose to do? Two year olds understand what they’re doing is wrong. I’m not sure 8 month olds get that. Or do they? He does it in his high chair and bangs his head. He does it in the bath (luckily I have a seat for him to sit in) and bangs his head and neck. And the worst ones are when he slips of to sleep nursing and I try to take my boob back. He is completely inconsolable during those until I offer him my nipple back. Any advise would be great. I’m afraid he is actually going to hurt himself.



    MyBabySuprise – I have big babies! Always >97% at each visit. That actually worries me a big since one is 2 and has a tummy still unlike everyone else in her class. That being said…I didn’t start cereal until 6 months last time and never even used an entire box. She didn’t see to care that much for it one way or another and it is easier to just give her milk! 🙂



    Nursing through the night in bed is sooo easy. After your baby is a few months old you almost don’t even wake for the feeding. Just lease your boob out and they’ll eat, LOL! I co-sleep with my 5mon old and everyone makes me feel awful for doing it. From my pediatrician to my Mom! Everyone says; ‘You’ve got to get him out of your bed’ It’s just too hard to get him to sleep in his crib. I’m up every 20mins to every hour with his blood curdling screams! He’ll nearly sleep through the night in our bed.



    im making the oatmeal tonight wyatts been real fussy come nursing time and will wiggle fuss scratch and pinch me and ever make this really high pitch scream be wont cry but he kickes his legs and does that funny littl scream like on a horror movie so i dont want my supply to drop so im making some not sure what his problem latching on is but he just started it a few days ago …hmmm……



    Deeyore – everyone all over this site is having the same missing posts problem and other issues. I keep getting that I have 3 new messages but when I go to check, I have none. Ever since yesterday’s maintenance everything has been haywire!!



    Ok ladies, I took elijah to the Dr for a check up,and i asked her if he coupd possibly be going through a spurt. Bc he has gotten to where he. Nurse basically all night, he used to sleep through the night before this last bout of pnuemonia. Any who she said he has learned to associate the breast with sleep and he thinks he needs it to go back to sleep. She said to stop nursing him to sleep which ive always done and keep him awake for at least an hour and a half after nursing. Then put him to nap. I guess she wants him to CIO which I will not do. So what do I do??


    Thanks Bri! Well, I know 3 months to the normal BF mom isn’t long but to me who didn’t even want to BF is a goal I set that I really thought I would NEVER make. Now I want to keep going. The only hard part is if we (dad n I) want to do sdomething alone the only time I really am able to pump enough is at night when I want to be sleeping. I’ve been having a hard time lately with the fact that I have to be mom 24.7 357 days a year. I just need 1 day sometimes a month to myself and I can’t getit . I get my alone time only while I’m in the shower it seems. If I didn’t have a 6yr in PM kindergarden I’m sure I should get more than 30 mins. I really need to get John Jr on a better schedule. I just don’t know where to start.



    2ndtimemommy- i’ve never seen this happen. unfortunately, the only advice i have is to thaw a bag out and smell it and see if it’s bad. that way you know for sure.


    Nic~ Lol, if you find a great solution let me know, my 2 year old gets jealous and acts out when I am nursing too. Right now I think it is her still adjusting to not being an only child, but it is hard to be patient when she laughs as she scribbles on the couch because she knows i can’t jump up quickly while baby is latched and does not listen to me at all…



    Sydnee my first was born at 36 weeks and in the NICU for 8 days my hub was the same way AMAZING isnt it I just love having a hub that is so supportive…I am just trying to get him on the band wagon of me nursing longer than a year. He thinks cause he will have teeth its weird but I am slowly changing his mind I think…Since I have been reading this book on BLW I def have him swayed on that and we are totally going to do it with Danny…If you ladies havent heard Bri talk about it its amazing….I always thought about how babies ate wayy back in the day and this is it I love it thanks again Bri so much I would have been trying to force rice cereal down his throat at 6 months lol now he will be munching steak and pork chops lol



    My LO is 10 days old and so far breastfeeding has been going well. I had damaged nipples but with the help on lanolin they are healing really well, still a small amount of pain in the initial latch but it passes within seconds of him sucking. I just have a question. I dont really time how long my baby is on each breast…he eats every 3 hours or so, sleeps well. He has jaundice still from birth…so im worried thats why hes sleeping so much? He still has plenty of dirty nappies. I guess im just nervous that things are going so well there must be something not right haha I had so much trouble BFing my daughter and the first few months felt like a nightmare of sleepless nights.



    lol, I posted it on facebook too, but my formula feeding friends didn’t like it too much…lol


    oops i mean i agree with kat *wink


    Thats in the 4 month page

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