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    No nipple confusion here. Lilia’s 6-weeks-old now, and this last week, she seems to have lost her latch. The only explaination ANYONE can give me, is that I am suddenly not producing enough milk… Any advice?? Thanks.



    When I nurse in bed I just lay on my side and he’ll nuse on the boob thats resting on the bed. That arm will be bend up, and under my pillow- that’s it… we’ll both fall asleep. I did notice I couldn’t nurse laying down till he was almost 3mons. and he was a little bigger and knew what he was doing.



    wyattsmommy- I’m sorry for you that your family is not supportive. You’re doing what is best for your baby– good for you! Don’t worry about them! It’s not weird at all, it’s natural and wonderful.



    I could use some advice. I EBF for the first 3 weeks of my LO life then stopped due to a thrush infection. She is now almost 8 weeks old and I really would like to BF again. I have stopped for almost 5 weeks now but when I tried to hand express in the shower this morning there was still milk. I really want to BF again and I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I know I will totally mess up her schedule now but I feel like it is what myh body was meant to do and I want to start again but now sure how to go about doing it. I’m afraid she won’t latch on again but if that is the case I guess I can just pump and give her the bottle. Any advice?



    samanthaandgirls – Sorry this is late coming. I was out of town. I’m all about self weaning. I personally believe it is better off for mom and baby if weaning is mutual. My son did self wean at 22 months. It really sounds like your daughter just isn’t ready for it. But to start weaning you can try and divert her attention. Start using cups with each meal and bring them when you are out and about. If she is busy then most likely she won’t want to nurse. Keep the nursing to at home. I’d let her nurse as often as she wants there for a while. Then start you can eliminate those one by one until it’s just before nap and bedtime. I know you feel that you are ready but this could take months. Also, remember the WHO recommends 2 yrs because she is still getting needed nutrition. Good luck! Hopefully you’ll both decide that it’s time soon.



    Thanks explo, I’ve had two other children since then and breastfeeding was a breeze 😀 It’s been eleven years since my last pregnancy and this one, so naturally I’m very interested in catching up on new info and advancements in anything to do with baby. All the best to you xxx


    i made it to my 6 month breastfeeding goal!!! and we are still going strong!!!!!!!!! samuel is a whopping 20lbs 4oz! all breastmilk!



    Bri~~ i agree with the ladies , it is an amazing article __ there was alink for 101 reasons to breastfeed ur child (( im reading it as well , but it is too long so im reading it while breastfeeding my lil one 😉 … he will be so educated lol . thanx Bri .



    Luv- there is a site called that has a bf baby growth chart that might help also my little girl was the same way so as long as she is hitting all milestones I wouldn’t worry



    Wow this place is so quiet now!



    I omitted completely caffine, Dairy, Spicey food, and anything really acidic. Think of what normally gives adult heartburn and try reducing those foods. You dont have to completely omitt orange juice and tomato sauce (2 examples) but really cut it down. HUGE sacrafice cause I love to eat lol but its worth it.



    doublemama – You don’t by chance have an oversupply or overactive letdown, do you? Only asking because that is what caused the traces of blood and mucous in my daughter’s stool. As I posted the other day, our former pediatrician tried to send me away with allimentum and told me to stop breastfeeding too. Here is a link from Kellymom about possible reasons that there is blood in babies stool



    It’s only painful on the initial latch and a few sucks but then it’s pain free, I guess it’s the anticipation of that first latch. I have a home visit from a midwife on Wednesday so I’ll ask then. I’m thinking it may be infected or something which is stopping the healing. I keep it moist with lanolin which completely healed my other nipple. Hopefully there is something to help.


    congratulations sydneymay, i fell pregnant whilst breast feeding my oldest he was 10 months. They are now 20 months and 5 weeks tomorrow its not as scary as i thought it would be!


    Hi ladies…any suggestions on what to do with a breastfeed baby that has bad reflux…Jessilynn will be 4 weeks on Thursday and is EBF. (80% from me/20% pumped~ prob less). I have sever reflux. And she has every classic symptom of reflux in a baby…. I’m cutting out all caffeine and limiting my dairy. leaving her sitting up or in a sling when awake. elevated the top of her snuggle nest, lots of tummy time . any other thoughts?

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